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Boston Wool Market

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We note a greater Ugree of anímation in tbe wool market during the past week, which is doubtless in a great measure attributable to the development contained in the nuw tariff bilí reported from ihe Committee on Ways and Meaos, which seems conclusive to the poiut that, nothwithstaading thestrenu ous opposition brought to bear against the mensure, the wool growing interest is to receive addi ional protection. Though not to the extent asked for by its western represen tatives, this measure of proteetion will doubtless serve to vastly stimulate and develop this branch of induftry, and reudcr it highlv munerattre With the general conviotion that wool will rule no lower the present season ia auy eveut, but will most probably go higher - that the market for the new clip will open with great firimiess, and that the oid atoek of domestic wili perhaps be exhausted before the newshall becoiue availuble, eonsumers are now operating quite freely for supplies, and 'rade promises to hold out good to the end of the season. Ind ed, the curreut exigencies of manufacture are such as to admit of no protracted intermission of trade, as, exeept in the case of the targer manufacturing corporations, stocks in the hand ot eonsumers are worked close up every week. Henee, the frequent coming into market of buyers is nut merely a necessity, but, as receipts from the interior rapidly fall oLE stocks in the Eastern markets being constantly rednced, and especially as desirable lots are becoming vevy soa reo, there is a naturally ino.reased anxiety to secure supplies to bridge over the possible chasm which rnay be uot far ahead. Already we iear complaints that the selection of staple offering in our great wool markets is g-et.tjng to be rather meagre and deficiënt. But though this may probably be the case before long, at present we have reason to know, frona a personal inspeel ion of the resources of some of our Bu-ttou houses, Ümt thwe is still a very choiee issortment of ioiao8tiiu wool in this market, which may bc had by paying the priees. These, considering the rales of cotton and other stnple e')inii)oditit'8, are not unreasonably hih ow, but they will be higher by ai d-by, and some of the best lots are already being withdrawn for an advanco on current rates. In this connection we may nieution as a matter of curiosity, a lot of some 10,000 ibs eonsigned to Messrs. Gvossman & Aiken of this city, the pro duet of three suceessive cl pplings of the docks of Mr Beek wil b, Wnshtennw county, Miehigim, whicli is rcniarkübly iiire, light and uniform in quality - for a long stapled article, the handsomest l.)t of Heeccs we ever saw pulled up Sales of domestic for tiie week font up some 550,000 ïbs, at abtut the previous range of 70a88c for flecee, and 75b9&c far super and extra pulled. Included are lots of Illinois atid Vuriuont fleeoe at 72a,76o; lows ana Wisóoósin do, 75a82 l-2c; New York do, 75a83c; Michigan do, SOaSSe; Ohio and Pennsyjvania do, 8'2a88c. - Com. Ikdlet'm Jane 4. There ir a stmiige, significant idenïïty in tho word vvliicii fíame at. oncetlie watch-worJ arn.1 tho praver -of theee mornentous days : Glnd - GraiH - 'iotnry.


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