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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie State omontion mil he helil ut the City Kuil,. in Detroit, at elevan o'tlook in IH fniVsnot r Wudoeiday. thp iifti'pntli i'j; ..f j n„. nest, ftir the purpose of nnim.nlinx ixti-i'ii dcli'ga,éh to the litm uratio N'niional Con, ention, to bi held at Chicago, on the fWrtfl dy Of July next , , in„l for t ,0 purpoM. of ii ■.!, -Mcling siicli utlii'i-biiiiness km bwj come befOTl the Couvention. Baoh oountycomprlslng one or more rsprMeotatlïe lilstrtot Wlll Ire i'iititlcd to three times aa dtietjalcs as tliorearo ropreseqtatiTe in lowt Itiiuse ortheSUtèLegiaUtureftomsuch couutv , and pacJ) eountj -.vhicli may noí be BntUlo.1 fo one represe tativ,. in thé lowet hi n,se of tlic IrfglüUture wlll be entiüecl toon dulogate m tho State Coim-nfion. By rosoli. tions ol' furraoi Slalc Convcnlions, no dele gatowill bBentitlml tiUMi l„ tho Coiivont'ion who iluesnot reside in Ihe counly hu purpurt) rcpresi nr, exceptn-ithreferoncj to the counties ol Upper Peniasnta. Pated, Detroit, April 12, 1884. I.KV1 BISHOP, Chairman. ir. N'. WALKER, V A RirUMOVD H,A.BA(,éH. AÜSTIN' WALF? H.A.I.VHimOK, H. li BARMOSi' ' MORRIS, JdáEPH COCLTER Democral ie State Central Commit'tee.


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