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DYSPEPSIA, AND DI4BASES RESÏJLTIVG FROM DISORDERS OF THE I.IVEE AND DIG-ESTIVE ORSANS, ARK CURKD BY HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS, THE GEEAT STRENGTHENING Thfsp Bitters liavc perforan! more Cures HAVE AND DU MVKBRTTER SATISFACTION Have niore Teslliiioi'y I HAVE MOUË RESPECTARLE TEOPLE TO Vi UCII FOK 1HEM I Ilinn imy other orticle in the mniKet. We defy any óne to cootradict 1 li ïs Assertion. AND WILI. FAY $lOrO ïo tiny ons fflin wil! produce t 'Vtüiicate publislu-ri uy us, that im nol msm'jm-:. I1OOFL.OTS GEHAÏAX BITTERS AVHX CVKK IN EVERY CASE OF Chrontc 01 Nervous Debiiity, Drseatses of the Kidneys, and Dlseases aiising fiom disordGied Stomach. Obnervc th fol! -tciitff ninfítpioms resiiHiTifi from Disorders of th J)ieesüie Otgtiené : náittlpaiton.Iuward'Htei', FullnM ■', BUmd to tho ïieiul. Aci'üt v, of the Stom ach . Nu umni. Heart bui n, Diagusl fort oo tl , Fii!essoi weighi inilieMoinacU duur Ernctations, KiiVking i r Üuttt ring ut ibfl ït ol' heÖtomacbj Switnming cl the Hea(, II urriedaöd Üfli'-uli breatbfng. Fin tr:i at the fifeart , Chnkíng cr láuffocatiag öcdHatioij wht-n ín h Lyiiig POSf II !t', Pfmncss of Vision, Dota or W'cb.s bel ure tlm Si.!it, Fever and Dull PaTn in Ihf? B6a1, Deflaiefcey nf Ppwrpira t ion, Yillnwucss of the Skio unl Eyos, puin in the side, back, cheit,llmbs, &c, Sudden ilusbea (! Heat, Barnimr in the Plftsh, Constant Imaginingri oi'Evil and Great Depresfjion of Sp rits, THAT THIS BITTERS IS NOT ALOHOLIC, CONTAINS SO RUM OR WHISKEY, AND CAN'T MAKS DRUNKARDS, BUI In the World. g REAI) WHO S'AY SO : From the Re. ï.evi G. Beek, Pasior of the Bapiist Clmrcli, l'emberton. . J. , iarinerlj; ol' the .Nurth U&pbist Church, Phiiadelphia. -i: i1: # # . ♦ - # I have knnwn JloollandN Gorman Bitters ffivorably for a nunibcr oi yr;ir-. 1 li.ivu used Ihem in 11 . ' ovo family , and have been so pleaaed with their effects that I wa ijuhicodto recommenU them to iriaiiy others, and knw -hatthejliaveoperated in a strikingly beneücial mannei. I.take.great ptasure in thua publ cy ; cl;)iniiug thls fact, and caüiüg th,; attetitiun of those afilictwd with the diseasea for which tliey are recom mended, to these bitters, knowing from experieuce that my reconiraeiidittion wilJ be sustuinod. I do thi.s more cheeifully as Hoonand's Bitters it intended to beneüt tlie afiiicied. aad is -lnot a rum drink." Yours truljr, LEVI G. BECK. From Rev.J. Newton Broivn'l). I). Editor of the Ency ui o pedia of Religioua Knowlcdge and Chtistian Chroni Cíe, Pliiladtílphia. Ithonh not disposed to favor or xecommtnd Pateut Medicines m senersl, though distrust of their inrredients and efiects, I yet know of' no sufficient reasom why a raau m;iy nut testify to the benefirs he b.lieys biiuAwUte hwve reeeired from any nimple preparation n th hope that he ïnaj thaa oo'atrlbute to the benetit of others. I do this move readily in regard to Iloofland's man Hitiern, prpfared by I'r. C. SI. Jackson, of tb ia city, beoause I was prejudieed against th m rör many years, un der the impressiou tha, they w9re ch ieiiv an alchonolic mixture. I am indebted tp mj friendRoberl S)iotinlujr, Esq., tor the removal ; f thïs pjjiiöice by proper Tests, and for encmn Aement to try thena when Buffering froaa great '.nl long ewftmued debüity. The use of three botite ol these bitter ftt the begin ning of the preuent yt-ar, was followed by evident rettef and restn'ratiiui t, a degree of bodily and mental vigor whjch I hal oot for six months befoie, and had almogt de&palred ufregaioing. í therelore timnk (ác-dand iny Trii n t for direct ing n;e to tl:i ase oi 1J. m J. NF.WTON bKUWX, Ihila, From (lic lïev. Jus. H. Kcnntuil, Pastor ef the 10 Lh Baptist Chuich. Dr. .Jackson :- Pear Sir:- I have been frequently rwiu'steil tooontMJt my raöae with commeudátiona of different kinds of medicinR, but rfgHrding tlie pi actie e aa out of my appnipriate i-'licro, 1 have in all cases declined ; but with a elearproofln varíous in;tanceR, aod parí ie ui ai! y i" ':Y family.of ihe usefullnesis of Ur tlnfinn'l's tjeim;iü Biiters, I liepiirt lor once froto tny usual oourae. to expresa my full c Qvictiou that, or geneinl debility of tlyj systcm ajid e](c-ialiy for Li ver Complftinc. it i a safe aii'l fraJuable preparatlon. In some casos it may iail ; but usoally,-! dbii tnot,ii will be vory bciici'iciut to tho-e v■bü RulTot iiom tliu jüjovh eause. Yourscry respoctfulty , J. II IvF.VXARO, Kigiith below Coates Street, PhiU. Froni Rpv. Wnncn Randolpb4 Pastor oí" thí? lisptist Churcli, Goraaantown Penu, Dr. C M - Jacison :- l'ear Sir : - Pt;rNOiial esperience enabtasme to say tbat I regard the Germán Bi tien prepareil by you asa mot ex oei ent HH-dicine. In OH-fce ol severa cold and general döbüity I have bren greatl} tienefited by the use of lh Bittrrs. and doubt oot tliey will produce similar eíTectts on oÜkts touw, tJ-ulj-, WAIÍUKX RAXIUH.TH. (Jeiinantowu, l'a. From Rev. J. H Turner, i'astor of Heúding M. E. Chuich ,1'lwte , Dr. Jack 60 n : - Dear Sir ,- HaTÏng used yoor Gernaan Jutters in my lamily frequent ly , tan) pjiepared to say th&t it bas been of fjreat service. I bclieve that in most Cases cf general debilitar Ofthesystem it is the salost iind most val aa ble rtintdy of which I Iiave uny knowi ge' Yours,respectfully, J, H. TURNER, Ko. 726 N. N.iieteenth Stree From the Rev.,1, W. I.yon-., forttieríy Paster of the Co lumbufi, (N. J.) and MiHstowi:, (Pu.) Btiptist 'burches. KewRochelto, N. Y. Dr. C M. Jackson : - Dear Sir: - 1 vh il a pleasutv thas,. f my own accord to bear tn-tlniony to the exceílence of the 'íennan Bitters. nne yers iti(;e, being mucli afllictert wUli DyiM-p.-Iii , l um-(I tiietri willi vcry benelicial rx'ults 1 hve oiten rr:eommeoded them to persons (D'eebled by HiSt 'viftnenting Öihease. and have lir.Til from tlu'in the mest fiattering tostinmuiaU aö io tlu'iv gveat . valué. Incaae6í general debillty, I be lieve ittolje atonía thtrt caw nol besuTpafwed. .). M LVDNS. From the Rev Thos, Wintff, l'astor of Rnborough Ba pi is t Cluuxh. Dr. .lackson --Dear Sir : -I Peel it diic to yonr oxcel !cnt trepar;) ti"O, Ifiioliiiiul'fi 'et iinin liitlei s, to ;nhl niy ti'Stimony to tht ilt'st'rvcd icputiit:on it iins ohtaiucd, I hftTQ focyenta, it times bön tcoabïed ii h gvèni 'li order in my headand nervotts .-y.-.'ctn I was tidvtsad by a. frit-rid % try a battle Of jáu Crrnmo Mtters. ï did fin and have exporli aeed greal and utiexpi-eteii w liel ; my hUth iiaü buan wry Duterilly benefilied. I confldently recoromeBd the artfclp w ort I meet with cases similar ttí iüy cuvn, aml liave been ihured by many of thc;r (Jtod '-tiects RttpectfüUy yours, T. AVINTER, Koxborough l'a. lrromRev.J S. ïlcrmiii. ï the Gennan Refonöed Churcl), Kut.t'iwn, lïeiks ('o Pa. Dr. G ïackson.: - Resjectecl Sir -I hae icon trouljh'd with Ityspepsia ncarly twenty yeftrs, and hftve never used any medici tie that di me iimuhoIi goori a& H'H-inil's Bitter. I am very auicli iinproved ín health af'ter havinff faken tive botten yours,wiUi ri-.speot, J tí. HKÍUIAN. lATOt L'e. íboMing uearly doublc quantity.) il OOperbottle-halfdms Í5 00 irmall ?ize - 7ü cciiIh per Bdttle - half dozen SI 00, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. Sec that Uw aijtiwturfl "f " C. M. JACKSON'" i.s ou tbe WHAIM'I-::; ofeaoii bottle! Shoukl yoxir nearojit Druggist nnt have the article, "1o uut be pui "ir bj ii'liix'ciitinK' prapsrationa that ma; be ofTered In its plasp, ln' end to iu,and. -o will liwrd, íecurely i'Hclii'd, by GXlïMM. Principad Office und Manuf.ictoiy, NO 631 ASCH STREET, PHILaDEU'HIA. Jones Sd Evans. Successors to C. M Jackson Sf Co. PUOPRIETOIïS. For nat6byDriig;;aeá Pealen ia o-rery towa in the Ujited States. 93Jyl JR. WRIGHT'S Rejuvenating Elixir ! Or, ESSEHCE OF LIFE. Preparod &om Furo Vegetable Eztracts, oontaining oothing injurioua to the most delicate, " As tb e Phoenix risesfrom Üie ashes of its flre, animatcd witb. nc-w lic"-so doos this ISliiár reiuvenate the system an&ovcrcome dlsease. prTheTïqluvcDatlng Wlxli lwwwltaf moícm discovers 1q he vegetable kingdom; belfilf, an enÖTcly newanrt absiraot met! ocl of care, üresooctlvf oi' all ih'j eïd aa a worn-öiïi ■ v-n i.. . ITF" [Mi medido has bron irsvd by tbemns e ■!- M&t mediaal men of Uie duy, i t. o ronooncud tobcoac of tbft greitest medio d tllscojrerlw of tlir a6e. fjï?" On! bottlfl ffp' care ircuem Dmbillty. tW A ;'CW d )Efl fiWOi ■yrr.-.'B l'-l fi ui'. 1 P f3f One ( un-ft t.-. 1 1 tui .o;i of ilie Ho ft. 3y" l roiii (Doiothr'p bortle re oreo the manlicese iiDtl fiill vigor &f ou'li. pf a i'evr ó. aei retton Bthft -lopftite. t3?"Ttirte bo tries cun-tlic wor-i eawe of rir.poteuOj . t.F A t w doses cured tUu luw apiiHod, jLf One Anille reafni-i b m Dial pover. tF A luw dones brtBK ro e to the efcek. t-liji- tuedklne restores tu iii-djV Twürafidrotnist bealth lic poor üt'ti Ituled, s?oru-flowu umi pppnirlng. py fha lstlu-B, nPViit' (I vonih, Uicovir-ti'k'-' m;in of tiusiiieet, vUttm u: inivnu depriíaeB. tlieindni'lualHiiirtTinKironi a n.-mldrM'iv'll all Ênti iiïjiwcliatf! and perni(i out rtli.i 1 rfte.Mi O' tíils Elixir ir itc of Liu-. tTriCP, ?í per -otrU' nr tif e 'v ' I) s lof ?', jiv forwn-d-d by Bxpnton rectipt of moiiey toaty ödi're&H. All w.e)] or ■!i8 mr.ft Vf -rnt t( ' . A. OOOK, C'i'cr.p", onr CliD'-r.'ii Ak Dt for Ümj 1 (t öotd lu Chícalo, by" Who'esale Drnpgi: t,odbj al'Dru; Ris 'p yw' p'e. C. A, COOK, CnTOA,0, Oeoeral Agent lor thS'atee of Illlcois Iowar WtesoiwiB, BUcbigan aml luSOLK PKOPKIHlOr.S, Ko 59 Uherty stree", New Forlc. CHEROKEE PILLS ! 8CGAR V COATED. Female m$A Regulator. Heal ili vft , PreserTer. CERTAIN ;;- AND &AFE. For the R-moval of Obstructions, and the Insurance of Kegularity in tfo Kecurrenci' of ihe Moctiily Pei iodj L%T Thfj eme or obvíate tíiose anmero'a áisea ea Uint spnng lïom lnesularlty, by nai vid the ti regulr-rity llsfïlf. B5 They cure 8uppressed. Excessive and Paluful Mi EStnuiikm. ÍW They enro fireen Sickm-ss (Ciiloroa'B). %ïï Tbey cure Nervous md Bplual Aifef b inthebaolj, and lower paitsof thebodj, Hsalnee, Fntiijue on plieht exeriion, Palpitation of tbe Huart) LowLess oi Spirits, ilyteria, SU;k Hevteobi', Slddt ness.ctc, etc. Id a wori, bj removlOK ü.e Iirtujalaritj, they rem.ove tlie caue, :intt v.irli hall tli ■ cSeoto that bprios lrom ir. í-l.'orapoeed of simple vctetablc extract;, UuiJ contaln notbinidelctraion ro nny coDstituiion. l:o. ever delicate, iheir cbnedon biB to sa rtitnu etrengts lor weatatas, whltb, nliri properly bïS'1, tliey nrver iail todo. ti" Thty mny bo rafoly nscd a nny ac and at aiiy pertod, BXCKPTDtrüINt: TB II THÜEE KOSTOS, dorinï wWh the unf.iilinK liiturc o( thi ir actton wonld inMlib'y PBBTTKT pi i 6D8CC1 . All letters sccklns informatlou or advlce wlll be promptly, rcely nnd dlscrf t-tly assverod. r7 Poll d rtctionsficcoiT-p '.uy eacli iox. PT Prlce $1 per bos, or tix h"xes for $5. L" Sent by mail, !Vce ot postase, ou rccelpt of prlee. All snch ordrrs mnft be ai'nt to C. A. COOK, ChlCffco, our Gncal AgrDt for 3ie West. Sold In t hicaj.-o, t)7 Wholesale DruEglïls,aniibTr.llT)rueiFtB,vCTywhere. o. a. oooie. CHICAGO. Gonoril Asnt for the Pintes of HUaols, Iown, WlscodsId, Micb-ijrftn aüfl Indiaui. K. W. . MKRWÏS & CO., SOL1: Fboprieto s, Ko. 59 L1S rty 6t., New Tcrk. Pold hy Wbolcsale UruujiBts m Detroit, also 6y STEBBINS& WILSUN, Atn Arbiir. 962yl FHELFS & HYDE, FHELF8 & H1TDE, 105 Eandolph Street, 105 Between Glark and Dearbon. rexi to KfAÍtdson H,jus. CHICACiO, M ANU F A C T ü I E R S And Wholesale auJ Retail Dealsrs ". PIANO FORTES, PIANO FORTES, OF TUE FOLLOWING MANUFACTURES. PHELPS HYDB, Chicago, J. P. HALE, New York, J. C. fiS'C'HBR, New York, HAlXESSf Rh'O.,Nw Yrk, GRO VEST FAN CO., Ne Yrk, McPH lL Bovlon, IJ ■ LLET Sr DA VIS, Boston, BRACKET Sf CO., B son. AI.SO, DiSALEKS IN Carhait'n and Suiith & CVs Harmoniums and Melodeons, Harmoniums and Melodeons, STOOLS, SPREADS, Sheet Music, Musical Instrument?, &e. WHOI.ESALK WAUEKOOMS, 120, 122, 124 & 126 US:N CHICAGO, Ui. Keep cnnstantl.y oii]iik1, a l:rgo Stoc'i of l'I.N'O l'( Jli'l'l' ui Uu r mvn ii;tke, w liU'l' thej trfti raut wjua! to nny in mftikot, anú st lesa than &wti'n vl prtce. Also, a, ftne aNtorioicnt of tliu bsi : -. :iini.-luit'sci)ns1;int!v nn IijiikI . HaviDgbeon in the bginpRS twenfcy _onscnUn. ÍHUU h ('.islmice roay rel upmi our JwfliiDenl andliönor ín sMectipg lor them, ;is we warrHtittvcr} in ,li iimiMit wc eeïï. Dealers SupfilieJ nn ReasonaMe Tt'ririè. 1" SKND FOR CIRCULAR. O" TOBACCO- You can buy the bost of FINE CHËVVIYQ TOBACCO at trom 0 oonÏB to One Dollar SMOKING from fourleen to twtntyoents ut M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AKD CIGAH STORE Sign - Ke.l Indino. South side Huron street. a öw doors fiom Cook's Hutcl. it.DUVANY. Ann Arbor. Deo. Jl, I9f5, BufFalo Tesfimoiiy, tuk rTTDIi1 r"- PEOTI-E'? V U 1 ij Rheuwntijrt 'I wiU tfiiiiMcd #fÜJ ï'ii.M.;n,.iiMI1 for two vtara nuftermg ]:■!■ ■ i ■■ !;y. 1 haVe taken two tmitHsunUr 'i c'pips t u;t.' umi have nc had any ,- ■ ■ ■■ ïïioiö timn four"irt-eks aro. I mysfiftth futiréis cuird, n i d the meafcioè kas me fel very :l; and a;o i- jnst likt a yoimg m.wi rhu ro ji p'r n)d. (JO1'I-i:i-;Y B@JfLJ I i h.402MbhlRBaW Vy wiff lm". ■("! -u!r' riiïff 'rl ftm filinn of H n iiiM.-urmi i..r (■!-;■ ] :i r 1i r i - ■ , w; yt rs Mimtfiinn Ij , Aboul Ui Üih1 fi Juur la - Y ('ui ■,' ii ird tontin u pl 1 1 takt ■ . ■ - weka Fe ten Uys ifttr hln' commenc '1, tïn - welling and Ktiflntf.(, of lio joints ■. i aifï in fhr e iv et' k "THOMJS PftriJOCK, (at W. H. GU-nny's ) '■líuiril.-, (í(jt,.li,r 1 , í f.-.-. ■ 'Jlli. Í 'TT I Tl fn,- PEOrLL?3 LJ l Jj 1.Vver Pure. "Twd ol o'nr subscril n of-ifiem rtfflit-feil with !t bü'l l'-' er i i-. tLfl 'ither wi)i Rtapumalieinf l.avii.g tdvój-flbemé&t.oi the 'I'eonle'ti Cure' in tliis jifipcr , pürt l.ösed Hj N fUêfn . nri oov , nltei 1 aui.g tlior iHfl! triwl t, r' port to un,6i nimciHÜn it moet lieartily ;i thorougii ifl-melj in (heir cuse. - Editora E%TÍti&n Advocate. THÉ ni 1 p Cr# DiiMM PEOTI.E'S V' l ï ot tin-Ski. lïj face ii :; for mor.' thkn teil y,::. beenjreat' ly '.liHp-Jiii-cii b,v ■ rnptirn ajui binidi-.. w h 1, al time ■-xtvnrted üvt-r n.y whoJe boiyaiid tnte tr il !■■■ day ■ ■ '"' I i ln r;ilv n two uottTett i-f t lie 'l'cn, [f 's Cure s acquaintar-ce banilj rtoi.nize me- Indeed 1 hardly kuow mj sell a I aio m.w linn. Li 1 üll whfl ir-' aflïïetfd tiy the !'i-uili's 'uic,- i!m' Medicine prepared !)v tl, e Hanitnry Socioty- ard I tliink ilify wül ñol bogrudge tbeit dul lar. "JQSKPH BVR, Turner. Mechanic St Buffalo, Nnv. 15,1860.' tHK pTTT) ri Cures crofula & l'EOPLK'H VU (yi Öali Hlii'um. '■I have uaïdtlfë 'PeopleV Cure' in my f', mily with gtoal benei t. o ea BS i 3 tofulá íitn ShIí r{li-iiin,and bjiye n-í-iíiiiincriih-d it frequentie to mi 1 ''cmls, all of n !.i]]! ! bel ie e bave beêu beuêfitted, and moat ol tln-in mtlrely cniwd by it. Cll,SnAKFr, 873, Main St. , np-laira." TliK ri , TJ T, CuresFemalO PE01LE7S .jJ "j We'akïiesden "I havo been 'm fee ble Ij-nllh ever sinw tLo birth of róy boy, mInj is non twe'.ve yes ra oíd. ! ia.e had ni.iny Ên ublessinfl difficültiw: nll tlife lime, un fitting for every kind of labor, an i di ■ tri yinji all my oom fort, Iíít suramer I commóncéd lakirtg the 'l'eojile'a Curti.' :ir;ii have cteed fbur i"'tl! ■-, and aai non tnbtnéj h,bp1I wonnn. My iflicultiec hnve nearly uil disup nreári i! . ahd I fn 1 chgeriul :md happy. 'IRS t' U'HARINE rKWAXE, Pressen i kei . fJoodelJ AlU.y, aboveTupper st "BntTaló, Üct. 'JO. 1 TUK pTJT)r Cliref; " h n-oi'l,'-;'S V L' l F medieina rail uify Wife ha been ín poor tiealth for a loiig time haring íreqiu-nHy toioftllfi phviibiun tti attcöd I.t; but sbe was r c.'iuly cry aiuch worse,. For tire or six vreekft she had no ;i pj vi 'i-, loM all'her a' rength . aud v ;i eaeh day gTQWiitg --■■.-'. Slio 1 ad nijrlit ('ats, coughed a mrnt deai du-ring each ni„lit an t cjnsirlerably during thé dfty, and we all r-u]ipofèd Bhè sfa going iff willi the Q9nsmnption, wín-n a friend iulvi.-.ti her to take the 'Peupleft'fi Curi. On taking the medicine she pereèived a changeat once. On Hieth'rd daysifebW recoVei od he n ppetite, aid waa fa-t niraiuinf her fitrengtb, uutiï, on the f-iylilb day, n( yei baWng taf;en büd béttlej li-' li:; fetoppftd i;i Kii-ir tlie nuMÜnine saying she wits' as wel i as auybody coiU'J bt; and she has continüed so ever pïflce, '■!'VI, KÍ.KIX.Carílncr, Í12 I'curl ftt. "Buffalo, Octuijcvl , 1 Ht'J. "' (&- For Païe by al! ti wr-isN. 922,v1. C. ('liosiiV, OeneraJ Agent, N. 255 Ma.n st., Ouffalo, N". V , to wboui ui uníais filmulil be ddretíséd For Ssleby 3 uniría .V Wii-su.v, Grhnvili.b .V Fullk and C. KRKBB.vcn A: Co. WON DERFU L 8yeCEfc$. Oftf ThV ttteiii i'ui and rot-aich of the most (t s ■nisiiod Chemie t s and Plivsicianè for vears lmc Iipír. ilevnU'd ïo Qrptlucti'nB '■■' a icirr'h foj til se most distressiog ttialaöïes Nsitf raicita At d JIuktat cm . After loog tu'.v auü 'muy experiment, a speaft pre]aritwv has been dis ■ iS 'N i-u nljria Tnterh&i Remtéy ,ia ciir?rtL thn"s.-nirh i.f ca&CB , other remedies hat ■ ■ ■.■■.■: pe nitauredthatit is no mere " ANOHYNE," relievicg fnr Uu' moment Mi.' i:;in ■ ■ -■■.■i:is, but is :i peftcct ï-'PKCIFK' ar.'l CÜRÊ i i 'e pitfofúl.disense. Tlje v;, .- ■ ü'!i!,.'i' . í . ;i"' ;.[.'■- : ■ Jeáliotis inñ KMrnal !(■dicines, wliicli act as i ei inlj, ure mereïy ternp"í''i y 'm fhïir efTectá :in! i f doubtful rirtae The NEUKALI! KIXG reacliett the Btfarot of all tro u bic, and o iiiea:-L' frum Price-Onu Dollar per !'■ tile. Prepare Cí R. WALKER. ]}Ü2-2 ISufTaio. N. Y., n-i Fort Eri, C. W. Kor Sal ■ !jtE5Vií.LK Í; Fvller, iind C . Ebkrrai h & ('o. WI Z A H D OÏL Thp pTi'iitt'i-t inifrn-il -in.1 ex i - ovói oSTercd to fiubiin, ior core of kahrá aod Psins, is Hamlin's Wizsrd Oil. N'o fiimily. once havtn ■ ' lHcda frillbê wilh■jut Hamlin'a Wizard Oil. I!. will ni; i 'ü XtTvmis flmi liill.i mi;i:itorv f'ains more readilj and uraiy fl i : n i i ■■ '" iu u-e. It req aires unly a fVw luiñutos ftDjilicfltioti i f Hamliri's.Wizard Üiï. Te thi pain entirelv In cuvaiin fVeaflnelkOf Tooíhücíiv, Énraclkci Cuta, aita ïiruises, HamlVs Wizaird Oil. Is alíio icerfethi auil'flfuH'fïy Fin e For f 5 i nm Isiï , Sptains, KutrJc Si'e, Ulptfc" rin , DlnrrUt n . Crámji C.)lï-, l-jo&t 15lttt iiui'iis aixl Svaldfe Hamlijs Wizard Oi!, (s no 'iiimibuij. Tr,v it. ftliti 't-1 frMi1rtfiii L'fT-Vfn ■ill astdiili-ii j-uu. l'KK i i. 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