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FURNITURE ROOMS ,■ N'm-th of lïisdon and Iïendersen'a Hardware Store. THe aodersigned havïgg pnrchfiscd iho enfirr stock of V, I). Siuith & Co., and added laigely to the ame, i prepared to íurnishhis fnendfl and patrout a good, w nsfidTtiiH-'nl, oí well r.iadn iurmture, coMRtiii oí' F-OFAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADSj BÖOK-CASES ! TABLES and CHAIRS, of all kinds, uud ín fact oí evrrjthing pertaining to the ■ LOUNGES. MATRASSES, &c, &c,made to order bj good and experienced workraen, and warrnn'ed (o give Batísfactíon. He also keeps :i v;onl assortuicnt of Oherry and Walout Lurnber for;saleal reasonable prfces. And will als pay the highest msrkfet prioejör Cheny; Walnut, and White W'muI l.mnlx r. P. S. líe lias also p'.ivcliasrd the and ELEGA N T II E A lí S U ! of áinith íc Co,, and is preparad to fiirntsn uil kinda oí' Wood Coffins, Meialie Cases, A1STIJ CASKETS, On the hórttST noíírc. Alfio :i1 i cmTs tn laying oni decafifd persons dny and Dight, without charge. All furnHure deli.vered ín the city fue of cl ■ W. U. BEKHAM. Aun ISLh, 1SC3. 940lf GREAÏ.GKEATEït GREATEST BAEGAlKfe EVEK OFFEREÜ 1859. O1859 I q tliisCity, are uow being oLFered at the CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & T O -esr O l ry StoreTHES'ibscribcr wouldany to thecitizensof Ann Arbor.iií particular, and the rest oi Wathtennw Cdujitv inseneral, that hehasjust 1MPORTED DJRECTLY l'rom EÜI(OPi:.a Trcmendou3 Stock of Watchcs! AU ofwhlchho bindshimselftoseli CHEAPERthan can bebought west of New York City. I havo also the CELEBRATKD AMERICAN WAT CHES, whlch I wlll ï rtr $35. Evsry Watch warranitd to performwoll.orthomoneyïetunded. Clücks, Jewelry, Piated Ware, Fancy Goodar Gold Pens. MusicalInEtruüieijts and Strings, Cutlery, &c, and in fact aVariety of everythinir UBUally kopt yjewelerscan beboughtforthi; next ninety daya at vour O W N PRIOES! PersoiiB buyinganything at this well known establiahrae ntcan rcly upon getting goods; exaetiy as represented, orthemoney refunded. Callearly and secure the best br.rgains ever oftered in thiï City. One word in regard to Repairing : We are prepsred to malte any repairs onfino or commen Watehes, oven to mnkingo er the entire wjitch, [f necessary. Repaïring of Clocks ana Joweïry as usual. Aïaotbcmannfacturinp of RINGS, BROOCHS, or auytliing deslred,from California Gold on shortnotice. Enpravine in flllitEbrancheseseented withneatneas and dïspatcb . J C. WATTS. RISDON & HENDERSOA' 33avo tüo 13 XJ O JS. JE2 "S" ES CRAIN DRBLL, tin tl Grass Seed Sower, Manufuctured at Springfield, Ohio. rifHE VERY f.ATEST IMiT.OVEMF.NT, and lft(orthaii I all ofhi-!: ;'i];ipteO to owin VVlieat, il.e, Oats, ï'.urlev öraB Seed. lst. Il has a Rotary Fecdcr. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. 3d. Never lunches the Grain ith. Ncver Irealcs the Grain. bth. S0W8 Grass Seed Iroadcast hehindthe Drill. ■Gt.h. Hashigli wheelsand long Hoes. ■ Ith. lías long and wide steel points. i ! Sih. It has a land measure or Surveyor. 9'Ji. It has doublé and single rank drills. i lOth. It has a self adjusdng shut off alide. It is neatly and snlistanthilly made. ïhero is hanlk a W-ül olïored m tïie murket but can boiist of more or loss FIRST PREMIUMS They are ibout as ïndisorirainately bestotwed a the title of "Professor," whïcfi is ftooietjetj üppüed to the "JUtdler" ar -'boolblack." ïh-ey ct-ase to convey the idea ntmerit, The Buebeye Drill has been on Kxhibition at quite a nmábor ofStateand Coimtj l';iirs, mi without sedking favö'j the liaads of aaj Commitiee, has reccived ïL.s I f 11 share of Premiums TESTIMONIALS : . :.r iianu's of a few Furmtrs in th;s w.iti hiftve hoföght and used theBuckeyeJÜriU; l . . ifrej Miller, Scio. Jacob i'CilheiauL " Jaco bTim per, ' ThonftiHWliite, Nortbíteld. .lohti Wrokaw, " ('!ü isiiaii Kappj ' ' Edward Boyden, Webster, i ■ ■. wellj Anii Arlioi T;mii-l()1i)ara. JohnG.Cook, L..4i. O. A. Marshall, " non-V, Pal!:!.-. I v tgeOwpsey', Grevii Oáfc, f.iv.Oo. . u ii] e :..m! Agenta for ilie Ohio Keaper & BL.„ wer, actiiiowledged tf be the very best in use. Wc íire just in reccipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Wliich we wili sell Clicnp Also alargeassortmcnt c Grrass AndtliPliirgest and best selectod stock of BENT STUIF FOR CAHRIACKSoror before offered ín this market We alao koepalargcnnd f uil NATT, (LASUTTY, PA1NT, and LIN SEED 011,. A completo Assortment of STOVES, TINWAEE, AXIKAVKTnOLXJ?alwa}-Honliandand pul np the ■ shbrtest uotico. f'r-'N' HE-fJOKRSpN-, ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ;;■ just ""öpënïngT The largC3t Stock and best assortment of CABINET FURNITURE ? ever brought to this city, ineluding SOFAS, TETE-A-TÈTES, LOUNGES, BED EOQiM SETS ■ CENTlïli TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIKS, XjOo15Lï:o.s CS-ljEssejs Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIC CASES, &c, &c, ana a,U otliar goode k(']t '" 't'1'' bost find largest hnusos in t'.c country. Wè ffeepüo seconfl hand furnituie or A ik.! i'! ii goods. ' ofiSnfl kept constantlj on lmnl, and iiüpi" to ordor fcíy goods are offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES X. V' I must have mctíey, tinñ respwtful y request ■.lo cali ;mi fix up their oïd vaatters without O. M. MARTIN. Ann 1863. 92Btf y, The peculiar taint or Vck itifecïionivhicli wc eall iL él Scrofula lnrks in "W ■ 'L.8' the constitution.? of ííí" multitudes of men. It ' BV'fe 5 eitlier produces or is 'yèfSëkjsMx. A produeed by an cn"íága-ztTlürw feebled, vitiated stato g!íf of tho l!ood, whercin fluit fluid hecomes injgl competent to pustain if%yÊÊiit??liC v'tn' frccs 'n their t!L$tfjpMf M]p!á."M vigoro 3 aetion, and .-JKL'i2K=leves the svstem to ; fall into disorder and -vj-ii-- deeay. Tlie scrofulons contamination variously cnused by mercurial disease, low living, disordered digestión from unhcalthy food, inipure air, filth and filthy habits, the depressing viyes, and, above all, by the vcnercal nfection. Whatevcr bc its origin, it is hereditary in tlio constitution, descending " from párente to cliildren unto the third and fourth gencration ; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of Ilim who says, " I will yisit tho iniquities of the fathers upon their childrcn." The diseases wliieli it orurinntes take various names, nccording to tho organs it attacks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tubcrcles, and finally Consumption ; in the glands, swellings wüdi Euppurato and bccome ulcerous sores ; in tho Etomacïi nml bowcls, derangements which prodaco indigestión, dyspepsia, and liver coraplaints; on the skin, cruptire and cutaneous ailections. These all having the same origin, require Üie same remedy, viz. pnrification and inrigoration of' the blood. Purify the blood, nnd tliese dnngcrous distem])ers leavo you. With feeble, foul, or corruptcd blood, yon cannct have healtli ; with that " lifo of thó ficsh " healthv, you cannot have scrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is compounded from the most effectual antidotes that medical scicnco has discovered for tliis afflictiug distemper, and for the cure of the disorders it entails. That it is far superior to any other remedy yet deviscd. is knoivn by ail who have given it "a. trial. That it does combine virtues truly extraordinary in their effect upon this clas3 of comphiints, is indisputabiy proven by the great multitude of publicly known and remarkable cures it has mado of the following diseases : King's Evil or Glandular Sweiling3, ' Tumors, Eruptions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas, Eose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposito in tne lungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Syphilis and Syphilitic Infections, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, and. indeed, the wboto serie-i of complaints tlmt arise from impurity of the blood. Minute reports of individual cases may be fourid in Ayer's Ameüican AiLMANAC, which is furnislied to the druggists for gratuitoits distriljution, wherein may bo learned the directioas for its use, and some of the remarkable cures which it has made wken nil othcv rpmedies had failcd to aflbrd relief. Tliose cases are purposely taken from all sections of the country, in order thnt eveiy reader mm have access. to some one who can speak to liini of its benefits from personal experience. Serofula depresses the vital energies, and thus leaves its victima far inore subject to disease and its falal rcsnlts than are healthy constitationg. Henee it tends to sliorten, aiii,dces greatlv shorten, the average duration of human lifo. The vast importance of these considerations has led us to spend years in perfectinga remedy whieh is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to the public under the name of Ayer's Sarsapamlla, nltliongh it is composed of ingredients, some of which exceed the best of Sarsaparilla in alterative power. By its aid you may protect yoiirself from tho suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out the. foul corruptions that rot and festcr in tho blood ; purge out the causes of disease, and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the vital functious, and thus cxpels the distempers which lurk withm the system or burst out on any part of it. We know the public have been deceived by many compounds of Sarsaparilla, that promised rauch and did nothing; but thcy will neither be deeeived nor disappointed in this lts virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there rtmains no question'of its surpassing excellence for the cure of the afflicting diseases it is intended to reaeh. Althougli under the same name, it is a very different medicine from any other which lias been before the people, and is far more effectual than any other which has ever been available to them. CHEERY PECTORAL, The World's Great Eemedy for Coughs, Colds, Ineipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive patients in advanced stages of the disease. Tlii.i has been so long used and so nniversally known, that we nced do no more than OBSttre the public that its quality-is kopt up to tlie best it ever has been, and that it may he relied on to do all it has ever done. Preparcd by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Practical and Analyiical Ciemists, Lowell, Mass. Sold by all drnggists everywherc. STEBBÍXS k WIUiOK', Ami Avobr, E. iJ ' Ypnilantl EWlNG, Dïxter, 1 1ÍATCI! tifoliefu. Wiu,'y.:.k-by FAKKANHSHKUiV ft Co., Heiroit. C. E, (JÜUUKN, Travelling Agent. Á. Farm for sale, - o - SITUATED üix miles N'ortli of Aan Af her. Sai.l f.irn' copsists of 12 irr-s. Un the pepjisos ajr) goce' bSiMtngs, a fine orchard and :i living stream. II is l.acmn s the RoüMrtlh faftn. Jt will be sokl clien]i and teims ot nayraent mauo ea"v. finquire "f L.C. KlíDON. Ann Arbor. Jan. 26, 1664. D41tf HOWARD ASSOCIAÏION, rlIILAMXPIUA.PA. Dlsenscsof the TVei-vons, Senilnnl, TTrlnary Rtil Soïual Systems-ueiv ami rr'linblrtreatment- in KiwrU of tho HOWARD AStfOClATION- Senl bv mail iu sealeil letter envplnnef, free of cbawv AddreBS, Dr.J. 8KILLIN HOUCHTON, Howírd ASBfieítion.üh. -2 S.u til N'intli Stroct. l'liiln., P. 18yl Ayer's Sarsapariila. Sherifrs Sale. STATE OF MIGffiCAN', Coi'ntï of gs._ Byrirtneofa writ of fi iri facies insued out óf and UDder the seal of the Circuit Court for tbo Countr of VTashtenaw, In the Slate of Michigan, and to medi rccteñan.l dehvered, Hii] on the twenty thlrd da of .May, A i). , 1364, seize and lew upon all the rigbt ml ...iid tntefent ofHogh Bmrmy, the defendont therein nained. in anl to all those certain or parcela of landstfuat'edfn the towns of I.odf nnd Faline Ccunty ef WasbtaMW, aod SUtc of .Michigan, Lnown, bonnded and di-fscribcd as follows, to-wit: Bping the Southwest quarter of section tWïlltt-fWe in township three (3) south of range fiïe east, contamina; one hundred and sixty acres of land, moro or loss, also nll that fract or parcelo! 1: ml sitúalo, 1 in the riilageof Saline, County if Washtenaw, and Stato of Michigan, known, bounded md ileserike:1. as r.)ilow, to-wit s Eeing a part of on nunihor one iti f-.vo in section four accordtog'to the re cordeitplatof said vil!a?e, beginning on the Chica road twelve feet west from the northeast corner of lot miErberOTe,th-nee ponlherly sixty feei parallel wit. M east liue to the Chicago road, thence westerly alcni Í6eala Chicago road twenty feet to the place o! berin lag rertain tract or parecí of land ai uted in tl... villa-o of Saline, County of Warfitenaw' State of Michuraii.deicribe.daii follow : commencinirat tb uorth west ciirncr ol lot owncd by Andrew Crair on the east Mde of the Ann Arbor road, running thenéf northeny aloiig the line of said road to the south-wc.. corner of a lot owned by E. L. Bickforrt. thence easWIr kpg saidBictford'ssouth iinc to land owned byjolin Kanon, thenco southerly long said Kanouse1 lin to tho north -east corner of said Craig's lot, thence wetw ly along said Craig'a line to the place of beginini? c tainingabontnfteon of land, which I 11 eino forwtlBfoitehighwf bidder at public auction at th. soutb. door of the Court Slotje, „ the City of Am Arbor. in said Counly, being the place of holdimr th Circuit Coiirt for akl County, on Paturday the eiahtfe ilay of Jnly, A, ])., 18C4,at one o'clock in lie íf(srfl90, I'IKI.IP WIXEGAR, Sherift.TnHTix Forbes, Deputy Sheriff. Dated, May 2-ltli, 1864. ,d95s Mortgago Sale. ry.FAULT having been made n the performance of IJ the ondition of a morteage hearing dateonth.Iiltienth day of January, A. D-, 1856, exeouted by Sil Lawrence and Tamar Lawroncs, W wiie to I)aTid i rown, and dnly rocorded in th ofli,r of ffr, Hiiitler of Deeds. of Washtenaw CounEy, Michigan, i„ libe, twenly-two of mortgages page three hundred and sevonty.on the tnenty-ninfh day of Februarv AD 183G, wherehj the power to Bell themortgaged prerai.ei has become ojierative ; and no suitorprocei ding hain been instituted at law to recover the debtsecured br said mortgage or any part thereol , and the sum of seven hundred and fift.v one dolla's and thirty three cent beiug now clainied to be due thercon (besides the cotg and expenses of the pioceedings now beiog had for the foreeloKureof en iel morfgase including reasonable at. toeneysiees.) Nutice ia tlicrefore hereby giTen,that finid mortgage will bo foreclosed by a salo of the roort gaged premisos described ap follows, viz : The west on. fourth of the north-west quarter of jiection twentr. eight, also the north-earf one-eighth of the north-irnt one-half quarter of .aid hcotion twenty-eight (letj, tïo rods in widih from the sido oceupied as a lañe), all being in tovr:ship numlier four sr.uth and rangp numberflte east, in the Connty of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, in all forty-nine acres of land, more or less, or some part thereof, at public vendue at thttsouth door . f tneCourt House, in the City of Ann Arbor, in Raid County, (that being the place of holding the Cir. euit Court witlin said County,) on Fr.'day, the twentj. sixth day of August next at noon Bcakes & Crameb, ' DAVID BR0WX, Attorneys for Morfgagee. Mortgagw. Dated , Ann Arbor, May 21st, 1864. 5159 Estáte of Charles Hyland. STATEOF SOCHIGAN, County of Washten&w 11 _ At asessionof the Probate Court for the Cou'nt'o( ÍN ashtmaw, holden atthi Probate Office, in the City cf 'nn Arbor, 011 Monday the twentv-third éay of May in the year one thoiifamd eight hundred and'ur Present. Thomas Ninde.Ju.tlge of Probate. In the matter of the F.state of Charles Hyland lte of the City ot Ann Arbor, in said County, deceased Onreadingandfiling the petlticn, duly veritied ol Nelson B. Nye, prayinj for the probate of an inntrument now ui ülein this "ourt.purporting to he the Int will and testament 01 said deeased. and letters testamentary granted thereon to the eseonter naroed thrrtin. t , Thoreupon it is Ortloreiï, that Monday, the tiFentieth d:iy of .Iunenexl,at ten o'cloek iq the forenoon be ■ signed for the hearing of said petition. and tjiat'thederiaees, '--'ii'tts ahd hoirs at Jaw of said doceased and nllother persons interestod in said estato, are reqüired toappoar at a sets6& of íafd Court, then tobe holden it the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County. and show oause,ifany therebe, why the prayer of tho petitioner should not be grantedj And it is furtner ordeved, that Lid petiiioBlr feive notice to the persons interested ín said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing therwf, by causjnga copy of this Order to be publlshed in th Michigan Argits, a newspaper printed and circiilatini in said County f Washtenaw, three succesüive Tetl, previous to said day of hearing. (A true Copy.) THOMAS NIN'DE. 58 Judge of I'robat Probate Notiee. STATK OF MICII1RAX. Connty of Washtenaw, jA1I persons ha ving claims or demands against th estaie of Jane Howe, late of the township of I.odi, in said county, deceased, are hereby notilied and w (J ui red to present the same to the undersigned, t th Probate Oflice m the city of Ann Arbor, in said countr, thero to be holden, 01) or before Friday, th fourth dy of Xovemli.v. 1-0). Pix months from the date hcrn.1, betng alluwoil ior creditors to present their claim agaiabt said estáte. Uittil, May 4lh, A. D., 78C4 1HOMAS NlNIlK, 95Gw4 Judge of 1 róbate. Attaclunent Notice. OCF. IS HEHFBY CIVEN that on the twenljs I si; ii 1ji v of Aprii, A. D. 1864, Jo,eph ir. I.wm ann I..c', -i,. R'urstef. Plamtiflg, sued out of t!ie C-.iruit Cuiirt for the Coiiniv of Vashtnaw a nH "f attiiobnien! (or the tfcorery of tho sum of one hunjiroil and nty-f.vo rlollai s and v jivn 1 ds, acninf 1 the ■j. ■':. cliat'les. la 11 ds, te ut nu , m neys and ft iTt-rls nl F. Mul) . defendant ; whieh said wri! is rpturnable on Tnestlay. the tíirnl i!ay of.May.A.D., 1S04 ; and that it appoars fn m Ihe return to sairi writ thjst prppertj of !-;■[! det'endnnt has boou attaeW thereon, ard thitt sjii'I fiofemianl could notbefouüd. l'ot'.t!, Aan Arbor }Ioy li. 186Í. ' .ÍOSK II W.T.AWSON, FRÏSDEjaP WURSTfR. BEAKES Í: Cn.'.M-E. l'IaiBfi&. Attys. for Plaintiffs. 96ñTf Gommissioners' Notice. STATEOF .MICHICAY.CouDty of Washtenaw si :- Th( undoi-signed litvioe been appointed by tbe Probate C'iurt for said Countv . ('ommissioners to recoive, examine and a-ljust all claims and demandB uf all persons at'ainst theestate of Joshua Kowner,ll of the towushipof Lima, in said County, deceased, nerf - by givo mtice tliaï si mouilis from date, are, by order of said Probato Court , al lowed fur creditors topreifnt their claims arainst said deceased, and that they irill ineot at the oflioe of A. J. Sawyer, in the Villgeof Chelsea, In said County, on Hnturday the thirtpenll) day of August , and Tiifs.ifiy the fifteenth day of Navmber next, at one oVlock P. M. of each day, to r. ceive, examine and adjust said claims. CysCS l!Kf KW1TH, ƒ CommifsioiKti. Tated, May lOth, 18Ö4. 957 vl CIT1T COOFER SHOF. o SPAFFOR.D & DODSLET, successors to O. C. SPAFFORD & D.HENNINÖ, Woultfreapeetfully annoance to thO citizenn of Anr, Arbor ;md vicinity, that thpy are uow ncanufactorici and keep cuij.stantlj ou hend a Large Assortment of COOPER WORK!] Suoh as Fork and Cidc-r Bárrela, Eegs, Firkins, Churos, Well Buckets, Flour and Apples Barrels, céc Merchants and ïïrewers are invited to examine theír Butter Firkius and Beer Ktgs. done to ORDER on SHORT NOTICE and warrautfd. EP Cash paid for Staves, Headiog 'and iloops. Shops corner of Detroit k North Streets, and com of North sFirthStTteli. fePAFFOED fe DODSLET. Ann Arbor, Feb. 6th, 1864. 943tf - - AN EI.KGANT NEW PIANO, with choic tt 'H flf 8t class and popular makers. A bargaingiTíD'. Incluiré at the AEGUS OFFICE. FOR SALE! AXEW ROVKR & BAKF1! pfeWjKÖ IACBCf als.. B.TJEW SINCKR MAWllNF.. eithtr KnilT " u-al)iii::i-t'jrii't' nattrD Ayylv at


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