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A Small Boy--son Of Dr.

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ITT of this city - feil into the river near ttie Macksmith shop of Mr. Gates, on WednesIsy afternoon. The current is ver}' swift at tl place and he would have inevitably drownd in a few moments, had not a young man, 'lo was washing a rarriage uear by, oft with Üi coat and plunged promptly into thestream. sbelieve his resouer's name is KelUi. This should be a warning to young U to keep away from the river. EST The Fourth Aunual Convention f the Michigan State S. S. Teachers' Associ"ionwill be held at Grand Rapids. commencagTuesday, May 31st at 6 o'clock, P. M.,and closirjg with a session Wednesday evening. - fcsrs. Ralph Wblls, of New Vork, ajid B. Chidlaw, of Cincinnati, wil] be present. Putors of Churches, Supei intendenta and bellers of Sabbath Schools, and other 'rieads of the Sabbath School enterp.ise are 'i'ited to be present. ïhs Detroit and Mihvaukee Eailivay will nT delegates athalffare.


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