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THE ÜOOTS A'NDTHJí LEAVE8 Wll.l. be for the lleaiii g of Ihe .v.-uimis. BiUe. Prof. XI. T. IjYOKTS, THE KRAT AND DELEBRATEU ['IIYICIAN .if tin, TUKOAÏ,LUNÜS, UEAltT, i.IVtii AM) T1115 [[.001', Kuowu aüover thecountrj as the CB1KBRATKS IJSmiA.3Sr HEUB DOOTOS 1 Of -2S2 Superior Street, CleveliUHi, Öllio. Will vifiit the following places, via A.fll'Oi.VTMEXTtiro[US62, 18f.3aiHl !:. . Trof. R. .1. I,von can bo cousulted at the bllowine places evcry month, viz: Detroit, Kusse! JIdubp, eaolimooth, 18thaml lütll. Ann Arbof, Monitor House, caeh month, 20lli. Jaekson, iiibbard House, eacü month, 21. Adrlaa, Bracket House, each month '2-'(l and i23d. Toledo, Ohio,Colhns House, each month. 21tL,86tb, and 96th. Hillsdalo, Slich. , Hilladal House, each month, 27th. Goldwater, Micli.. Soutnern Michigan House, ea-h moutli, 28th. Elkhart, Élkhart House, oach mouth. 29tii. South Bend, lni., St. Jo. Hotel, eaoh'montil, 30. Lftporte, Iml., Tea Suden House, each month 31et. Wooster, Oliiü, Craudell frjxchantre, oach moni]] Ttli aodgth. Mansfitld, ühio, Wiler House, each month, 9th aud lOth. Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, each month, llth imi 13th. Xewark, Ohio, Holton House, each month, 13th and I4th, Painesville.Ohio, Cowles House, each month.4th CLEVELAND, OHIO, RESIDBNOK AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET. Kant of the public square, oposite the Postoffice. Office il}' each raoutli, i„t. od, 4th,5lh, (ith, 15th - Office hours IVoni ü A. H. to IÏM, and from S I'. .M. to 4 1'. M. OnSundaj from 9 to 10 A. M.,and 1 to 21'. 1. 4fcSF"MaMms.stncity adheied to I five .sucli batmau have no strife, With nature or the las of lile, With 'olood my hands I nevH' slain, N'orpoison men t osase theivpuiu. He U a ihjsician indeed, who Cures. The Indian Her.. Doctor. R. J.LTONH, cures the folminL comulaintsin the most obstinate stages of their existencH, viz: DiaeasesoftheThroiit, Lungs, Heart, I.iver, Stomach, llropsy in tha Chest, Rhciumatism, N'eunilgia, Fits. t FnllifiiiSickiipss.iinil ill nther nervousderangemeuts. Viso alldisease-íof the blood such as öeroiula, Krysiplas, Cancers. Fever riores, Leprosy, and all otlier comilicateil clirouie compliünls Ail forms of fcmale dilliculties atlended to witli the rippet resulta. It is hoped tliat no one ivill de.spair of a cure until hey have giren the Indian Herb Doctor's Medicines a airaud faillifnl trial. fcL,I)unng; the Doctor'i travis in Kurope, West Inliis, South America, and the Jnit'd Stales, lif lias been ihe instrument, in God's land. to rentoro 1o liealth ;md vigor tliousands who en jiiven up n1 pronounced incurable by ihe most miuentold scliuol physicians; nay, morr, t!iouands were nn the verga of the rave, are now living loi.umnts to the Indis n Merti's Ioctor's skill artu uorisrultreatment.iiiidaro Hs'.'.J exclaiming: "B'ps. ed lie tlit day vfn lirst e san and partook of the idian Hert Doctor's medicine." atiáfectoiy refertmoesof c.ires will be gladly and heerfnl! líivon n henftVñr ft-ijnired, Thfl Doctor pledge his wonl apd honor, that he will ü rn wiselirectl.v or indirectly. induce or cause any tvalid to t;ikc hit nifiHcine without thestrongeM probr ability of :i cure. ÜíS" .,r ix;iminaíion, wliicli is entirelv differeni Irop.i thefiLCinty tr. Lyftn professes to dísoern diseases bv the cye. lfe therefore asks noquestinns, nor doeshe reqiïitt patïeatsto ex p la in svmptoms. Cali one and uil, , nd have tuesvmpUms and location of your diseaseexplainefH'ree of charge. -luill bc ! i liera 11 v considered. S-Postomcead' 2663. R. J. LYON8, M. I. Cleveland. Oh o, Nov. 25. 1S02. ly?80 CLOTHING .T % i M (MERMAN WS I o Having just returned from East with a large stock of SPRING AND SÜMMERGOODS! we invite í.11 onr oíd friends and customers to come and examine eur ulock of CLOTÏ1S CASS1UERES & VESTINGS. Dispute the fact if you can, It takes the TAILO1Í after all to give appearance to the on ter man. If jou wish to appear vvell You uiust accordingly Oress VYell. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's,, There you will íind things exaotly SO. SONDHE Jfalvvays ready to take yoiir mean ure, GUITERMAN will. sell you Goods with great plensnre, At figures LOWER than you will find ir iho State, Take heed - call barly, else vou are too LATE. The inducemknts are uow greater than ever, Cleuks yii ill find nhliging and clever. fn will ..Ih. yfiu e..d OLOTHINQ 111 HUI' ti n OETTINQ UP, Filüi)(í im Sin1 e ('rum Bottom to rop, STUDENTS pecially will find it tq THG1K ADVANtWk, For it takes hnt LI'I'TLE MONEY tu replenish COATS of Cl'th and Cupsiniere of our OUfl IMPOltTATKiN. Ffirw arded throiimi our Njw Vork relütlOOb, ! Frión Eítííliimi, tííilsii ii', Gennanv nnd p, C .■ MAM' ? í' V. (r WKAI!, ■ I he iluiu'f j líntí 1 - ti-.i ■ ; pañis ! ! I I I FarJy CefiÍHYME and DOEHK ! N 'l v ry grucfe W -.-li 'Il.-iií !i..m,()N'E DOLLAB oji ■■ ion V Tjtí.,"í -fi-y desrriptioii, Y ■■ í!l tind it fu without fiction, i .' , l'PAP.EÍ.í Pum SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. i This Is all we say now, Tirr -efore wb make our bo'w. To-wrs truiy, err o, M. 6UITERMAN. 4&., Fcr Rats, Mice, Ronches, Anís, Bed Bcg, MvtJis in Fivs, Wouhn, Ifc, ínects o PatiU, Fawls, Animáis, Sfc. Put up n 25c. Me. ii 1 $3.00 Boxps, AnttUk. nml Flasks.. Ï3 a,ud íó futen UatKla, l'rnuc jJtüTlTi;"Only infniliMc romodieglliCftT.n' ttEreelroni Püifluns.' ' '"Not 'lunpcroufi to the Ilumnn Fninilv." "Kats come out of huit'h 1ü tlie " Sold WJioJenalo in. ,11 lre citios. B. S11 by all Drujrm.H-lauu.l.BolnileT.cvenwjvbore III Bkw.vüe !! of ,11 wo.llllcas mil tii.u. Sec -Uit "liiini's" mm t ott en,á üjx, Uottie, and F'lank, befare vou huv. A .■dros ESBVR.COSirAR :fB.,PKI.VCIPI. DlTrT 4S2 RuOAKWAY , 1" ► W Y(HK S-Skl by a tt:hn!eile ainl Kctni! DrugKití .n ■■■■H - ■■■IIMIHMM- PM- M- - ■-■ THE ALL SUFFiCIErfT THHEE. THE GREAT "AMERICAN EEMEDIESi" Known oj "Hélnibolj'sr' EKÜÍWE PREPABAlinKS, yiZ.: HEI MBOI.D'S EXTRACT " Hr'i II u " SÁftSAl4RILLA, IMPKOVEI) KOSE WASH. HELMUOI.D'S GEN ÍNE PPEPARATION, 'HIGHLY COiVCEiVTKlTEC" cuMrurxD FLÜID EXTRACT BUCPU, A Positivo anj Specifie Reinedy, Fob rüseaOH of tnf BLADDER, KJDXEYS, GKAVEL ANÍ) SVELLu(.3. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BÜCHÜ FOR WKAKNKÍÍES Arisiñg froni Exceseca, Habita of Disiipation Early Indieeretton, or Abuse, ATTEXDED TTITH THE FOLLOWING 8ÏMTOM8 : rndtpot1tinn t.i Exeition, Lossof Pcwer, wSK,oLM"m"r-v' DifflouUy oí Urcathing We.kN.rva. Twmbling, Horror of Disoase, Wakefulne, Ilimness of Vision, pan in the Back, Luirersal Unsitnde of tlie flnslu'Bí of fue Body. Muscular ijjstem, Emptiom olí tliu Face, HotHanrtí, Pallid Counícnance. I'ryaess nf thoSkln. These sj-mpton, ff sftnwea tú go cd, wbich thin mc-rticmeinvm-iably remoras. oi,n foilow IMPOTENCY, F4T0ITT EPILEPTIC FITS Icoucof whiclitlie patiënt mav éxplie. Wh'o cm hv U ' y„are iiJtlrenucnth-roüowed by these "direful Insanity and Consuaïpiioi Manyareaware of tbe eauee of Hirfr sMIferinï, bnt none ,vill OOBfeM. The records of (he Aíliunií ano the melanoholj deiths by Consuiuptiou, braii nmple witness tu eh irutli of the assertiuu. THE CONSTITUTIOX, ON'CK AFFECTED WITil ORUANIC VKAX.'F;S. Rcquirés the ai.l of medicine to strengflien snil in; visarntc the system, -.vliich HELM KOLli'S EXTR V BUCHU invariably dues. A tr;ii will convrace tka most skep tioal. Females, Females, Females, ÜLD OR YOUNG, SIGI,E, MARRIKD, OR CON TEMPLATIXG MARIUAGK, In many affoctions peculiar to fVraalcs tho Exlract Bucliu la untqiinllcd bj any nllier rpinnij, Chlorosis or RetentioD, [naguïarity, Painfaloees o] bupprcssiol) of theCustoinary Kvacuations ülcerated or Sohlrrom state f the ütorus, I.euconhea or VVhites, fHwilrty, and rnrsll oomiylalntsTncMrat l tlic sex, whethai-arising froni InUíscretioii, UábitKof Disíipation, or !n tbe Declino or Chango of Lito. SEK SYMl'TU.MS .lliOVK. NO FAMILY SHOtTLD BE WITHOUT IT. Takeno Balsam, Movcury, or Unplensant Medicine for ünpleasant and Dangerous rascases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BÜCUU CLRt'S Secret Diseases. In all thoir stages; atlittle expense; Uttleor no ch .nge in üiet ; no incoovenience. AND NO EXPOSUKE. It causes frequent desire. and prives strsngth to Lrlnate, therebyremo ob-rructinns. praventin? and cunnjrStrictures of the tfrethia, allaymg pain and inllamuiatlon, o frequent in this elass of .liscase, anil Mjiellinf. POISONOUS, DISEA.SED AND WO MS Tliousands npuu Tlionsands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF QUACKS, And who h.ive paid HEAVY FEES tobecuredina short time, havefound thev areredeceíved.andthaí tlie 'Poison" has, by the nfle (if "Powerful Astringents " been dried up in tho 8) stem, tu break out in an airara vatedícrm,and PEUH.1PS Aiter MARIÍ I.IGE. Ü8E Helmbold's lixtract Buchu For all Affections and Diseases of The XJrinary Organs Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALES, hom w bate ver cause orígioating, a ml no matter OF HUW LONG STANDING. Diseases of these Organa require the aid of a DïÜkbtk., Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS TiïE G1ÏEAT DIUHETIC, Aad it is certain to have the dësired t'JToct d all I)i se;ises, for wliicb it ís recoumieiuk-d HLOOI) ! IïlTk)D! BLOOÜ! Helmboíd'a Hfgll Ouncenlrated C&mpound Fluid Extract 8arsapnrilla SYPHILIS. This is an aiïYct'on of ilie Bloed, and ntt;icl;s the Bexuu Oigan, Linngs of tho Noc, Kars, Thront, Winilpijic, nüú .tlior Mucus .urfiics, makmg its ap. lirarniHcin tlie fofein of Ulcera, Helmbold'ft Extract Sfirap) ï l ï : puríábB the Iïlnoii, and remove j all Scttly Rruilmiís ot the Sfailt. grvtng to tile Complexión a CU'iu iin'l Hciilil!)' Ciílnr. It bciiijr prepaiéd espreswl foftMfl.otftM i complaints, its Blood-Puriiying ï'ropeiTies nre preervd to a greaer exteut tan any nttiVr p:eiai'ntiaii of Suiíapnrilla. Uclmbold's Hnse Wash. MMt ÜPüt Lotion for Disimsos of a Pyphüt'c Nntnro, and Bfi ;in injecti'iu In [lïwawfd of tlie Urlnarj1 Orgaiis, arisinfi trom habltif tiissipütinn, uftpd in tfoonectioa willi tl:e Kxtrats Unciiit nni tfarsn pai-ilia , in suchdifcensef a rreoioinended. Evidorce of themoatTüBpnnsible and rcliablt chacacter will accomp my tUe medicines. CEBTIfrJCATESi IMP CUKES, Fiom oiyiit ti tivf-n(v viaiw standinir, with namefc known to SCIBNCE AND FAJE. Fur Medical Propeitiés of BUCHU, Diijtua-itar;' of the United Staten. See Professor DEWKES' culuable worka on tfi i'nictice of l'hync Soc iciiKirks niaile by the laie celebraled Dr PEYSICK. l"iiili..U-liliiii. Heeremailis made bv T)r. EPURAIM MrDOlf'F.LL, a celebrated rii-sician, and ileniber of the Boyal Col lejre of SurpeonH. Iceland, and publisiied ntheTransaelutiis if tlie King nHd Quecu's .Iunni:il. See Meilifo (■ruiKical Rcvieiv, publinheil by BENJAMIN THAVEllS, Fellow of the Rojal College of Surgoon. .öe'8ost of tlie late Píandai-d Works on Medicine. EXTBACT RfOir, $1 fO 1-liB UoTTIE, OR siÏfoR Í5 00 " SRSAlMTI)tlJt fÖ " " 5 00 lSÏI'ICOVKI) IÍOÍ-K W.IHI, 59 f' Í' 2 ÖU Or lialT a dozen of eaeh for $12 00, üfokh wil) itf tiiffi' cieut to rure tlie most obstinate cases, e directims ace adhered to . I)elivered to any address, securely pactt'd Irom observation. l:W I'escribe symptom.i in al! comai,uiúcatiojis. - Cures guara nteed. Advine pratis. A F f II) A V I T . reisonallyappeared bcfort' ia# au jWíl"ruia-n tú C. e eityof PüiladclpbiaH. T. Hf.i.miioi.t), rho, beinj; rtuiy Rworn. ilotli s.iy. hm prepara tions eontojfi no nal coti", uo miTtnin)-, (jr otUt'riiiiriou drugs, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HELM BOU). Sworn and ubscribt'd befoiw -nu-, iliis 3S(1 dayof Novomb(r.lW4. w.[ i'.MIHBARl). Alderninn, Ninth-sfiwt, abora Hiici-, ï'liila Address Letters for isjfnrrofltion In coniitieiwi1. H. T. HKI.Miior.n, Chemi.-t Depot 104 Soutb Tenth-ntroet,belmv (hestnut, l'hila. BEWARB OF COIT JfTKRKEITS AND UNI'RIXOirLED DRAÏ.B:Ri!, IHin rnd:iror l dis;io. '■ OF Tlll'lli OS " and "other" ■W'WwrtSwur.vptiin.i.onnttiulied by Hp.lnibo1ö;_i'i;Mnümv Twp&i-atlons, " Eoc-tract rincliu, " " SfvrsíVpnHUíi, " " tittpvovedBose-WMb. Seli 'byAh lürUBiists eTery.v],,..p. WC FOR KF.I.MIiOLn'S-TAKE NO OTHER. Out out the advei'tixc'm'nt, andmrd for it ANT) Ai-ow Hipearnos xvp .Ttrc.?rsr ïyw '


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