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What The Michigan Soldiers' Relief Association Are Doing

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From the Waakiugton Clircniclo. Tlii unsouiution composed of persons fr'Tii M. chinan resident in Washington, was orffunized in November, 1861 - Th; ficstolectwl offieerfl ol' tho associatie Wene Hou. J. M. Edmunds, Presiden;; 8. Yorke Atlfc, Vioe-preeident; Pr. Hi J Alvoid, Secret arv; Z. Musen, Treasurer; and J. H. BIops, manager of slorcroom, who havo all [een ree?estHÍ from yenr to year. Tii cash rectipts aod expenditures t'l the Hspociation during the first vear Vhh-v $2,106 13; 370 boxes bod barréis F stores wero also received from Mich ïgan ai'd dislributed. Üuring the second year tho receipts nnd expenditures weru 12,850 39. Durini that yeur the asociation received i.nd diwtrilnitt'd over 31,000 artiüles ui ciithinfr. From Dec'mber lst, 1863, lo Üv (iicscnl time the cash reeeipts o! Om association have excceled $3,000, rid the contributions of plothing, delieacief, &.:., have heen corrusp'iiidingly lrge. The association einpluys to three agents in tbia oity, who llevóte their tntire time to the work of iiling Micliigan Si-ldiei-s, who are paid an monni only si.fficient to defrny actual expences, as the apsotialion expendti nothing fwr salarien. Every memher is an agent or vinken, and it is intended to visir every hospital in thits city, Georgetown, and Alexatidria, at least twice a wtek, nttd wlienover a batlle occurs, ts agents are proinp ly dispaiclied to the field wi'li ampie siipplics. At Kieiici (kshuri; the associurion kepi on an averae 20 itgenls at work, and fiunt furwurd, from time to time new agents to relieve ihose in thnt tieli.i II is the aiin of this association to b provided, and to this end ils first effort at Freilericksluirtr, as on dl other occasions til'ter a battlc, was to Biipplv the mei, witn good wirin nutntions lood as snon ;:s tfiey were broiiiht in from tjle rieln. The assocititioD expended ovur iiticen Imndied dullui'i for cannud meats, uoffeu, Uja, ftigor. rice, le:ni ■-. tiinutafit, elf., which were sent to KYederieksbui-g and there iistji lor the wounried. '-The Micliigan Soup üoust'" as kept run ning nigi.t, ainl dV. as Ioiiü as ai.y woundei! reinained ui thul ioint. Tlio Boi'ip, tea, and coffee were all ofhhe best (jiialitv, and were disnibu'ed to all wonndtd soidi -rs frteelv, without regard to localitv or .tate, Eveiy ambnlancü train was haJlüd in trunl of the "Michigan soup-hi'iise," and the ocerpants, were uil well iippiied with fond, stiinulMTits, e'.c, by Mrs. Brainard and Miss Wheelock, the iintiring lul y agents of the associatit)!,; bcside which, large qtiantitie.s of rloüting, eto , were distributed lo tlie vaVious hospi tal.-', and most of the iigèntH were ein[)loyed in nursing a'id aüending on the the wounded. Aatici):iting that Port Rival vvonld be the new base, the association some days ago suot a corps of agenta to that po:nt, witl. a large stock of sanitary B'.ores of all kino.8. to bu in readiness for anv emergency. Tüe RKsimiatiun ;t in all cases upon the principie of direct reliel through its own agents; and, while its first objeot is to provide for tho wants of Michigan men, it agenta are mstmeted not to pass by any Union soldier who oeedd relief. In addition to the duties alreadv naraed, tho Associatioa acts as general agent for procuring arrears of pay. furloughs, discharges, pensions, etc , for Michigan soldiers.


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