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-Our Street (jommissioner, G. W. Qoodhdk, luis made quitearespeotable street of Main, and we hope tobeableto record improvements in other quarters . . . . Tlie Theatre which has been ulayiug t Hangsterfer's Hall, under the direction of Flood & Lord, lias gone to Jacksod. I' 's a g0i company, but the sniall liouses which greeted thera here could not liave lieen very nattering to them. We had hopcd our citizens would appreciate this company, but it seems that the legitimate drama dou't take here. We hope they will meet with good success wlierever they go as they are worthy of being patronized The Washtenaw Couuty Association for Improvement in the Breed of Horses will hold an LxJiihition on the lst, 2d, and 4th days of July, the nctt proceeds to be appropriated for the relief of tlie Michigan sick and wounded soldieis The annual election of officers of Eagle Fire and Hose Company took place at the Hall, on May 23d, which .'esulted in the clioice of tlie following officers: - Foreman, G. W. Eflner; Assistants, B. Kirk, J. Inius, G. Clarkin; Sec. F. O Nye ; ïreas. J. Monoglian; Steward, Win. Donuer; lst Warden, J. O'Kief; 2d, J. S. Peters; 3d, J. O Smitli; 4th, J. Olair; Finance Com., J. Harris, M. O'Rouke, N. P. HUI; Capt. Hose Conipany, Wiu. Campion; lst Ass't, E. A. Ilangjn Wc notice that Jacob Polhemus has opened a boot and shoe store in the Exchange corner, and are informed that he intends to keep a clioice stock on hand Om citizens are not generally behind time in the way of Festivals, Celebrations, &c, and as the Fomtli day of July wiH soon be here, perhaptikwoald be well to be making arrangenienlsfor the proper celebration of tte cominjanniversaiy of American Independence, and the i'all of Vicksburg. "Viclory has perched upon our banners on this day, one year aan the coming fourth, the pride of rebeldom as liumbled in the taking of that reliel strdnglfold, Vicksburg, and the shouts that ent up iVom our iron-hearted boys inside the intveiicliments was borne through glen and dale until it reached the fleeing legions of disunion from the blood staiued field of Gettysburg. Let us by all meaus have a good ld fashioned celebration. Who will move in tlie matter 1 M. Guiterman & Co's extensive clothing house ia this city is fillcd with "Oi-dsfroni basement lo attie, and we are assured tlicy are sclling goods very cheap. Tliiree in need of summer clotlies will do well togive thema cali We uotice quite a iinuiber of our wuiindcd héroes home on fuilougli Wliere is Fo:íd ? Our city used to put on airs, and dust was compelled to keep quiet, but this summer tliere has been no sprinkler on the street and people have lieen compelled to wade through clouds of dusU Trot out the sprinkler The large addition to tlie Medical College is being rap iiily pushed fovward, and at the commencement of another College term there will be an.ple acconiniodation for any number of stndppts J.ig. R. Webster lias sold out lu's stock of books and stationery to G. W. Siover, who will cany on the trade at the old stand.


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