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How Brave Men Suffer And Die

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- In bis report of the Chl.ckártinugn battles, B. F. Taylor records ifiè i fowíng soleni yct crjditabie facl : "If iinybody thinks that wlien mr j men nre stricken tipon the field 'he-' fill the air willi cries and groan, tiil it kmyers witii puch eviJenco of ngony, hgrently errs. A nnrni ia sliattei'ed, a leg carried awny, a builet pierces the breaft, and tlie soldier sinks down si lently opon the ground, or creeps awny if ht can, without u mufmu'r or cotriplair.t ; as the ppurrow falls - speeehle-ly, and like tliat uparrow, I earneslly believe, not .without a Father The liorie si'.ves out his fearful utterance of nimost hiitnan suffering, but the mangled rider is dumb. The orusli oí mnsketry, the crack of rifles, the roar of guns, the shriek of shulls, tl-o rebel hoop, the Fedora! cheer, and that indescribüblo undertone of rurubling, giinclmg, spünlering sound, nuike up the voicus of the b'attle field. fcSF The Ilowers of the earth rind tho liouits of men are diul-plaies, the s-hüdinvs eopijjig a:d going on tln;:ü are the hour hands ; when a üower limes, or n heurt í-?i -K ti hcüf, it is only a woisjlit run dinvu Tlic wlu.le univcrse is but ene mmene timopiece, throtibintr wit!) uiiiiuiuM'able wheeln ,henvy uitli woights aiul woalinj; Itcoif awav ! Drsire is a rcstiess peiiduluni, cnu end linki'J 1" the tK.'art. :md tho other pointin lt (Iom nward. # ■ Who h:is nol ionve ho)e at sea? Who has not son:o (ües tion in lus lioart 1" "liich a lqvv spinl voice ropHüs, "Nevur nïbVf "!-A[dhc%. Bulle BÍvd-, the famous rebel spy wíis on board tho caplun'.d blockaiie runner Grey liound, and lias bben taken tp ]ü-tn. I.)uring tlie íUtnck u" n tho Gifvliound Ms licúame on J'uk, took a sc:it upor, a líale of cnttMii, aml quk'llv sat fatminp licrFell' aml Vraï' ftinf,' tho explosión of' tho nln-üs. Slic [h a lal!, wt;] orincd fciiuK', hlmulo ai;i! gnicufiil n hor niamiers. The;'.-' iinni'h curiosity (o pee her, bilt the Mar bhal is so ohoieo of his charijo that but few aro gratititíd, It is thoutrlit itto will bc paiok'd and Boston lefl without a liejle, Licut. Oen. Grant was forty tU'O yenr's oíd a woek ugo last Tliursday. It is estimated (luit in the recent, bnttlcs we havo expended r.early Uu iwillio:i roimdsof inl'aiilry arnmuuitiou and bout fiReen thoiismid rounds of artillery ammti nition. CT Tliti sti-otigcüt mun l'eels Iho innueiico of woman'e gentlest thnighti j as the mightiest oak quivers ÍQ tlio I eoftest bréelo.


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