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PRESCBIPT10N & DRLG STORE ! I the place to bny your IMCeclioines, Per. fomérjr, "Vriting Paper, by the Keam n les, Ktiveleps ui.d all uthtr artick-s n nur ira 5 Eapecial attosMoa to Coropoumlinif and puttint up l'rescriptions, at llie mgn of UOI.I) HURTAR V chango Blnck, Ann Arbor, Michigan ._g# ' 3. l'rofessonal ealls promptly attender] to. l95j HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE! THE HOUSE nnr lot nnw . ccnpied by C. G Clark Jr situated on Willinm bctween Sth and Dhki, „' Stwels, woioor Km of ].. C. KisóW.s house, rosse, hm, giren ininu'rtiateiy. Price 2,6Ü0. ïcrms ,„ ror particular intuiré of '' I'. R. KFT.T.EY.Ann Arbor or ST. S1IITH, üruss Like. ' Aun Albor June 6, 1804. 960mI EMPIRE B00K STORE! Haring purchaspd J. R. WEBSTER'S stock of Booki and Stntiouery, I hall endeavor to keep a consUnt supplyot SfOHOOXj BOOK8, TEXT BOOKS! MEDICAL & IAW BOOM STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, which wil] be sold at the LOWEST CASH PRICE. Also ALBUMS, GOLD PENS, SHEET MUSIC and a superior quality of WALL P-a PER! and everytbing usualiy kept in a well conducted Book ttore. Uppositu Franklin House. G. W. S1VOVER. Ann Arbor, June, 1864. 1}9CO M. C. STANLEY," ITiLOtograjiliic Artist. Corner Main and Huron Streets, Ann Arbor, Mick, PH0T0GRAPHS,AMBiïOTyi'ES,)tc..:c., in the latest stylt-s , and every elTort rnade to give satistaction. 9Mtf VJ ü. LL PAPT! 50,000 rol!s of Wall Paper can be found at tiieslore or John F. Miller & Co., corner of Main and Washington Stieets, opposite Hangsterfer's Hall. Ato a largeaaortmentof Miscellaueoiis Books at old prieel. Cloth and i'aper shaJes, Tassels, Cords and Krames of all rlescrtiittom. Frames made tn order. Please cali and examine before purchasinjrelscwlierf , i ,„ JOHN''. MlMJiRftCO. June lit, 184. 50,959 jLmOOTSL HSHEÍ A large lot of LINEN COATS AND SÜMMER GOODS, altvays on hand at M. Guiterman & Oo's, CLOTHING STORE. Give us a caJI aa-1 we can and will sell you chsaper and letter goods tlian aay other house in this city. 959tf Brownell & Perrin, GEN'L fiOSimM 1IERCHAÍÍ18, 183 South Water Street, CHICAGO, IX.LI3STOIS. Dealers in Grain, Flour, ProvÍ6Íons, ■ eeds, Green and Dried Fruits, Cider, êc. Referen ces: Preston, yiard & Keen, Chicago. S. Boteford A Co., Ann Arbor, Micb. t, Particular nttention given to the sale of Green and Dried Fruits, Cider, kc, Orderi for the purchase of Clover and TiraothJ Seed, Cut Moats, &c, promptly attended to if accompanied with cash or satistactory reference. 9o9tf Brinkerhoffs Self -Rakiiij REAPER & MOWER COMBHSTED]PHK Brinlcrhoffs Self Rafeing Reaper and lïower A Combined is the only reliuble 86lf raker olTeredt" Uil ;arnie-s of tlns Countj. The other Machine 'hich are ofFered in tltis market have only rakes od their advertïscmentSjthe agents not daring to warrant the marshmee entire. We also warrant the BrinkerhofF Machine to cut tnj ff ra bs which can be cut bj any machine, anil"wepn' pose to put it into the field against any Machine that runs which cuts grass and grain. H5tim2 DAVID M. FINLET. Ann Arbor May lOth, 1864. dneral Agent. MICHIGAN CENTRAIi INSÜKANCE COMPANY Kalamazoo. !M!icli. Insures against I(ss 01 Dmage by Fir or tiightuing. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Guirantee Capital, by State Authority, 3000,000,0 0-. DIREOTORS : . J. P. Kennedy, Mabsii Gidding. A. P. Mills, Geo. W. Snybkb. S. D. Allen, Geo. W. Allen, OFFICERS : J. P. Kennedy, Pre. T. P Sheldon. Vit?'Qeo. W. Snyder, Sec, A. P. Müls Trena-H. E. Hoyt Ass't Sec., S. D. Allen, G. ?■ MOtf


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