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CLOTHING A.T M.GÖITfflMAN_4CffSI' IT.iving just rötnrncd f rom E;t?t wfth n lö-tge stock SPRING AND SUMMERGOODS! e invite all bcr old frienJs aud custoniers to oouie examine sur ittock of LOTHS CASS1UERES & VESTIK6S. i o )Í6pnle tlic f'act if yon can,' t takes thoTAILOR after all to give íippearaiice to the outcr man. If you wis!i to appcar wcll nccnnlltigly Ores-. Wcll. ' io to 81. Guiterman & Co's,, 'hero you will fiud things. exactly Sü. ONÜllEUInUsv.yñ ready to taku your measwe, JÜITËRMAN will geil you Gouds wi'th grent plensure, At figures L0WER than you will find ir, he State, 'ake heed - oali early, else vou are too LATE. 'he inducehEntö are uow greater than i ever, j }u" Olerks you will Lad obliging and t elever. We will show you goud CLOTHING of Olir OVVtl OKTTINQ ÜP, ' illiijg our Store fmtn Boïtom to rop. J TUDENTS especially will find ie to THE115 ADVANTAÖE, ] it taboa bat LITTLE MONEY to : tc}ilt:nish. , 3OA.TS of Cloth and Cassimere of our OW II ÏMPOHTAT1ON, forvvarded through our New York ( lations. frorp England, Belgiiim, Germany and Primee, Inch as you can stand üp in. or weau, [ at the dance. Pants! Panis ! ! Paiitsü! Panoy C4SSIMERE3 and DOESKTN of everv grade, We eell them froin'ONE DOLLAR up tO KIGHT. VESTS, &C, of cvery description, You will tind it so without fiction, Furnishing apparei.s From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Tais is all we say BOVT, Ttörefore we make our bow. Tours trnly, evar so, i M. SÜITERMVN. 4 Co., ' l HPHE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES ' JL Wll.l. be fat tin: Healli.g of the Nations. Bííjíí. 3". SLiOSSTSS, !M' GREAT AND CKLEBRATED PHTSIC1AN of the T11UÜAT,].UN'GS„ HEART, LlVfcfl AXII THE BLÍOD, Knvn alioyef thecour.try as tiie .. tïr.r? INDIAN HBKB DOCTOR! Oí 252 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Wil] visit ! places, t A?fOITMENTSFOB 1862. iS63andlS6J. ïi'of. B. J. Lvoiis can be consuKed at the fWlowing . . mui. l'i, viz: Detroit j Kus sol llimse, (-ach n:oith, lStli aDd 19tll. Am: Arbor. Monitor House, -; month, SOtli, ..icison, Jlib'anl ïluuse, each montb, '1, Adrián, Broei el House, each montli 2L'.l ann23.1. ïoledn, Oliio,Cothns House, each month.'84tli,25tli, an;i Si'.tli. HiUsdale, Micll., Hülsdale House, each mnntli, 27th lier, Micli-. Soutuern Michigan House, each Bonth, SSth. lilkhaf't. tóikhart House, each raontli.ïöth. .Snutli Bend, lo.l , Hl. .It. Hotel, o:icb miintli, 30. Uiporxo, ind., Tee Gardeu House, eacli inonlii 31at. Woosln-, Ohio, I IrandeU Exchange, each mynlh, 7th aii.l8tb. MïuisiitUl, Üuio, Wiier House, each montli, Oth and. 101b. Mt. Wmon, Kenyoii Houso, each montli, lltji aal Kth . Seivark, Ohio, Holton House, eachraontb, 13t.Ii and UU). i'iuiH-villi'.Obiii. Cowlff Hou=e, ech month,4th CLEVELAND, OHIO. RESÍBHn'SK ANO OFFICE, 282 SUPELIÍOR SÏHEET. ' East of tlie public Bquare, opposile the Pootoffice. OHloe Aity ''ach mmlï, 1-t. i'i. 4tli, 5th, Oth, lótb.- office nours from !) A. M. to' 12 M, and frora a 1'. H. (o J I'. M. OnHundnv f'riiiu 0 te. In A . M.,ami 1 to 21'. II. CJM.iMm sti ictl.v adhered to 1 !ive siich balm as liiivc no strife, With nature or thefows of !ife With bloodioy Uíijiíls I nsirr Btain, NorpuisuD uSB t.)ase tlieir paia. He is a phnslcian indeed , wko ffares. The [ndian ler. Doctor, U. .1. l.VOXS, cures the folievvin-r Boraplaints in the most obstinate stages of tlit'ir existenc. , viz: Diseaseü of the Throa-t , Ljng. Hoart, Ijver, 8omach, Dropsy nthiChcst, Klieumatism, Neuralgia, Fits. oí l'Y.lüii';-ii;;. ins.n :id all otliiT iief Touaiiernngements. Also alldiseasesof the blood . sucli as Scrofula, Krysip" Cancrs,Fever iorefr, Lepiosy, and all otber coinpUcatec cnronic complaiMb. AH forma of female difflculties atten-icd to with the haLBt0Rt rf.--.nlis. lt'i-% :i'iiv4 tlit n,ni!wi?l despair of a Ciro uuti] ■ Herb Ikictor's Meilicines n falriuul failliful trial. GgL.Hnr'ing tbc Doetoi'i tTöli} in Kurtipt:, W"st Inflies, South Ameiica. and the j state . lie iiaá beeu ihe inslrumcni iu f;M]'-to restore l" lu-altb and vigor tUousands who werfc given up auil [Köa eed incurable by ihe most Gminent old seliool pij sicions; nav. more, thouiannn wlio VQre on tl.-e verse of the grave, are notr livinjr . ..,„ . to ilie li,.ü:.n llerb's llcctor'. skill and 'ui treattnent, andaré Jaily eiclaiming: "ü'esled bethedav vvlieafirst e saw and jiartook of the Inilimi Hert Dnctnr's medicine. " s;l ti ' , 1,-rsoi' r-ares will be glatUy aml clieorfullv given irtienevnr required, TheDoclor [ileige hifl word abd Uonor.that ln will g nn vi „r indij-it)f , ni1u! nr sanep aaf nraliil tntoki'WÍ medicine vithoul !hc strungest probabiUlynf acura. 'i:..1 on. wlii' i i onlirrlyililTcrcnl ,efaciilty Dr. t.yon prnfesses I') discuni di... therefcire asks noquestinDs, oor i, ,. . !,,. rnqnln i ' '■ ■ expláin symptom. Callóse ivp thesymptoms nnd locjition of your áiseasp explape '■■'■ ■ ■ ■ 9Tlie p"f -i.-iil PliemlIy eonniiiwcd. 26BS. R. .1. I.YON'B, M. f, Clerrten'g Ohin, N'nv. es. 1802. lyS89 Fcr Rats, Mice, Roaches, Aiis, Bed Bugs, Molhs in Fum, Wooleto, tifc-, Insrcts on Plunis, Fows, Anima fo, &v. Piil up io ÈSi. 60e. anJ $1.60 Rocs, Hnttlos, anl PlHks. S3 and 83 sizes for HoTELl, PtBUC ISSTIICtion.-., í;c. "Onlv infiilliM" ror.icdieB known." ' 'FrM% Irom Ptfiilóns. "Not ■lïingcrons tp the Fajíiüt.-' (tlïats cume out of tlieir hok'.v lo die Ji &g Sol'd Wholenaie in al! Urge dtii's. ü. 8 iljl bv uil Druppisls mul Retailon fvorjivlierc. tpf H! Hi:v.mi:iï Ml at Mliroi-lh!c=sin,itn(innj. -SS i1' that "CnpT'.K'w" ünii" 'n ?':1j Box, Hottle, aud Fllsk, biforc yHl fcuy Aíáreí l HESKÏ R. COSTAR. I'K!"irALDr?oT482 B:iOAPWAr,!t:w Yosk. SJ-fold hy al] Wholenlaa4 RetaiinroïnM'ln Ánn Árbr '; '■■■.■ ■' 09&4. THE ALL SUFFÍCIENT THEES. THE GftEAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," Kiiowü ns " Htlmbold's " GEWUIWE FREPARA1I0JSS, VI Z.: hh mboi.d'g exjract "ih'omy' ' ", ' IllFRÓVÉD ROSE WASH. EI ËLMB.OLI)!-S GEDÏ ÍNE PPEPARATION, HIGHIT CUIÏCEKTil.vTIüO" COMPOUM) FLUID EXTRACT BÜCKÜ, ' Á Positivo nnd Specific Remefy, For Diseiise.t of the BLADDER, TDNEYS, GRAVEL AND ! DROrMOAL SWÈLLINGS. Thls Modicliw ncroai-w thfl power 0 Disnstlnn and cite tbe ABSORBENTE info limiil.y actin,,, i,v which ].- WATERT OH JLCJÍROfc'SrtipoiiitIon7anda!i ÜBHAJURAL KXT.AUGKMENTS ure reduW, na ■srPns p-i in 1111,1 inniiiiiiivitinii, and !■ good Tor MEN IVOMEN,OIICHILDREN. ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU FÜR WEAKNESSES Arising fpom Kxeespea. Hnbitsof Diasipntion, Early Indieeretion, or Abuse, ATTENDED W1TH ÏHE tfOltflVTtSO SVIJTOMS : luilispnitinn tn Exertton, Losa of Pcwer, Lom of Me mory, Dlflkultjr of Breathing, We ik Norres, Trembiing, Horror ol'Disease, Wakef DGmness of Yisioo, P.iiu in the Hade, 1 invertía] Lagsitude of l'ne Flusliiii; of the liodv. Muscular ,. , Kniiu;i: on the ; . Hol Hands, I'alliil Coontcnance. DtyneBN i the Skin. Tbesa symptnra, If nllowrd to zo OU , which this , □ediolue invartably remoja, rjod ie] uw ïi TOTEN CY, F iTFITYEPILEPTIC FITS n one of which tliö pa-üwi tnay exphe, Wlio caoaay i ,hat theyare uJt frequc-utly folio '.ved by "direful ■ liseaaei" Insanity aad Consumption, Many ivi-aivarf uf flio c;m.p oT tiifir siilïorin, bu t aone tvill oonfóss. me records of the Insane Asylums tii'i the incl;iiichulyde;ilhs by Coosuïajxtion, buai plo vitnens to the irutli ut' the asserlion. PHE CONÍTIH.THÍN, ONCE AFTECTKD WTEH OKRequiros tbe aid of medicino to strengt hen and inriorate tbe syatafa , which HELM HOLV'SEX TRACl BUCHU invíiriíiMy does. A tria' wil) conviuct; tbó most skeptica], Fomales, Females, Females? DLD OH Y0UNGf SINGLE, MAFJÏIKD, OU CON PEMPLATING MAP.KIAGE, In many afectnmfl pnculiar to Females the Extract Bnchu a itnt-qualled by any olber remedy, as In Uhlorpsia or He tention, Irregularity . PninfnlncFs, or SupprepsiJ of the Customary Kvacuations. Ulcérate cl Schirrous state of the Uterus, Leucórrhea, oi Wbites, Slt-rilit , and for all complainta iaeiden t i !)■■ sex. whepói'ariaiiig fröm Iudiscretion, Habita of Diasipatioa,oj ín the Declino or Chango of Liie. BES BYMPTftKB ifiOTK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Takopo Tïalsam, Mercnry-, or T"nileasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous, UKLMBOLD'S EXTHACT BLCÜÜ CL RES Secret Diseases. ín all tlieir stagea ; atlittle expense ; Httleor no ch .nge j ín diet ; no iuconvenience, AND NO EXPOSTJRE. It causes frequent desire, and gives strenth to Urina te, therobvivmoving obsfructions, prevent) n and ;r.rina;Strictures of the Ureihra, aUaytüg pain nnd inaammation . frequent n this claí-s of diseasee, and txpeUia PO2SONOUS, DISEASED AND H'ORN OUT MATTER. Thousands npfin Tliousands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF QUACKS, And who h.wv païd HEAVY FEES tobe euredina shnrt time, havefound they weredeceivt-d,an'1 fhat tlu ;'Po:son" has, by tbe use of "Powerful Astrinent.s," heen ilriel up m the Bystem, to break out man aggra vated ferm ,aDd I'ËUHAPS Afior iiTARRIACE. uTe ilelmbold's Extract Buchu F oi all Mfectiona and DistrafKra of Tlie XJrinary Organs' Whcthcr xistiDg in MALE OR FEütALES, item whtev w (jftliae orlglnating, and no matter ÖV HOW 1.OVG STANDING. Diseasee of these Organs leqnire tbc aid of a Ciniïllt. Helmbold's Extract Bacbu IS TUK GREAT DIÜBJtUC, Aad it ia certnin to have Ilie desired effect in all Di senses, for vil;ieli it is reco&iiiïoïitïetl. LOOD! BLÖÖD ! 1ÏLOOD! HclmbülJ's Iligbly Concent raí ed Comjiound Huid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. This ís an atiection of Uu Bloot!, f.nd attneksth-; Sexuil OrgHiit, Linmics ofHn' Nose, Ears, Thvoat, Wludpipe, aod ütber Surfaces, makingits api pcanuici' in 1. li e ftirnl of Clcers. Helmbold's l-t.;ni Sareap&rilla puri&i e Btood, and remove ) al] öcalj fcruptions of tbe SU in, gïving to tbe Complexión a Cleai ji tul Iïealthy Color. Il being prcpared eXprésaly forthi class Of complaints, its Rlood-Puril yiiig Properties are preserved to a greater exteut tuan any othei preparation of Sar?aparil!a. Helmbold'sRose Wash. AnceHei:t Lotion for Diseaspsf a Sypfefltfc Katuro, and as ;in injeetion in IHseast s of Ute Urinaiy (TrgattS, risiag from htt-bit of diesipatlon, mu-á in connection j wltli tlie Extrad s Buchu and Savsapkrsïl] ín suchdi' KejRW as rei' üéi il . Kvidcncc of the most respnnsihle and rcliablecbacaoter will iccompmy the medicines. certifícate of cubes, Frnm ei"lit to tTr-enty years BÍaníing. mth namex known f-o 8CIENCÉ AND FAMK, Por Medical Propertiasof BUCfilf, pee Bigpensaiory of the United State?. Bee Professor VETVEES' valuable work3 on the Practice of Pliy.-ir. Ree remartP ihade by tlie laie QCtorated Dr.PEYSICK, PuiladelililA. f-rc remarla rnade by Dr. EP7ÍTUIM MrDOII'ELL. a celcbrated Pbysician, and Menjber 'f the Boyal CuTlege of Surgeon, Ireland, and pnbTIsneti ínthoTraBBactiofifl of the KIngaBd Qtieen's Pet1 Mfilicn-Cirurjiicül Review, puMished by BEPiJAMIN TRAVERS, Felluw of tho Royal College of Sul": Leontf. fivv most of the laie Standard Works on Medicine. Kxtbact Bvcnr, $1 CO peu uc.ttie, or sïx fob S5 Cfi " Saíisai'ahit la 1 CO: " 5 00 HirRovED ttofil WASH, 50 " 'L 2 IJO Or balf a dozen of eacb for $12 00, whkh vrill be fiuClclent to mire the most obstinate cases, 1 direoti ns ure adhered to. Deüverod to iiaj' address, Becuroly pnebed from obsrrvation . P" Describo s'ymptoiria in nll coiotnunications. - Cures guürantecii. Advine graü;;. A T Tl) A V I T . Personallyappeared before i.iean Aldermnn of tl. e cilv of i'hilivilcl[ihin _ II. T. (lf.l.Mi;oi.i), who, beiüg (iuly Kworn, 'lui ii Hay, hia prepárationa contáiñ no nareoí c, no mercury, or oLhi' injuricuri drwg( but ora purelj 'cetable. H. T.HÉLMBÓLÓ, Sworn anT subsej-ihed bt'fore me, this Z3tí day oí KpTmbír,J85A, Wil P. IUHKARI). AMermnn. Klnth-street, above Race, Vliila. Addveaa Letters for fnfotroation ín conSdenee. H, T. ÍIEr,MBOLl),ChiMni:t. Pepotl04 South Tenth-Htreet,below Cbestnut, I'hila, BEWARR OF iJOÏJNTRiïFiËÏTS AND UNPKIN'CIPI.EI) DEALERS, Who rndenvor to dipposo " OF THEIR 0WN n and "other" firtinleponthe jcputfltionattaíned by Hülmlujld'stíenuiae 3'repnrntions, " . " Kxtraot Bucbu, 11 " 'i Parsapnrilla, [ " TiTiprovcd RoseWaeh. SoM by all PrngfjistR eTerywher. ASK FOR HELMBÖLD'8-TAKE NO OTHER. Cut nnt thp RdvptÍBímnt, flntl arrd fnr it, ANL a rom nirosmoN a?p sxposrns. iyW8_ i ", . :;-.:'■ ■ ■;■!"! :■ ■ rmrnï O... 33. X X 13 fs dio friemls i qJ pa i m , ín with :' n!j n largad liis Stock íuuI Assorímesit ! i.; I::i viag adoptfid the CASH SYSTEM BOTÜ ÍN BUYING &SEUING s prspar.eii to sel] Ge ' al Hoasoxia1 fclo T3t"A3CS, 11Í!( stock oottslsts.ii par lOWill : „„ .AMEKICAX ASI) IJTI1KK ír.t W a t c h e s ! ULOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD OÍIAINS, ÏAHLE AND POCKET OríTLEUY ! '':; tir.s, S!u-:i i 'i : Brüsllt'.s, it.rrft!, the best jn mnrket, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPEB ad KffVELOPES, Musical Iristruments, Siringa 4' Boolcs for Instruments, o Oui Siloer, SMul, and Pla!rd,iciti PERISCOPIO GLASS, ; ■ i , ' r -ü r t i cíe persons Kaving difficult watebes to íit witli glasses an be .accoiuodiiío'l, as my r'lücíc ís large"aaö complete, P. S. Particular attention to tlie . 3FÏ. E3 3P -. XOFt. I3XTG )f all kinds of fino Watches, such as Making and Setting iiew Jewels, Pinion Stqffs, and Cylinders. ATso jeatly repaired anO 'war-antetl, ai bis (;1 Btandsast l ida o f Main Street. C, BLISS. Aun irbor,Noj.í?i biCti JDí UJJlilii OS lillilliit, ai'e Stlling tlieir Iare stock of BOOTS $t SHOES, CHEAPER THAN EVER ! ! LOW PRICES FOR CASH. Goed Stoga Boots : : $2.50a$4.50 Men's gooJ Calf Pegged, 3.00 a G. 00 " " " Scwod : 5.00a.6.50 Womau's " Laoo Boots : : 1.00 a 1.85 Ladies' " Ocngress G'ts, : 75 a 2.50 Boys' Youth's aud Cliildren's Shocs : : : :15 a 1.50 Noiv is the time lo huy as BOO TS and SHOES are rapidly advancivg in Eastcrn Markets. THËY ALSO MAKE WARRANTED 52" WORK TO OIÍDEE. JLS AXV BEPsWB. Remeinber wo can not and will not be untlcrspld. .Üíi :i'J e; aní'.llP . ■ fod LAWiiE.NCK NOBLE, CHAltLES HIDER. Au. Iri 1 kil i!9ii. Terrible Slaughter! THE VSCTORY ÍS OURS ! 1"DE3:S3 ]Bj3.TTLE Wliicli b&abeeí) taging Cía' Uie papt iour i-eeksat MACK & SCHMID'S STORE Has prcwed a graiá succo.-.s, althougb llie slangliter-of DRY OOODS His been terrible1 . We non oiake tbe a bitwosliall cootinue ■■■"r Yiavr.'' to nnkc. ar with high pi .ii.iípi! to : bondreds who daily tbrong o-at store, fuü valué 'for tl,er ni ■ ' Ufe BÏ ftJl iesittlüe DEESSGOOI í;, RIBBONS, TRIMMPíGS, EMBKOIDERIES, WIJITE GOOT! i Kil Y, G LOTES, &c, Viih a very largf ;ilu1 aítractive stee of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS We bc ' iid. ■■.''■■ : ■' '■'■' ! 'Ir(' rijioii -s in thi.s ci( bjfsétïïpg u ptifiaji Uut we cannot The Goods Must bc Solil. 1000 New Styji ■ ..-nlily llJOr SKir.TS vny ■ . ihen wc !:■■ o ö ',■■. larga asi cjria' ín of Prendí Twilled CIoth.Beaver OvercoLúgs, Dosskiïiü, laucy CaEsiinc.res,Vest ingsáfcc, Of all tloficripiions, itncl run 'nrnisli r. wliole snit on BÖorl noticemucli oheápei' tlian il can be bought else wberO. A.: ";ti'ii,.: !-..n i-t fliH Itr.ntrh of' Olir bus! -. i 11 cónvince all thatthls is the place tobuy fchelr Pnnt8, Coata and Vests. 'e have also a complete stock of Lftdlea aüd ChiUlreñs' Slioes. HATS AND CAPS, Anü n factevenMliing; thnt wan yvoman eau dosiie to wear on head orCoot, Groceries, Crockery. Glassware &c, At astonishin low prices, apd in short our Piitirp BÍoct musí sb are the sane fate fot we ara fU-ierniiuel té Bell, no rtftttar iihiti M cronlinrs mny db . All are fcnVltffl to hippcot onr stnckafl it is' 110 tfTnble to phow oa rgo.Q.düj find we ar tounri to meet the tlo1 mnrwlF of i 1.


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