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IcHIGAÍlBÍrRAL RAILROAÜ. Passenge! trains ooit leave Detroit. Chicago, and the ieveralotatiouhin thivCuunty .as folio ws : OOIÑG WEST. Leave Day Ex. ilext. Ac. Eve. Ex. NightEx. Detroit. 8.00 A.M. 3.45 P.M. 6.00 P.M 8 45 P. M. Yp'silanti, 9.20 " 5.05 " 6.27 " 10.00 AnnArbor, .40 " 5.30 " 6 50 " 10 20 Dexter, 10.05 p. M. 6.00 " "15 " Chelsea, 11.20 " " 7 35 " -- Ar.Chicago 815 " " 530. M. 8.45 A. M. GOING EAST. Leave. Eve. Ex. Pex. Ac. NightEx. Day Ex. Chicago, 0.00 r.M. 10.00 P. m 6.30 a. M. Chelsoga _A M. 7.45 AM. 4.05 PK. ])...,„. 5.45 ' 8 0 " 4.J0 AnnArbor, 4 20 a. m. 6.10 " 8.25 " 4 45 " Yosilantl, 4.45 " 6.35 " 8 45 " 5.05 " i -.Detroit. 6.10 '■ 8.00 " 1000 6.30 " The Day Express each way is the Mail Train. Trains lío not stop atstationa wherefigurefareomitediu the table. Trains connect at Detroit witli the Great Western ana rand Trunk Kailwajs ot' Canada, and the Detroit and 'oledo, and Detroit and Mi'waukee Kailroads; and leveland Pteamers. At ths Company's Ticket Offices at Detroit, Chicago, Joliet enrt iAfayette.through tickets can be purchasec! toall the principal cities and towns in the United otates and Cañadas. . LUXritlorS SI.EEPINO CARS upon all mght traína. Ruttan's celehrated Ventilating Apnaratus upon all day trains- the best dust preventative l n use. R N. RICE. General Superintendent. C&erokee Cure. " Tuat'9 What'stueMattbr." - "I can'twork." "I hate to rise in the morning." " My eye sight is fai]ng." '-My memorv isgoing." " I can't fit my roind on anj-thing " Have you been using opium? " No." Thentake regular doaes of the Cheeokeb CuRB.and follow the directions that accompany it. If tlicsoilla have been the result of your own sdf -indulgente, in vio lation of nature's laws, and made you dread marriage, or if they are from over-lndulgence in naturï's own pat1-, the Cuïrokke Cche willcure you. It vrill restore vigor, stop those nightly emisaions, refit you for practical life, aod once more make a man of you. save yon from bllndness, and, perhaps, ultímate idiocy. Read the adTertlsement. Cali for Cherokee Cure. Take no other medicine until have tried this. Soldbyall druggists. Mathews' Chocolate WoimDrcps ? NEVER fail to destroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are perfectly raliable in all cases and far superior to any and all uf the Fancy Worm onfeetions, nd nauseoua Vermifuges in use. They may be taken at all times wlth perfect they contain NO MER'-URY, or other deleterious Drug.- Mothers should always purchase them and give their children no other. (No Catkartic wbaterer, is necessary to be given.) Each box contains 24 Drops or Lozenges. Price 2ö ets. For Sale by all Drugt:sts and DealerB ia Medicine:. C. R. WALKER, General Agent, lyO22 Buffalo,N-Y and Fort EricC. W. PROF. R. LYONS' Patients aod all others nterrested willpleasetake üotice that he will contin ue his visits at the Monitor House. Ann Arbor, during 1864 and '65 and at the expiration of whieh be wil] discontinue his vi.sits and open an Infirmary at Cleveland, Ohio, for the treatment of Lunff ao-i Chest diseapes. an Imewtura Rettek. - Mmsti Post it Brufï", Agents N. Y.Panitary Society, Rochester.- Gents . I deem it due to you state the magical effect of that one bottle of People'a Cure which I obtained from you in November last. Peeing the advertisement ol your So. cíety offering to give your meJicine to clereymen for the poor of their parisbes, I ootained a bottie fora poor girl of my congregación, wbo had long boen r.early help ess frora Rheumatism , and strange to say, tbat one br.ttle cured her eniirely. I write tbis hoping it may aid the Society in its eff.rts to introduce the medicine, and bless those wlm mayneed such a reir.idy ; and I I believe tts rneritswül fully justify the raost superlatlve forms of speech. Yours, Respeetfully , C. R. WILKINS, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. 922yl Pittsford, Monroe Co N. Y. Take no more unpleasant and un safe Medicines. For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use HÊLMBOLIVS EXTRACT BÜCHU, Which has received the endorsementof the most PROMINENT PHYPICIANS IN THE S. Is now offeredto aiïlicted humanity as a certain cure for the following diseases and symptoma originating from diseases and abuse of the ürinary or Sexual Organs. General Debility, Mental and PhysicalDeprefision, Imbécil i ty, Determination of Blood to theHead, Coufused Ideas, llysteria, Gen'llrritability, Rostlessness and Sleepiessnesa at Night, Absence of Muscular Efficiency, Loss of Appetite, ' Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disorganization or Paralysis of the Organs of Generation. Palpitation of the Heart, And, infact,all theconcotnitants of a Nervousand Debilitated state of the systm. To bisure the genuine, cut tkte out, APK FOR HELMBOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER CURES GUARANTEED. 2m951 See advertisement ín another column . AGOOD TKEE IS KNOWN BY ITiS ERUIT. So iii a good Physician by bis Successíul Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THE GREAT AND CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN OF THE THROAT, LUNGS AND CHEST, Knnwu all over the countr; as the Celebra ted INDIAN HERB DOCTOR! From ?outh America, will be at rooms, RüïSELL HOUSE, DETROIT, Onthel8th and 19th inst.,on the same dale of and every subsequent month during 1802 and 18G3, A NE AT PAMPHLET Of the life,study and extensive travels of Dr. Lyona ;&n be procared by all whodesireone, free of charjie. Dr. L will visit Ann Arbor, Juckson.and Adrián, Mtch. , as follows : Ann Arbor, Monitor House. 20th. Jackson. Hibbard House, 21st Adiiiin, lirackett Hi use,22d and 231. Modk of Examination. - The Doctor discerns diseases bytheeyes. He, therefore, asks no que-stion nor re q 'ires patients to explain symptoms. Afñicted, come andhavp your nymptoms and the location of your dieaseexplained free of charge The Great French Remedy! MADAM BOI VIN 'S CELEBR ATED SILVER-COATED FKMALE PILLS. The only certain and Safe Remedy for all UterineObstructions, Monthly Difficulties, Irregularilies, and all the other diseases to which the Womaa, Wife and Mother is peculinrly Hable. These Pilis contain no deleterious ingredients, bui are safe and certain in their acticn. They will befound to exert thebappiest effect in all casep of Prolapsus Utort, in Ijeucorrhea, or the Whites ; they wifl be foundthe easiest and most certain Cure that can be íound. It is on account of this certrinty they should not be taken by Pregnant Females (durhig the. first three months, as miñcarriage i certain,) to be brought on, but at other periods their use is perfectly sale, N.B.-Oae Dollar enclosed to any auttorized Agent, will ensure package of Pilis by return of mail. : G CKOSBY, General gentr Fort Eiie, C. W.,Bwffalo,N. Y. Cadtiox. - Beware of Counterfeits, the genuine have thejsignatureof CROSBY, oa the outfiide wrapper. For sa!e by í) respetable Draígiwtí. Ijeow932 U. S. 10-40 Bonds These Bonds are ssued under tUe act of Congress of March 8:h, ISC4,. which provides thiit all Bonds issued onáer tbU Act shall be EXEMPT FROM TAX ATION by or uiulci any state or municipal authority. Subscriptions to thei-e roceived in United States notes or notes of National Banks. Thoy are ÍOBE REDEEMEDIN COIN, at the pleasure of the Govcrnmcnl, at any period net less than ten nor more than forty ycars f rom thetr date, and until their redemptionFIVE PER CENT INTEREST WILL BE P AID IN COIN, on Bonds of not over one hundred dollars annually and on allother Bonds smi-annually. The interest ia paynble on the first days of March and September in tacfa year. Subscribe will reseive either Registered oï Coupon Boada, ;is thej may prefer. Registered Bonds are ieooxded on the books of the ü. 8. Treasurcr, and can be transferred only on tho owner's crder. Coupon Boni's are inyable to buarer, and are more cenvenieot for com nercial usagcs. Subscribers to thisloan will have the option of haring their Boiuls draw interest from March lrft, by py ing the accrued interest in toin - (or in United States notes, or the notes of National Banks, addin? ñtty per cenl . for premium.) or receive them draiving interest from the date of subscription and tleposit. As these Bonds ure Exempt from Municipal or State Taxalion, their value is increastrd from one to three per cent. per aimuin according to the rate of tax lev íes in va rious parts of th ountry. At the prpsentrate of premium on gold they pay Over EIght Per Cent Interest in c urrency, and are of equal convenience as a permanent or temporary uvestment . It s belieyod tliat no securities offer so great inducements to lenders aa the various .leacription of U. S Bonds. In al' other forms of imlebtedness. the fai'.h orability of private partics or ttoek compnnies or separate comraunities only is plo.lged fnr payment, while lor the debts of the United States the whole property of the country is holden to secure the f.aymentof both principal and iotereat in coin . These Bonds m y be subscribed for in lumi from $50 up to any magnitud, on the same terms, and are thus made equally available to tho smallet lenderand the larest capitalist. They can be converted into money at any moment, and the holder will bave the benefit of the Interest. It may be useful to state in this connection that the total Fuuded Debt of tho United States on which interest is payable n gold, on the third day of Harch, 1864, was, $768,965,000 per annum. It will be seen that even the present gold revenues of the government are la gely in excess of the wants of the Treasury for the payment of gold interest, while the recent increase of the tarilï will doubtless raise the annual receipts from customs on the saine amount of importations, to $159,000,000 per annura. Inatructions to the National Bank.-i aeting as loan agents were not issued from the Uuited States Treasury until March 26, but in the first three weeks of April the subscriptions averaged more than TEN MILoIONS A WEEK. Subseriptians willbereceived by the First National Bank ol Ann Arbor, Mich Second National Bank of Detroit, Mich First National Bank of Fenton, Mich AND BY ALL NATIONAL BANKS which are depositarles of Public money, and all RE3PÏCTABLE BANKS AND BANKEKS throughont the country, (acting s agents of the Na tionaiOepositary Banks,) will furnlsb furttaer information on applicationand AFFOP.ü EVERY FACILtTY TO SÜBSCBIBEKS. 656w8 J DST RE CE1 VED NEW CAPPETS, NEW SHAWLS, IW D1LAI1S, 1W GRENADINES, New Oioaks, New Prints, mm aumgas, BÏ'SF SEXS, !N"ew Dress Goods, IN GREAT VARIETY. NEW GOODS OF ALL KINDS, FOK. SPRING TRADE, -A.T Aan Arbor, April, '64. 952m2 BANNER HAT STORE! o GOTO c il TAYIOR'S' Beforeyou buy, Spring and Summer styles ot STRAY GOODS! GENTS' Furnishing Goods, &c. inn Arbor, April 20th, 1'864. 3m953. IT O T I O E. IHAVE Üiis flay soUl my stock of Books &Stittionery to G. W. Snovcl, Ksq , aud have associatetï niyself with John K. MHler h Co , BookspHerH and Stjit'nnerw, opposite lUnifsterftr's Huil, wheie ] shall be glad to sce all my oM fiienda . J. R. WBB8TER. Junelst, 184. Iin9ö9 NOTIOÏ. Wasutenaw County Clkhkk Okficb, May 27th, 1H64. j NOTICE Ís hereby given that tho Laws of th tate of Michiaan rclutive to Highways and Riïtles and the dvitien of Hi&hwav Comraissionprs and overseers of BUtbwayH, in pamplilet torta have heen recoived at thia office and aro ready for distributicm - Aho tb EoBü-'ori Law? of tb1 pxtra süiod . TRACy W. BOOT; Cfcrk.


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