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A Bride Killed At The Altar By A Federal Shell

A Bride Killed At The Altar By A Federal Shell image
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I k' i i; 'üs, ; 'Di timo, throw a shcll ulo itie i iiv ai d Ifkibixf} Seems to luind ir nnf-ifi a: uili.d iliit yentörd -y ;t tli li -liouni ih'i'OW tüu futiré tuiu i))!UfH_v v to inoñriiii g ■ Pickeiiü h.1 diiughter of oui fonuif iicvr ooLsented to íeavc ibi city. Despiti the represeu tatiiiü if'G' li Betmrfgard, sha reuiatucd, braving sliclls and Grcek Fire, teoding the vvouiidéd, and ohening all wit I) her prosenco. Amongiliü wuunded officers undi'r her raiuigtering cari; was .Mi'. Andrew DtRochello, u duícetidüut of one ot' the nobltst llugeno families of tliis city. Thisjouug uau was fu :l c-f the livelicst gr'ntitude t liis tair uime ; grutiiude bir ii to a inora tender sentiiiiunt ; his suit waa listeocd t(j ; Gov Ptcköns gave hm content, ai:d the marriage was fixcd tbr yesterday, the 2id ot' April ] icutcuaiit Di'Kuchi'lle was on duty rit Fon Sumptei' m Üe caoruiiig, and it was ditcrtuiued ihat tlie d riuiony should tnke lc t the 'i'sidenoe o!' Gen. Booliani in tin evenji g at 7 o'olock. At t'io n'niüent tho Episcopal clei'g_nnu was skii'ir the bri'.ie it' she was readv. a shell feil upon the roof of t lie building penetrated lotlienom whcre thu eom pany ::sseniblcd, buist and wounded niue persons, aiuoi.f; ilie rest .Miss Anna Piek ens. We cannot describe the s ene that followed. Order was at last re cstablished, and the woui.dt-d were removed, all except the bride, wbo lay ni.itionless upon the carpet. Her bettotbed, knceliug and bending over lier, was weeptng bitterly and trying to stanoh the blood t'bat welled fioiu a terrible wound under ibe left lircust. A Burgeon carae and deelared that Jliss Pickeufl had nOt tenger than two houi s to live Wlieu tlie wouiidcd girl recovered her consciousness, sbu asked to know her fate, and when they hesitated to teil her, - "Andrcw," she saíd, I beg jon t.i teil : me the truth. If I must die, I eau die worthy of )'(!U ' The yóang soldiers' tcars were his answer, and Miss Auna, summoning all her strength at'empted to j sniüe. Nothing could be more heart than the asrony of tliis brave girl Btíttggluig in the eiñbrace oí' deatb and against a terrible nuirlal p=i i:. Govoinor Pickens, whosu courage is known, was a-lniost without oonsciousnéss, ■end Mrs. Piokens looked upon lier cliüd with the dry and haggard eye of one wbose reason totu-rs Lieut De Roch elle was the first to ?pe;rk. "Anna,'1 he cried, "I will soun die, too, but [ would have you die my wife. TheTe is yet time to unite tis." TIn: ynung girl did not reply, slie was loo weak. A süglit. flush rose for au instant to lier pale cheek ; t cotird bo sven ibat j ■ y aiid pain wero struggliiig m lier spuit for mastery. Lying apon a s 't' her bi idíT dress all stained with blund. lier hair dishevelled, she had nevef boen more boantiful Helpless as she was, Lieut De R -cliel'e took her hmi ail requested tbe Kev. Mr. Dickinson tn prOeeed wi'h thu ccrenioiiv When il wa tiiiie for the dying girl to say y s. Iut lips paMed ' several times, but sip pould i irt articúlate. At iast the word wa,.i spoken, and a sliglit foani relied ui u lier lips The dying agony was near The minister sobbed as he procceded wlthe ei ïcüiony. An hour afterwarJ all wus ovtr, and the Bridaleliamber was the chamber of deatli. Lieut De Rochelie lias nworu to perlsh iu battle ngamst tlio Yaijkecs, and we are eure he will keep liis oatli. He bas now a doub e motive to h.até thein and his owu existetice.


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