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The Central Railroad- Change of TimeA new time table went into operation on the Central Railroad on Monijay last, a deci led improveinent on the old table, and very satisi'actory to all our citizens. Passenger Trains now run as follows : GOING WKST. Loare Ilay Ex. Dext. Ac. Kt. Ex. NlghtEx. 6.00a. m. 3.451'. Jl. 6 00 r. [ 8 45 P. .V. Ypsüanti, 9.211 " 6,05 " 0 27 " 10.1.0 " AnnArbor, 9.-I0 5.80 " 6 50 " 10.0 " DtoUer, 10,05 é.u 6 U0 " 7.15 " ■' Chelsea, U.-O ■■ " 7 35 " " Ar.Chicugo 8 15 " " 5.B0J.M. 8.4$.., GO IN Q E AST, L.-nvo. Eve. Ei. IVx.Ac. Nisilit Ex. Day Ex. CbUagv, 600P.JI. 10.00 P. :6,30 a. M. CheVen 7-45 A.M. 4.i 5 1. M. Uexter. 5 46 " 8 0 " 4 20 " Ann Albor, gil A si. ti 10 " B.23 " 4.45 ■' Vpsilautl, 4.45 ■' 6 35 " 8 4.r " 5.05 " Ar. Detroit, O.lU " S.OJ " 10 00 " (.30 " The Central te now enjoyiüg a large run of travel. So erouded are the trains tliat it has boen fouud necessary to put uvo conductora on tó eacli. The roatl is in good condition, the cars commodious, and the ventilatoin by Ruttan's systeni perfect, and general testimony is that the accommodations are A. No. 1. dfl - - i'n - . ff voti wan a smull fjirm npnr the city, a rare oppot tunily noiv offers to get one. See advertisement of James Hemniho n another column. It is pleasantly located and in a thorough state of improvement. FOR SALE! AniT GROVER ft BAKEH SfiWING MACHINE. ilao NEW SINGBR MACHINE, either Family or,u,iogp„ttern. App Cüe'-okee Cure. "Tiiat'k Wim'.s tuk Matter.'-- " I can'twork.'1 "I hate to riso n the mnrnius." " My oye sight is failing." " My laïmcir.. is gniug." " I can't fiï my mind on anytbing " Have jou been usingojiium? " Nu." ïlun ta',.o i-ogular dóe of the CnüEOKEii Cü, and follow the divoelinnn tiwt accomiiany it. IftheIIl have been tlio rejult oí your owasdf ituliügcmeAn vio lation of nntunrs ter, :iul nnule you dread mariiajfe, or if they are from over-lndulgence iu natur'i own mt1-, lli? ('iiKKOKKCliiE will cure you. It will restore vigor, stop those niglitly emiasions, refit you for practical life, and once more make f. man of you. save yon from blindnesri , and, perhaps, ultímate idiocy. Riad the advertisement. Cali for Cherokee Cure. Tak e no other medicine until yo have trieil this. Sold by all druggista. Mathews' Chocolate, Woini Drcps ? XEVKR fail to destroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are perfectly raliable n all cases and far superior to any ruil all of the Fany Worm onfection, nd nauseous Vermifuges in use. They may be taken at all tiincs with perfect safety,as they uoniiiin NO JIERuCEY, or othsr deleteriims Drug.- Hothers should alay3 purchase them and give their childreu no olher. (tío Calhartic i ir.,t('TCv. is neefssary to be given.) Eacli box contains 24 Drtips or Lozenges. i'rice 25 ets. For Sale by all Drug?:sts and Dealers ia MediC. R. WALKER, General Agent. ly!)22 Balfalo, N.y and Fort Enf.C. Y. I'KOF. K. J. LYONS' l'atients Dd all others ntenested will please take notioe that he will contin ue his visits at the Monitor House, Ann Arbor, during 1864 and '63 and at the exratinn of wbicb he wil 1 dis continue his visits and open an Infirmary at Cleveland. Ohio, for tlie treatment of Long and Chest disraies. AM kt'Kstiv; l.E'i'ficK. - .Messrs Post & Brulf. Airents N. Y, Panitnry Society, üochester.- (lenta . I deesa it due to you state th marica 1 eftV-ct of tliat on bottle of feople's Cure wliich I oblained from you in N:;vember last. Secing tbe adveiti.sement oi your So. ciety offering to give vour nte.ticine to clerpymen for the poor of 1 1 1 1 i r parishes, I ootained a bottle fora poor girl of my congregalion, who had long been r.early help lessfrom Rhcumnlism , atd strange to say, tbat one bottle cured her entirely. I ivrite this hoping it may aid the ?ociety in it" effvrts to introduce the medicine, aDd Wess tlwse vihomay need such a remidy ; and I uststrong I bi-lieve its merite wUI fnlly justify the most guperlative forms of speech. Yours, Respeetfully, C R. WILKIiVS, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, 920yl l'ittsford, Monroe Co N. Y. Take no more .itnplcasaiit avd znwaje Medicines. For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use HLI,MBOLI:'S EXTRACT BUCHÜ, Which lias receíved tbe-endorsement of the most PROMINENT PHYSÏCIAN'S IN THE ü. S. Ia now offtred to afllicted humanity as a certain cure for tbe followmg diseases and syraptoms originating from diseases and abuse of the Urinary or Sexual Or?'■ llenera] Debillty, Mental and P.hysical Depression, Imbecility, Determination of Blood to thellead, Coufused Ideas, Ilysteria, Cen'llrritability, Restlessness and Sl.eeplessneas at Night, Absence of Muscular Efficiency, Loss of Appeiittf, Emaciiition, Low SpiritH, Disorganization or Paralysis of the Organs of Genera'tion. Plpitatïon of the Heart, And, ín fact,all theconcomitants of a Nervousanl Debilitated state of th Byatem. To visure the gevuine, cut this out, ASK FOR HELMBOUI'S. TAKE NO OTHER CURES QVARANTEED. 2m!l51 Bfc advertisement in another column. AG00D TKEE IS KNOWN BY ITS FRUIT. 9o is a good Physician by bis Success.ful Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THEGREAT AND CELKBRATËI) PHYSIUIAN OF TFIE TllliOAT, IXNGS AN'D CHEST, Kiiown all ovt-r the coantr; as the Olebrated INBIAN H E R B DOCTOR! From Sonfb Aruoric;i , will be at liig rooniR, ■RUíKLL HOU8E, DETROIT, Onthel8th aniliyih in.t.,on the same dale of and every subsenuent month darlug 1882 and 1863, A CÍE arAMlHLFr Of tlie life,study aud extensivo travels of Dr. Lyone an be procurod liy all wliodcaireone, f ree of cbr.rne. Dr. L will vbit Ana Arbor, Jackson.and Adrián, Mtch.,as i'ollows : Ann Arbor, Monitor House. 20tli. Jackson, Hibbanl House, 2lst AÖrian, Brackëtt H use, 2-id and 33d. Modi-: 09 ExAMiNATtON. - The Doctor discerní! tüceasef bytkoeyos. He, tUerefore, nsk no que-itions nor rë ■ q lires patients to explain tymptoms. Ailiicted, couit andbave your symptDiiiB aiuHhe locatioa of your dis easeexplained frefe of charge The Great French ïtemedy! MADAM IiOlVIN'S CELEBRATKD SILVER-COATED I'iOIALE l'ILLS. The onlyertuin and Safe Iïemedy for all Uterina ObstructionK, Monthly EHfficultles, Irregularities, and all the other diaeases t" wfaioh tlie Woman, Wifï and Mother is peculiarly liable. The-.-ie I'ills coatain do deleterious ingvedients, bui are safe anfl certain in thoir action. Tliey wiil befoundto exert thebappiest ofTect ín all casee of Prolapsus UtCTt, in Leucorrhea, or tlie Whites ; thcy will be found the easiestanü most certain Curcthat can he íound. It ís on íiccmmt of this certrinty they ahoulii not be taken bj Pregtifint Females (during the Jirst tliree mo7tthst as miBcarriaife in certahi.) to be brought od, but at othev periode tbeir use is perfect 1 safe. lsT. - One Dollar encloscd to any authoiized Agent, will ensure package of Pilis by return of mail. C. CROiBY, General Agent, Fort Kiie,C.W.,Buffalo)N.Y. CUTioy.- Beware of CouDterfeite, the genuine have thesignatureof CROSBY, oa the oatclde wrapper. Fox tale by all espectable Druggiets. 1j-eow932


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