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HWBKKIMUMWKIIB O. EL.ISS WouM tae tfi ihlhg I11S olil friends and pntionsiuid allothors wlio ma lavor l.iin -.vith theii' pali'uuat;9, II ui In' kas grgatly i'ffiafgi i hia iock and As.vori inent ! and htn Ing adopteil tlie CASH SYSTEM BOTil IN BtíYINO &SELLIX( fircpnipni,. Ml Go ■ ioaaona8:3.5.0 Jtl-lCCS, lïis slcck par Oí follón r:. ,. „Jfcji A'UJUCS .S: OTIIEP. ' Watches! '; jL The Colebreted &--;. SET I rri JOMAS UUCK?! Fine Jewelry Seíís G Ó LD C! ! A ! XS, T A BLE AXD : . ■, POCKET CUTLÚUY ! Pazors, ]!'■:'!■■. ■■!. .,.-n!,,l ?nl ROUKRS PLATEDWAKE, the best in mftrkt, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAl'EB ar.-i EXTEXI I ES, Musical Instruments, Strings Sf Bonks for Instruments, S2PECTACLES, of CloH, Silver, gicel, a:id Plattd, tcith PERISCOPIO GLA.SS, a (fuperiör avticlo PrBOIïP inving diüicult v.-atclios to fit witll glasse can be sccomodateá, as my stock is large'aml conplot, S. Particular attention to tlie 3EÏ. 33 2= &. UaiIffCSoi all kinds ofüna Watciies, suek as ■víakiiig and Setting ncw Jcwels, Pinions Siáffs, rnt'i Cgltuden, Alta CLOCKS, Sc )"E-WELB,-y aeatlj repaiTed and wai-auted, at liia oíd standeasl ide of Main írtrect. C. BLISS. Ann írbnr.N't.v. 25, 18Í2 P26t( NOBLE & EIDER, are u llinj; tiltil lÏTge stoch OÏ BOOTS % SHOES, CIIEAPER TH AN EVER ! ! LOW PitlCES FOK, CASH. Good Sioga Bpots : : $2.50af.50 Meu's good Calf Peggoa, 3.00 aG.OO " " " Sewed : 5.00 a 6.50 Womau's " Lace Boots : : 1.00 a 1.85 Ladics' " Congress G'ts, : 75 a 2.50 Boys' Yuuth's aud Children's Shoes : : : : 15 a 1.50 Now is the time to buy as BOO TS and SHOES are rapully adcancing in EasU'rn Markets. TiïËY ALSO MAK E WAÏIRMTED L2T WORK TO ORDER. !$ A.ND REPAIR. RemeDiber we can not and wiü not bo ULtlcrsiuld. Please ca'! und e . ammc stock LAWBBNCE NOBLE, CHARLES EIDER] Ann Aroor,"Feb. 15tli, 1:(H. K944. Terrible Sïaughter! THE VICTORY IS OU RS ! THE; BATTXiB Wliich liai bcc-n raging for (ho iaít íuur weeksat MACK & SGKMiD'S STORE Haï pfüved a trraiiu siicoeasj altough tho sSaugJhterof DKY OOOÜS Bas been terrible. V$e now mnUe tlie annourict-nient tliat wp s ti uil runt inuo " i-'"r M;i n v TeÁrS' l' tn&ke war wilh bigh prices, being determioed to glve Ihe hundrfds wn daïly ïlirong oar store, f uil %'a!ue for theii' id on e , fjiuios can fiad with us all dea rabie shadea and -stjls 01 DEESS GOODS, UIBBOAS, ;LJBIMMITGS, EMBKOÍDEUIES, WHITE GOODS, HOSlERy, 6L0VES, &c, With a very large and attraclive sLock of CL0AKS AND SHAWLS far taolow tTa.dM.3C 7"a,l-u.o Wc liear it s:iid evtTv il;i v l lial W are rilïotngf tho buiioesa Iu tüü cily dv sll!ns io íhéap büt we oaunot K-;. it, The Goods Mnst bc Sold. 1000 N iv PtviennJ best r,.alily II i(.' SKÍRTS very cluap, and for the (jeutk-nn-u we bavo a ver? largo au HOr.ment of Fi ench Twilled Ciotfa. Beaver Oveicoatiogs, Dosskiiia, Fancy Cassim res, Vestiags, &c, OfU ilescripliiMi, aa] caá Ijiitiish a wkaie duit cm hortnoticemuch clwuiw t1i,m fti fcoughi ilse where. An i'amiii.-iii..t t' tfal) brand) of our üuul oes willinvim-i all thatihis is the plaootobuv thHr Piints, Coala and Vestí. Ve hava ,il.o a cumulóte utock uf Ladiea ainl Chilürens' ilioes. HATS AND CAPS, And in 6wt w#ryt hing th;it man or woman eau to wear on litad orfoát, Sroteriee, Crockery, massware &c, At atonlhjng low prlce, m.l in short our . , . Rtoi-k must sliiirclhc sajnc fate n ,lrc cletOMained (to Buil. no natter ivli.d olil cur.akers innv ifcf, jli ire ir.viieu to iiuseot our stuuk im'it is i'io .troutle to show ourgooda, aad we ar bounU to nitet the iie maiKlf ot i U. HïK M.VtB k SÍTOBB. FÜRNITÜRE BOOMS One door Nnrth of Risdon atv) ]!c,uli:r.-'s Hardware Sten i . ■ rfllle '■'■ I ' -ivinc,.,] tl,.. nt,V .1 "1 V. T I Smith.&Co .,u udOed larg, ,. to,Uiaai , l pferfnfed to'fnrni.b1iik frjenda anti pntron.-, á Vóod monmeat ui vH ade faMttur, cöosiittBg of' LOFAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADSj BOOK-CASES ! TABLES and CHAIRS, ol'allkinrts, ani] !n fact of ovcrything peitiilninR to the basiaes-. L O U Of G ES. MATRASSE'S, Jfcc , &c, marte fo rder by g'oód and per!ehcé! ivnrk ■■ "'"f ■'i" i'd I" irive iittiafiHifittW. He Man Ueiips aijoud uuurtaitiit of Ufcewj and Wulnul Lumber for sule ut reasnnaWe pricea And will also py the hjhest iuare1 pric fof Cheny Walmt, anü VvinuWi'üu i-inobfi'. I', tí. He has alao purohased the new and E I .. E G A N rJ H K A R S F ! ofimilh & Co., and iüprepared tufuiDiil] all kinds of Wood Coffins, Mefalie Cases, AND CASKETS, Onthc shortost nolici". AIso attoniis to lading out dcceasf tl pprsons tay anl m'ght, Withont cliarge. All furniluïudulivtred ntücit'y frw ot hargs. W. U. BENHAM. Ann Arbor, Jaauary lá.li, 1803. 9i0tf G RE AT . GRE ATEE GEE ATEST BAItG&INS EVER OFFEREÜ 1859. Jq59 I n thisOity, are novv beiiig oiTered at the CIIEAP.CLOOK.WATCH, & 1TIÏ E Subscribo r wouldany to the Citizen sol Ann Ar. particular, and the rest of Waihtenaw Cnuntv ir. general, that hehasjust lMPOItTED 11 IÏECTLY fiom KUKOPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! All ofwhichhe blnds hirnself to sell CHEAPERtban eau bebought west oí Kew York City. I have alsu tae CELEBliAÏED AMERJCAN WAT CHES, whichlwlll seül Ur $3". Every Watch warrauttd to perform well,orthe monoy roiunded. Cloclts, Jewelry, Piated Ware, Fancy Gooda. , Gold Pens, Musicallnstrumonts and StrincB Cutlery, &c, ' lud infact avariety of every.hinir uaually keplby Jew elors can be boughtforthe next ninofj" daya at your O W N P E I O E S ! Persons buying anything at this wcM known eetab lisijme tcan rnl7 upon getting goodt exactly as iep resentcd.orthemorpy relunded. Osllearly and se cure the best bargains ever orte red in thif City. One word in regard to Rcpairing : We are prepared to make any repairs onfine or com moi Watches, evento makineo et the eutire wateb if nnceesary. Repairlng of Clocka and Jewelry a: oeuhI. Also tno niMnufacturinir ot KINGS.BROOCHS or auythin des red, from California Gold onshortno tice. Kncravina in allitsbranchesoxeented wilhneal neicanddispatch; J C. WATTS. RIS DON & HENDERSOA Havo tXio 3B TT O 3E5L ZES 3T JE3 GRAItf DRELL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufacturad at Springfield, Ohio. npHEVBKY LATEST IMI'ROVEMIiNT, and bettertliai 1 all otliers; iula,teJ to suwing tVheat, Kje, Oata. Bürtey ;tn [Orasa Seed. let. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Wal voiv all kinds of Grahi and Grasa Seed. 37. Ncver buncJicii the Grain ■íth. Never hreaks the Giain. ath. Soivs Grass Seed hroadcast bchindtlie Drill. Gr.h. Has high wheeh and long Hoes. íth. lías long and wide steel points. j Sth. It has a land measure or Surveyor. 9í7. It has doublé and single rank drills. I IQtli. It has a self ' adjustiny s?mt off alide. It is neutly and substantially made. Tlicre is hantly i Dnü oïïered in the marktt but oal Doast of nioiü or lesa "FJRST PREMIUMS:' They are aboutaaiodiscriaainatelv twatowud & the title of fi Profftor," trhlcb is somytimen Applied to thf "JiddUr" " booiblack They oease to coave v tlie idea oïmerU. Tiie BackeyeDrifTbas been on Exhibition at quite i DumberofStAteandCoantj Ptírs.aod without seekinj favor at Ihe han. Is of any Cominitiee, has receiveü ith full aliare of l'remïums TESTIMONIALS : We glve the Following Dames of a few farmers in tipt vicmity o huvc-boiiglit anü used the iluckeye Urill: G ..ürc.v Mijlor, gio. Jacob l'ollieiiiui " JaeoBïretnpr, ■ (l Thomas White, Northfleld. Jolin firtikau-, ■ ' Christian Kapp, ft Kiluanl Boyilen, Wenster. Jamea rrcadwell. AnnArbot Daniel O' llura, " " Joilli G. Coofe , Lodl. O. A. Marsliall, " I,. KhnuiiJs, Saline, Gsorge Cropsiy, Green Oak, Liv.Co. Wu arealso Ageuts for the Ohio Reaper & M„ wer, acknowledged tr bo the verj best in uae. We are just iu receipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Wiiicli ye will sell Clieap. Also alargeassoHnitü-t o G-rass Scytlies. . Am! the largest and best selected stock jf 33E1SÍ"T STUIF FOR CARRIAGESevcr be&ye oflered iu tUis aiarket We aiso keep a largeañd full mmz ui? nM8. IU&3, GASS, rUTTV, PAINÏ,aml UNSKED OIL. A complute assortineiit of ST.OYES, TINWAKE, A;vi) KAVE.TROUG JSalwuys onhand anj put qi S the sUortet ïiottce. RWPON k BENDER8ON.


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