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Tho New York Time elinmpions Mr. LiNcetN burvglingjy. ín editor writes a bonk showing uhnl ;i brillianf gont'ial "Honont Oíd Abe" hu proveí i to be, and tlien, doubtless to relieve bis OOiiPcience, vrite8 an article in his p"ft., per ubout civiliun generuls, in whieb occui's the following terrible ciiticism upon the subject of his eulogy : "Not one solilary civilian, from the beginning of the war until now bas, shown him&elf competent for high oomniütid. The i'olly of trusting mi'itary einpiiicism has been wriluu out in letters of blood, with illnstratíón afier iliusiralion, during this war, so that now no obswvifig man ia the country can posibly gainsay it. The truth ought to have bcon plain enough at the oiiteet, that militiiry seience demands as systeiriiiti(! and protractcd study as thflt of iaw or medicine ; and that it is just is absurd to improvise t general frono a Lawjer or a raerohaut, as to im provise a judfH from a Pohoolmastpr, or a physk-ian froui a mechunic. The nantof f)rofnMÍfinnl training in justas sui-ü to tnake iiiilitary charlatans as to muke exa or medical charlatans," This is ali true enöjigh, even though it was wr'tten by the author of the new "Life of Lincoln " The folio ing doeI uinent gives it particular point: Exkoütivk Mansion, ) Washington, Feb. 3, 18G2. Majos Gen krat,, My Deak Sik: - Yon ,nd have distinct and different plans for a movement of the Army of the Pototnac. Yonrs to bu done by the Chesapeake, u) iht Rappahannock to Urbana, and ucrosH and to the terminus of the railriiiid on th.o York uiver [the véry point where Giant nnw his bascj; mine Ui move iwt-: ly to a point. on the lail load soutlnvn--t of M:inassas. If yin will gvjre mHatixfuctory answers to th.' folh'M iiitr (uestions, Zshall ladly yield mi plan to yours: lft. Does mit yonr iilan involve a Íi-L'ütl y hu'ger expenditure of time and Niomi' thai: jnint? 2d. Wheretn i a yictory more certi'iin by Vóiir plan tlian ?nme? 31 W heiL'ii is a vic'ory more vaiu able by yonr plan than mine? 4th. In f u-.t, would it not be less valuublfi in this,- that it would break do greut line of the enemy's Communications, while mine ould ? 5th In c:ise of disaster, would not a retreat be more difficult by your plan tb uu minet Yotirs truly, Abraham Lincoln. Burnside and Hooker bolh tried this lavvyer's plan, and it has cost General Grant filty thousand men to partially carry it out, and reach a point where by water he cculd htve planted bis army without the lo-s of a man. But the country can judge uiiether the court biograptier or the journalist, r. omes the nearer to thotruth in these very different estimates of the lawyer who is connnanderin chief of our


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