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-The human henrt, of courso, has its pontii fits ; il determines to live alone, to fleeinto desert places; to have no employment - that is, to lovo DOthing, but to keep on siillenly beating, till Deatli lays his finger on the sulky thing, and all is siill. It flies away f'rom tho world, and straightway, simt away irom huuiini campany, it falls in lovo wit b a plant, or stono ; yen, it is the boautilal ueceseity of our nature to lovo something. liyron conld lovo no human being so he took to loving a dog, and at its death , had a costly monument erectad over its remains. Never bo cast down by tri fies. If a spider breaks his thread twerity times, twenty times will he rnend it again. Make np yonr minds to do a thing, and you will do it. Fear not, if troubles come upon you ; keep np your ppirits thouga the day bó a dark oce,


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