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ZS==: J.C. WA-lcTS & Bït6. rvIALERS in Cloc.ks. Watches, Jawelry and Silver [) Wro Ko. '22, New Block, Ana Arbor. ' C. BLISS. -gAIF.R in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry and Süver 1) Ware No. 22, New Black, Ann Albur. "c71l MILLEÑ. rvEU.ER in Dry Goods, Groccrics, Crockery, &c. &c. ) Hin Street, Ann Albor. "IphTlibach. tE.U,EKS in Dry Ooods, Groceries . Boots & Sboes, U (e., Main st., Ann Arbor. 0. COLLIER. MANU'r'ACTTRER an.I dealer n Boots and Sboes, one door north of tbe Post QBca. RÏSDÖN & HENDERdON. ÜEM.EK3 in Hardware, Stoves, house furnishing goods, Tin Ware, &e , &c, New Block, Mum st. GEO PRAY, M. D. I TJHS'SICI IN and Surgeon. Keskleuce and office on Y Detroit street, near tlio i epot. S. G. TAYLOR, DEALER in Hats, Caps, Furs, Robes, Gents' Furnishn% üoods, etc. East öide Main Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. A,J. SIJTHiïiïLAND, AGKNTfor the Sew Vork Life Insurance Ccmpany. Oilice on Huren Htreet. Also has on hand a stock jf the most approve ! liewiog machines. SSötf i 'QE&B0Ê FISCHER. MKAT MARKET- Huron Oenera] dealer in Freah and Salí Meals, Beef, Mutton, Pork, llams, faultrjr, l.ird, Tallow, kc, icc. H1RAM J. BEAKEá ITTORNEV nnd Counsellor at La iv. ml Solieitoriu A Cliincery. Office in City Hall Block. over Vb.ster's Book Slore. wm7lëwitt, m. d. PHYSICIAN and Surfeon. Office at liis resideaoe. north side of Hurnn Street, and second house west of División street. M.GÏÏITERMAN& CO. ■jP'HOLElALKmdRetail Dealera and Manufacturar! 'r of Rodr MadaClotbing Importen ojf Ciotha, Casimere, Dooskins, 4c, No. 5, I'licunix Block, Main st. wmTvvagner. TEALER in Reaiiy Clotliin, Ciotha, Oassimeres, ïf aDi] Vetstings, Iíat, Caps, Trunks, Car pel (i:igs, &c, Piiocnii Block, Main Street. SL AWSÖN & SÜÑ7 riROCERS, Provisión and Coniiniwsion Mercbants, and I Dealers in Water l.nn-. Liml PBmfer, and Piaster of Paris, one door ea.-t of C.jok's Hotel. J. M. 80OTt7 AMUROTYPE and Photograph Artisl , in the rooms over Campion'y Clotbing store, Plicenix Block. Perect satisfaitiongiven. C. B. PORTER. JDURGEON DKNTIST. Office Corner of Main and Huron 0 streets, over Bach At Pierson's Store. Ali calis promptlvattendd tu AprlS59 MACK & SCHMID. DEALERS n Korein and Doraestic Dry Good, Groceriei. Hat and Capa, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, 4s., Corner of Main ó: Liberty sta. SPAFFORD & DODSLEY. MANÜFACTURERS of all kinds of Coooper Work, City Cooper Shop. Custoni work done on short notice. Cor. Detroit and Nortb Streets, and ccr. North n ViftU Streets Ann Aitor. O. A. KELLEY, J)H0T0ORAPHEK- Corner Fourth & Huron streets, 1 ïau Arbor. Cases frames aQ'l Photograph Albums imtntly on hand, and at lower rates than can be trnu clsewhera. Iy891 ANDREW BELL. DBALKR in Groceries, Provisión. Flour, Produces, íec, íc, corner Main and Washington StreetH, nn Arbor. The highest market pricespaid lorcountry ri'luce. 8S6 I. O. O. F. WASUPENAW Loage, No. 9, of the Independent Order of (Md Fellows meet at their Lode P.oom, ivory Friday Kvening,at7X o'clock. B. Soxdhsi, N'. G. P. B. Rose, Secy 1 KUfÖSLEY & MORGAN. ATTORVKYS, CiunsellorB, golicitors, and Notarios Pablic, havo Books and Plats showing tilles of all jMl,ia the Countv, andattend to conveyancing and ;'.iectmj l"mands,and to payinjr taxes and school injerejtinany part of the staic. OfHce east of the park. D. DeFORËStT" nTHOLESALE and retail dealer in Lumber, Lath, ' Slnngles, tíash, Doors, Ulinds, Water Lime, Grant í'vr Piaster, Piaster Paris, and Nails A ' til ni perfect assortment of the above, and all other nl of building matonals constantly on band at tlie i iff! poisible rates,on Detroit st ., a few rod.-.from tht ftiürod Depot. Also oporating extensiveïy in the ?tent Cement Rooiing. GRANGER & FINLEY, ATTÖRSBYS & GOÜKSELLORS AT Collecting and Land Agents orrioï oveb ponellt's stoee, hukon steeet, B. P. Granoer, ) Ann Arbor, Mich. H. Finley, S Jao.'28, 1864. 9-iltf ". FOR SALE! A NEW 'GROVER i BAKEK SÉW1NG MACHINE, lio a NEW 3INGER MACHINE, either Family or maiifüturiDgïiiUsrD. AopJy at reí' ÍCT5 ornes


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