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Democratic State Convention

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A leni.,i:rate uti Convention will be held fit Ilir City Hall, in Detroit, ai eleven o'clock in the foren oon of Wc.liHfMbiy. he ffceMitli -'J(y ,-,f .Imo iifxt, f( the puppfiftQ of aiipi'.ntini; ixtci-ii delégate to the Demo cralic aion;il r,)ij . ciitiun. to b held at Chicago, on the rourtli lay uf July mcn( , niA for lio pui-jmsc of trapsuctiifg such utiier buiuess ft muj come before the Convention. Ki;h (-(nitiLy compt-i-siiig une or more i epreeeutative district 8 will lio ontitleil to tliree times:-; muiiy delegaleH au there are r"prt'sorittives in the lowcr house of tfac .St:ite I,erisltuie from such county; attfl eacli oouatj wbicli w&y not be entjfeled to ont; rt-preTientative iu tJie lwer Un use Iieggiatüre uil] be entit!ol tnnue d'-lcyate in the Stut.e Cnnvcntion . By rusolutioris of former State Conventions, no dele gatewill be pntt!nrl to a sent iu the L'ooveutiOD wlio does not reside iu tbp counly he purpnrts lo rppresn(, exceptwith referenc? to the opunües oí tLo Upper Pf ninsiila. Dfttöd, Detroit, ,A ril 12, 1H64. LI-Vl BISHOP, Chairman. H. y. WALKKR, W. A'. rflCHMOXD, TECHEN H. (Ji,.RK, ADA.M H"OF N. A. BAIXH AÜSTTX WAIJCS fí. A. LYRHOÜK, lf. H ElAHMON, O. M. BARN8, W.. M MtLI.KK L. I). NOIïRIS, .IOSEPH Col'I.TER, Duio?rafic SUt?Central Committee.


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