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(.„blishodevary Fri.lay thethml story of lk.brlck block, corner of Main and Hurón Ka., ANN AR80B. oh. Eotranceon Hurun Street.oppositethe ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Trma,$a,OO Ycarln Adrnnce. i,lvertWliig-Onesq.uare (12 Unes or less) one tliree weeka $1.50; and 25 cent for V;r;..ertioa' Hiero ,fter , less than three montns. „ne iquire 3 mos $4.00 i Quarter cpl. 1 yeai $20 o" MÏÏe 6 mos O.OO Half column 6 mos 20 Hl 4qllaro 1 year 9 00 Halfcolu.nn 1 year 5 ?"0 Vres 6 mos 8 00 One column 8 mos. oO To re 1 year 12.00 One column 1 year 60 Card in Directory, not to exceeil four lmes, $4.00 ÏÏrtlïer to the OOR of k quarter column, ngn,,,rthroughtl,eytar, willbe entitled to havo th,.r iiiiiii Directory without extra charge. ! Adrertisemeots unaccompanied by wrltten or Jbfl.lirections willbe pubhshcd until ordered out, 4E3wSSÍa"í '-"-■ 50 centstp" iwuLïi cents per folio for each subseqoeat iraeftion. Apo pcBCment 9addd to an advertUetnenttho rtolê will b. charjed Hmme as for firi.tin3ert.on. Job Prlntllig-Paniplilets. Hand Bills, Circnlar, r,rdV Hall Tickets, l.lbel. Blanka, Bill Heds, and L;-:--"" ns'execu' MeiuBto plint Cards of all kind in "S rtyte and chea per thn finy other house in the ?, BuHme rds for men of all TOeations and Si W'Mini and Vl.ittag Card., pribted on 'h'lt notiio. Cali and sce ampies. BOÓK BINDISG- Connected with the Office ia a Bindery in charge of two competent workmra - K Records, LedLers , Jounials , and Blank Bonk „,"to order, at.,1 of the best stk. Pan, ph Iets and ?9„odical bound in a neat an.l durable manner, at De Witprices. Entrañe tu Biudery through the Argus Office.


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