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How Men Act In Battle

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A letter lroro a soldier makes the iollovving eomments on the manner in Tvhich battles are fought, and expkiining wby it is, that after a terrible conflict of perhaps hours duration, there should be so small a proportion of killed and wounded. If you were never in battle you would not guess tbere were hall the random shot fired that there are. - Why, sir, I have seen whole regimenté and brigades deliver their fire when I ■was sure that they did not even wemnd a single man. Such firing, bcsides wasting the ammunition, does not intimidute the eneiny at uil; on the otlier hand it rnakes them fee! that there is but iittle, danger consequently ko is more boid, and delivers bis fire moro aecurately. Besidtis. if men are allowed to make these racdom dicharg8 it seems to beiMime haliit, ind they become so excited at it that they would ohener rmss a man at ten paces thao they WOU Id hit ini. Just n tliiit wiiv bal tíos are oíten lost, while if the compuny commander, wouM only top it, uri'i show theiti that they vvoro doinjr no good, they would soon bucome collected, und aftor they once knów tbeír toljy, wnuld of their own aucoid file delibeiittely, and probably save the day alter it had been eoiiiparaúvely lost. Why, sir, in büttle you often see company cnmiriar.clers churgin nround, wiih their word ffourisbinj; about their lieads, crvina out. " Give it to them, bos, give ït iliem ! ' mtMiifcsting m ihuniselvt-B, mtd ereatlng in others, all the uxcitfin. ut poaoible. Now a second thought w.uld show to their belter judglDftll Ihat 'hey were ilomy more hiirm ihnn gooil, tr men become o exeitt'd uiiHcr mch circiiinsiüiicc'n thüt tbey u'ixild n,i.-s uu e!epbnt ;it tun piioes. Y.a often "U tin,' ahove blusteiins; rn'üid wher shu ene'iiv are at least t-ñ it ; is ■ o "t (ho'isund , to h .,i tbe roar "Í musketn inri In x i od oonimaD'iers, yo wollhi tLinfe thoy wmild sodh come toa hund in hatid oimtest. What. s it that excite" a man in bflttle ? is the daufjer. If jrou slioot at a man once he is very muoh exeited ; stioot nt him a hundred timos, aml miss b'mi every linie, and all iiis fear and excitement is gone; bul reserve your firo nntil you can do snmti oxecution. and vvlien they oom e firo into them, out his clothe.-1, vvound bis neighbor, kill the second trian frotn him and let hitn seo it, and the day will be won. be Michigan JgiuL


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