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Glad News for the Unfortnnatel ÏÜE I.ONG SOÜGHT FOB DlSCOVXRED AT LAST. j CHEROKEE REMEDY CIIEROIIHU ÜJfJTKCXIWiN, Ctmpcnudrd .rtm Rente, Barkr n,d iw CHEKOKIÍE Ri:MEDT.t:.e ereat tnulan Díniític cures all dia asesor tbc orinar} ornan, sucb a conllneni-e oftUcürlne, Inflaniiniitionof ttieBladdc, Iiilinciaatlor. or tl.e Kldneys. 8'one In tuf Blao, Btrictnre. Grael, Oonorrhe. (, and M e. pcctally recoi mendeil 1 lhoü 1 km "f Klr.or Aihnn 'or Wl.ltc in femali-s.) where all the oíd nonfoun j 8 lallcd. ;"-lt la prepare In a roocontrati d !crm, , tliCiieaeouly btlug Irom B! íu tluou,ula lúlbe UmcB i pr tfsiv. jar" lt i insinué, and aWortlTO in H uUoa ; iurllylrfund cleaunin: 1 1 1 blnod, c:iof'i M toiwtn alioflis or t;tnal purity anu Ttfor: ttiiw rumoviDg 1-ruiu Uic tyituu a.litrr..c„ i,j cauu wbL u have indtieed 'linease. GUEROKSB INJKi.'TIOS I lnt.aeJ as an ally or atsirfluu-t to tic Clu-i-okcc Rrnicdy nd should l)e iired In c injonetion wlTU tlmt ïuediCiiu lu iH canes ot Gleet. Gon-nrrlien,Trln)r Albus o Wliltes ILs ell'ectB are h'Mi.iu, BuothtLf: a&tl dnuulrt-Ll ; removlng all srnldnï, heat and par. , liftend of the bttrnliie and aln-.oi!iunemlnrbii! pain Iftu-t lo ciperlenced lth ncariy all the cheap oiibcH TnJOt-o. fW By l'ic nse of thn cnEROKFK KÍ.MEOT and OBEKCKEE INJE 1 lOK-ihe iwo nuwlejoe ai me Bainetltnc- all improppr itsctnirgcs are removed, and tl.e weakeuuii M'ïaaa ais speedily retioreu tu ful) vigor aiul ft:t'l,Klb. iy Píleo. Cb-rokeo Itomcdy, 2 per bottle.or three bottlelfcr 5. ÍW Prjce, OhiroUec Injoctifai, $3 per bottle.or tliree bottU 8 lov $5. C"" Sent by Express to aoy addr.ees on receipt of prlce. fW For full pariJculnrB fret onr pamphlci tom ary flrup Btore ín the cenntry. or wrlte uaand we w 111 mail free to aiiy addietjp. a í'ull treatise. All Btieh orders mnst be ient lo O. A. COOK, Chicago, our Geueral Agent for the Ae;t. Bold by WholeBile Prugglsti, and by all Dmcelst ovcry where. C. A. COOK, Chioaoo. General At'cnt the States of Ulinow Iown, Wliconsln, Micniean atid In1""'a Dr W. R. MERWIN & C0„ SOLU OPKÏt-TdRB, ■io. 59 Liberty streit, Kcw York. THE GREAT INDIAN MEDICINE, 00MPOTTWDED FBOM S 4 t Clierokee Cure ! An unfftlüag enre for Seminal Weakness, Nocturnal FmlKBions, and all dlseaseB caneed ry Seïf-Polutioa, 6U(has Lob8 of Memory, Unlyersal La9itude, Palns In tiie Back, Dlmneas of Vision, Prematura OKI Ago, Weak Nérvea, Dllöcnlty of Breaihing, Tiembllng, Wakefnlnese, Eruptions ou tbe Face, Pale Couiitenance, Insanity, ConBumptton,an(i allthccUrefnl corapl;.iDtdC'io3e bvileparilng from the path ot' nature. f& Thls medicine le ; simple vegetable extract, and one 011 which a(l Can rely. as 1; luis beea nsed Ín onr pracMce for tnany yenrs, and wlih thonsaEda tre&ted, ít has not fallecí iu a single instance. Ite curative powors have been saííicieat to Rain victory over the most stubborn case. gjgr ro th ose whj have triflëd wltn their constltntion. until theythlnk themselves beyond the reach of medical ald, we would eay, Dispaib iïot 1 the CHEROKEE CURE wlll reetore you to health and vigor, aud altor all qaack doctors have failed I C Price, $2 per pottle,or ttiree bottlefor $5, and forwarded by Exprces to all part of tho world. g" For full partlcuiara, get a Circular froui any Drug Store In the country, or write to the Agent, who will mail free to any ooe dcslring ttif 8;.me, a fu:l treatlse, In pamphlet form. All enea oriers mustbe sent to C. A. COOK.Chl cago, onr General Afïent for the West. Sold In Chicago, by Wholesale!) rngpists, and by all OrneitietP evcrywhere, C. A. COOK Chicago. Geteril As;ent for the giatea oi' Illíjols, lowa, Wieconsiu, Michigan and Ia' Dr. W. R MEÏIWI2 & CO., " Polk P opriktobb. No. 69 Lib(-riy street, New York. Sold by Wholesale Druprgifits in Detroit, also t)" STEBBINS & WII.SON, Ann Arbor. 952yl Rifle Factor y! Beutier & Traver, [Succeasors to A . .1. Sutherlnnil,] Manufaoturer8 of and Dealers in Guns,Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouehes Game Bags, and Everjother article iu lhat Line. All Wn.isof done at the shnrteRt notice, and in tne best mannpr. a fnll nssorttneni alw.iys kepi on liand anl ni ;iñ order &&, Shop corner Main and Washington treets. Ann Arbor, Oct. 8, 1362. MStf The Moiiey Retaraed if it Fails to Cure. PSYCHE GOGií, THE ONLY CEKTA1N A.ü WARANTIÍD CUE.E FOR FEVER & AGUE, Intevmitteut, Remittent and DISPEPSIA m im OP AIT1ÍTITE. Forsale by all ÜinggistR. MACKAY, Agent, 3m9-"0. Xd. 83 Xassuu treet,N Y. Manliood : Huw Lost, Huw Kostere!: JU-ST PtTBLÏSHKP,a new editloB ofDr, Culver. i U's Celebrntd Kssay uu the radical cure (without medicine) oí' Pi-fikmatokkiicka, or t-eni i nal Woalincss InvolunUry Scininul Losses, im potency, Mental aad l'hysical [nenpftofty, Fmpdi ments to Marringe, etc; ab.p Connnptlun, &uilup(tj and Fits, ïndaced by self -imUiIgenoc nr sexual exlrava ga nee Prict', in a soalfitl onvelope, oniv fi cents. The oelebrated anthor in thiü admirable ewsjiy clearly demónstrate, f r m a thiirty years tmecessful practici1, tliut the alarming consequenees of selí abuse niav bf radicallycured wittaont tliedunsferoufl uWofintprnalraediciaeor the appjicatioc l the knife- pointing out a mode of e ure. at once simple, oertalD and e líe e - tüal, by meaiis of which every Riilicri'r. iwi matter what liisconHition miy be, may oure himstilf èhtaply, privately, and raiHcally. ttS-This I.lcIuh' r hou ld be in the handtt of ovpry youtli amlpvery man in tïie)anl. Sent, under seftl, in ;i plainenvelopo, tofiny aiUhess, pnsfpaül, on receipt uï' ix cents, or two nturasK. Address th publishw, ("HAP. .7. C. KtXHT k CO , 137 Bowery, New Vork, Post office box 4686. S7ij iHi STANDARD AggS O A. L E S, g SR OF AU. K1NPR. AI-f=O. -B lVartk-nifH Trucks, Letter Prt&eê,4&e. FAIRBAKKS, 6REEKLEAF & C0„ 1T3 L.ak Street, CHICAGO. Sold in Detroii by FAERAND, SHELEY ás CO. CS' Bp carefu] fci bny oo!y thr Girn:r. Str 1; ?5" Buffalo Testimony, o the fTTDl? riMP. PF.OPLE'? UH h KhiMimativn,. " IM ttOuWed Uri Khomn.,tiim for In-o vears Sliirennu nion-or i'M-i-v ,!:n. ! ,,.,,,, ,.,, ,,.„ rttwortho'1-opieilL1lr.-,',nd have „,.( had ,„.y ,. „sider inyM-IInsnitirelv c-„io,l. „ ,,d ,)„. i„, Mirinhas me feel Yvry lij:},i ;,,.( goocL- jnst l'ke a youalg man tliniiirh ] am sitv ] „ n varo dd UOWllfcY FCHl.Kl FX, ■O-'.Vi.cJii.-an Kt," "Sly wifrlias kivn mui ■ rinir ƒ,,,„ !P)k i of uil mflaïïimaiorc obaViii 1Cf fo) ;.l,niii si r srveii ycnrs MMiK-tiini-s vi-rv neMtiy. Abdin thf fi r K t (.1 l:it she c(;mracncciMiikiic tilt' 'FenyJt ' nip uj continui..l te tak Tl SDim Uree weeks In l,,i da,s „rter ahecDmmencccl, Ilic xnrillligana .tifln.ft ni li.i joints ery miterUlly leanejied, nad in thrce eeks liid iFippéarea nnogèttiB' -THOMAS PO1T.OCK, (,t W. II. Gl.nny'.) „■■,s CURE „:-„,, 'Two pi o.,r subscnl o„o „f Hum „mieter' wtlh badieviT Sofe. lbo atlier wltb Klieumatísm- haTlní wil ilieadvortiscmuit r tlic ■Peoplr'n cdw' In tliis iHev,))urcli:.sud Medicine ,;i ml nnw, alter Iiavinir )lf.r iiiiiihlv tricii it, report tn mmctlillng it most icrtly a thorm-;li in tlu'ir oase.- EiKtórs Cliri.stian Advocate. nJÜiéfa ri'P F Cur,.„ Disoaee l'EOPl.k Vl, rtl ofth,. Sk.n. "My face Iuih for miT than ten years boengrty iliKfií-ure.l by i rilptionü oral bunches, wblcli ai tüpps xteniled over my hole body. nel onee Rr t] ree diiys ïada me entively lilin.l; hui livine taken two Jottle of i]e 'Pi-ople' Cure, m.v áequaiiilutces ha'dly recugnize me- Indeed I luirdly liiioiv os 1 urn w a. wellman. I.ei all u!io ,re alike" aflhct. il try tlie 'l'eople's Cure,- ttie Medicine preparet] l,v tl.e Sanit-n y and 1 tliiuk tliej :i; m,t begrudgc tlieir dol "1 havo us'idthe 'People's ('ure' in iny fnmily -with groatbenedt, noa-enlS vorula and galt lihcuin and have recommended it freiuently to my f -ieml, all of whom 1 bülieve have been oenefitted, and ni-jst ol thein entirely oured by it. OHtSi BCHAEFF,i78ÏIain St.. uv .talrs." THE p T T T j T i Cn res Femule "Ihai-Pbwn in feeble heallh rvi-r slnce the birtli of my boy, who ia no twelve years oíd. I have had many troubles and difficnlties. all tijis time, unfittnig roe fur everykind ol labor, and de-stroying all my com fort, l.:tst-suinlncr I e"iiniH:noed Uikinti the 'Peojile'a Cure,1 and luive useil four bottleü, and ain now almost aivell ivoman. My difficii'.ties ha ve nciiriy uil dlsap peared, and I fed cheertnl nnd happy. "Mpa CATHARÍNE IiEWAI.n, Drepsmaker, (Joodel] Al ley. íi bOvoTuppér t "HulTn]o,0(:(.2(l,Hia." TUK fTTDT? c"r'": w1'i rtbe PEOPLK'S -sJ ir. medicine fluí "My wife has hoen in poor he.illh l,,r a nSg time having frequenlly tn eU a physician to attend; but she was r ceiillv vi-ry mach worse. (ivo or six wcckü she had no apretile, lOBt all her strenpth, and was each Jay groving worse, Shc bad night sweat, coughed n (reat lioal OniiVg each ni ht and oonsiderabjy duriiifi the lay, and we all yiipposed sbe was going nif with the consumption, when a friend advisecl her to takethe'Peoplcs'sCure. Oolakkig the medicine he percoived a cliange at once. Ontholhlrd dayshebad recoveieil her appetite, and was fust regaining her strength. until, on the eiphth day, not yet having taken one bottlo, she bas stopped laking the medicine saying she was as well as anybody could hy and she bas continued so ever wince. "PAVL KI.E1N, Gardner, 32 Pearl st. "Buffalo, October 1 , 18C2." For Pale bv all Drugists. 922vl C. CKOSBY, General Agent, No . 255 Main st. , Buffalo, N. Y-, to wbom all orders should be addressod. For Ssleby & Wilso.v, Grbnvilik & Frn.K and C. Etirriíach & Co. WONDERFUL 8UCCESS. BRT The attcntion and research of the most ds. tinguislied Cheraists and l'hysioisns lor yenrs liac beendevoted to the production of a remedy for tli se mostdistressinf; malHdies Nei'Hai.íiu and RiiKrji.vT.sjiJ A f ter long study and rnaoy experiment, i spa.ijic preparation has been discoveren . WaTSOM 'S Neuralgia King,ao Inttrnal ,is curfng thousands of cases whereail otlier remedie? have utterlv faikul. re assuredthat t is no mere "ANODYNK," relieviügfor the moment wliilethe canse nvnains, but ir a perfret SPECIFICaud CUKfi for ihose painful dieeases. The vast numfcer of Liniraents, Rmbrocalions and Kxternal Medicines, which act as stiniulants of the surface oniy, aremerely teraporn.iy in t.heir efïects and cf iloubtful vïrtue The NEURALGIA RING reachea sourco of all trouble, and eïïectually baiiiwhes the diseaacfron tliesystcm, Trice- One Dollar per Bottle. Propared bv C. R. WAÏ.KFÏÏ, Ijft32 IíuííVh.. N. Y., .ma Foft Lrie, C. W . For Sale by Strupins í U'ilson, Gkk.nvili.k & firiXBu and C . Eheriuc'H t ('o. WIZAR D OIL The greatest internal and externa! rfmuH ever ofTered to the public, for the cure of lelies and l'ains, is Hamlin's OTizird Oil. o famüy, onoc lmvins Hioronghij ried, ivill be without Hamlin's Wizard Oil. It will cure Norvons and Infl-uiiniatory I'aïn.s mere Teadily and sursly titan auy otlier article ia use. It requireH only a few minutes fulicnton of Hamlin's Wizard OiL Te cure the pain entireiv in a!I onses of li'Ui'nlefln. Hrailache, Toollia li-, Baracbe Cuts, nnd Itruix'S, ' Haml'n's Wizayd Oil. Is iilso acertaiund specdj cureforRhrnmntliuii , Spinlns, I.niin Rnrk Sorc Thrnnt I)[]Khrla, Diarrhrn, Crnmji C IH, Flcxt iflti-s, lluras and Sciilds. Hamlin's Wizard Oil, Is no liumbug. Try it, aml its wntwierful eiiVcu wiil astonlsh ynu. PRK'K 26 :unl 50 ('KXJV PEK HOTT1.K. Th fifty cent bottles contain neurlv three linies -as mneh a.t tlie tweñty-li e cent size Manufactured ly J A Hnmlin & Bro , 102 Wnaliington ftrcot, Cliicugo FU.I.KU.KINT'H ft Fl'I.LKK, L'4 nnd 2fi MarlM v Chicag, art' WbslwHtk Agt (at 1!I51 Hamlin's "WTizard OiT. EUTTAN'S VENTILATION & WARMiNG! o The undeirigned keep o ob hnd nixi -ill iju ARCHIÏKCTS. fiVILPKRS. ,„ INDUlMiU '. any "Í llle.f celftn-ittt-d machines lor the mmiiiÍhl ü buildings at short nnticr. ile wil] algo hr l,;iii] :., gWa snch instrnctions to all whu are about tn buil' will uiable tbem ! warm their honFes it :im m lmif the expensefor fuel tliat tht'y can pcssibl' d ■■ .. other nieaiis. HKl'ESI'.KCES. f'. EBKKISAC-1, Ann Arlmr. A. A SCHOOL I!OKD JAOOB IIAX(i -ÏKKIEU. ADGUSTPS WirEXM -NK. Ann Arbor, Mucii -i1h,18';-I. pattë Uissolutioii Notice. ÏflF.FIRM OFCHAl'IN.WllOD k CO., iï ilissoKM Januftry 16, 18fl3, by mutual cooent, C. A. ('liapiu an! A. K. 'Wood will e'ltlethe atcouuts cf thefirm. C V Cn.inN, A. V!. W(n, V f.'HAHN, E. Wki.LS. Anu Arbor, June 21 ISm. Copar iif-i-hip. TriC I' VMKliHIliN'KÏ ewtfrf'1 intt) ]'nrtnersli]i .'in. lli,m ;, bv the lirm mime of ('ha pin V i'n .:m4 ■.vilt eoiitimie tlie tiiisiiH-ss ol' rnanufaeturinf; priuting inri WHbfipivg iaiev C. A. Chapín, N, Chapín, V. rnjyv. Ann Aroi-, June '. IStüi i)ÏOtf Ayer's Cathartic Pil}&


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