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The IBank of Eoglund has raised ts rute to 9 per cent. Deinaud forrnoney heavy. Gen. MoPIierson cttptured nine railrnad iraiiiH near Reseca, Ga, on tho 13th, hiden with supplies fur ihe rebt') Jühnstori's iirinj'. Kiiputiiíík was wourulod several days sinc-f, hut oot dangerooely; so, tienerate Vülich and Martftoö were slightlv woiiDcted, It is estimau-d that $16,000,000 have been rai.sud, siuco the coinneiiceiiient of tho war, by Fui, íor the use ot' the Suiiitary Commission. The IndiáüO Siate Agent has fed over 10.0U0 persons gratuitouslv ui Bello Plaiu. und continúes llio uharitu blo Viovk The experiditures fop thu uity of St. Louis lor the présent year are esiiaiatei at $1,243,000. Of ibis arnomit "282,000 is iötwesl n the city debt. Hurper's Ferry bridge, on ihe Baltiinore and üiio lïailroud was wulnd nvmy on tlie I6th by a firesbet lts tep;iii arill ocMisum euvttritl days. The sura of $100,000 was handed nv'fr to the Siiiiitiny Cutnoiisciion on I Tuesday, by the Chairtnan ui tho Metropolitan Fair Finuoce Qommitteo, as the fjfst inwtallinent oí' the ifsult o'i' the Fair. The dwjrii8e in the imoiint of foreign inpiirtti at New York daring the p.igt wi'ek over lije lv previniirt weeks, was $3 250, fulling i)ti yl WQ(t) pr cent. At itennBM) tiinu tha miiount of doQie&lio produce ruj niiwcellnneoun ü;(i(i(Jf e.vportt'ii ti f.ireign uiiirkets lias ncreased neurlv 100 jwr jett. Tliu Freniont men hnve .engageel tte Muryland Inslitiitt; buikliug iti Ualtiuiüiv, in uiiich it wiiH expeeted the Coinn (icnvent.ifln would be held, and laken ill ihe beet ri'ouis ín ttie Jialtiiiinre lioleln. Tliv Union CnnvtMitlun vi i 1 1 prob.iibly be held ii) Front Street 'fbeatre. The 1 Of li Kansns Infantrj liave been ordeted to St. Iuis to relieve the 3d Micliijian Cavalry now doi::g provost j ty,


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