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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie Sute fonvention will be held at the City Hall, in Detroit, at eleven o'clocl; in the forenoon of Wednesday. the lifteenth "ay of Jjne next, for the purpose of appo,nting sixteen delegates to the Demo cratic Nat ional Con, ention, to l hela at Chicago, on the fourtïi day of July next , and for tie purpose of transacting sueh other buriaess as m:iy come before the Oonvention. Kach county eomprising one or more ropresentativc district ill be entitled to three tiniesas many dele','iitcs as there are represintatives in the lower house of the State LagUIa ture trom uh eounty;and eafh countj which may not be sntitled to one representative in the lower house of the Legislature will be entit!ed toone delégate in the State Conventión. By resolutions of former State Conventions, no defe gatewill be entitled to a seat in the Convenfion who does not reside in tlie county he purport to represint, exceptwithrcferencj to the counties ol the l'pper Peninsnis. Pated, Detroit, April 12, i14. LKVI WPFJOr, Chairman. H. . WAT,KER, W. A. RICHMONÜ, ÏTEPHEN H. CLARK, ADAM I. K"OF N. A. BALCH A0SHN WM.l-V H.A. I.YBROOK, H. li IlARMON, 0. M. IÍAIÍXS, VVM M vil(,l VR L. I). XORRIS, JOSEPH OdüLTER, Democratie State Central Committee.


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