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JÜST OPENING ? The largest Stoel and best nssortmont of CABINET FURNTTÜRE ? ever brought to tliis city, inoluding SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIRS, 3jook.ins CSrlíasatíSfos Gilt Frames and Monldings MÍTALIC CASES &c, &c, and all other gdotU l.i-jil in th bént and !-uKest hnsaes in .-..witry. SFenfepno second baad f ucnituïc or Auution goods. fin:n kopt cimstnntly on hand. and made to order ïiy goodn qüered ;it THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N". B T must have nicney. anl respectful y pptjncst thofe i'i.iebted, to caïl and llx up olí mntters without dalay. O. M. MARTIN. Ann Arbrr, Oef. G 1865. 9L5lf SCEOFÜLA AND SCEOPDLOüS DISEASES. From Einery Edcs. a viell-knowa merchdnt qf Ü.t-Jbrrf, Mainc. " I tere Eold largcj quanfitiea oí yonr íaüsapar. illa, uut never jet 0110 boltle vtliicli failed oí tlie defcired effect oml i'ull fntistaction to tl-.osc who tnok it. As last as our yeojple try it, tlft) agree there hftfl been 110 mediciue like it oefore in our coinmuuity.3' Eruptions, Pimples, Blotohea, Pustules, Ulcera, Sores, and all Diaeasea of tlie Skin. I'rom üev. Holt. Slratton, Bristol, England. " I only do niy duty to you nud the public, when I ackl ïny teetiinony to that you jjubiish oí' the ir.cdiciual virtues of jour Saksapabilla. Mv daugliter, nged ten, liiid an afilicting humor iu í:er oará, ej e, aud bair tbr yeai.s, whicli w e were ui.uble to cure until we tried your SARSArAKiLLA. Ste lias been well for fiome nioiitbsv' From Mrs. Jane E. Hice, a well known and much esteemsd lady cDennisville, Cup,: May Co., -Y. J " My daugbter has eulfered for a year past itll a scrofulous eruption, whica was very troublcsome. Notllingaflbrded sny relief until we tried your Kaksapakilla, wLicli soou üoinpletüiy cured lier." From Charles P. Gage, Esq. tof the widely-l;nou-nfl,m of Gage, Murray f Co., manvfacturtrs of enaitielled papers inAashua, X. IJ.' " I liad for severa! yea.-s a vcry troubleeome Jwmor in my face, wbicb grew constantly worse until it disiigured my ieatuies and Uciuiie a intolerable affliolion. I tried almost eveTythíngá man could of both advice and medicine, but without any relief whatever, until I took your Saksapaeilla. It inimediutely uiade my face worsi:, as you told ine it lnight tur a time; but in a few weeks the new skin began to forni under the blotches, and continued until my face is as sniootU as anvbody:s, and 1 am without auy symptoms of tlie disease that 1 know of. 1 enjoy perfect licalth, and witliont a doubt owe it to your Saksapaeilla.'1 Erysipelas - General Debility - Purify tha Blood. From Dr, Robt. Smyin, Jouston Sf., N. 1'. De. Aveu: I Eeldom i'ail to remove Erupdonsnnd Scrofulous Sores by tlio pérsCTering use ot your SAitfiAPARlLLA, aml 1 have juet now cured ah attack of Maltguant Frisipeias with ii. Ko alteiative we possess equals the Sailsaparilla you have eupplied to the profession is well as to the people." FromJ. E.Joknslon, Esq. Wakeman, ühh. " For twelve yeais 1 had tne jeüowErysipeias on my riglit arm, during which time I trled ül the ce!ebrated physiciaus I conld reach, and took hundreda of dolíais' worth of medicines The uJcers ware so bad that the cords became visible, and the doctora decided that my arm must be mnputated. I began taking yourSARSAPAlïiLLA. Too!; two bottlee. and some of your Fills Togelher theyhave cured ree. J ain DOW asweli and sound as nnybody. Being in a public place, niy case is kn#wn to everybody iu tliis community, and excites the wonder ot all.'1 From Hon. llenry Manro, M. F. f.,iSev!castle, C. W., a leading member of the Canailiun Parlicanent, "I have used your Sap.sapap.illa in my familv, for general debUity, and for purifijlny (ie blooil, with very beneBctal result?, and leel coniidence ia commending it to the alllieted." St. Anthony'a Fire, Hose, Sált ilheuin, Scald Head, Scro Eyes. From Harren Sickler, Esq-, the able editor of the TttneLliannoek Democrat, Pennsytcania. ' Our only child, about thiec years of age, was attackeil by pimples on liis forehead. Tbey rapidly epread until they íormed a loathsome flnd viruleut fore, whioh covered bis face, and actualiy biinded jis eyes for some days. A fkill'ul physidein applied uitrate of eilver and pther remedies, without any ap)arent efl'ecl. For lilleen tlays we guarded bis bands, est with them he sliould tear open the lestering and corrupt wound which covered hiswhole fac. llavng tried every ttáag else we bad snv hopefiom, we wgan áviaa your $AnsArAiiiLLA, and appkiug lio iodiüe of potaeh lotion, as you direct. The'sore jegan to heal when we had given the iirst bottle, ml was wel! when we bad fln&hed the secoud. Tlie hild's eyelashes, whicli bad come out. crew airain, nd Jie is ïiow as healthy and fair as anv other.'Tlio vhole neiehborhood predicted that the cbild must ie." Syphilis and Mercurial Disease. From JJr. Hiram Slnat. rfSt. Louis, Missouri. "I hu(l your Saksai'auilla a more eBectual cmedy lor the secondary symptoms of Qyphilis, nd for syptiilitic diseaee than anv other wepossesa. 'iie profession are indebted to you for some of tbe est medicines we have." From A. .. French, JA I)., an eminent phtjsieian of Lawrence. Mass.. rvho Is a prominent member of the Legislature qt' Massaehusetts., "Dn. Aykk - My riear Sir: 1 have found vour ARSApaiulla an excellent remedy for Sijphilis, oth of tlte primarp and secondary type, and effectal in some cases that were too obstinate to yield to titer remedies. I do not know what we can em)luy witb mote certaiuty of succees, where a powerul alterativo is required." Mr. Chas. S. Van Liew, of New Brunsiock-, N. J., ïad dreadful ulcera on .bis legs, caused by the abuse f mercury, or mercurial ilismse, which grew more nd more aggravated tbr years, in spite of every emedy or treatruent that could be applied, until the )erseveriug use of Aveu's Sarsapaiíilla relieved lim. Few cases can be found more invetérate and distresi-ing than tbis, and it took several dozen bottles to uure him. Leucorrhcea, Wliites, Female "Weakness, are generally produced by internal .Scrnfutous Ulceratioii, and are very oliën cured by the alterativo etlect of this Sausapakilla. Some cases require, how.ever, iu cid of the Saksapakilla, the SKiliul applicutiou of local remedies. From the weU-knmrn and viilih-eelebrated Dr, Jacob Morrill, of Cincinnati. "I have found your Saksapap.illa au excellent aiterative iu diseases of ieinales Jlany cases of irregMlaiity, teuoorrheea, Infernal Ulcération, and local dcbilüy, arising from the ecrofulous diathesis, bave yielded to it, and tbero are few that do not, ItheH itsellect is propcrly aided by local treotment." A lady, uuwilling to allow the pubtication of her name, irrites: "My daughter and myself have heen cured of a very debilitating Lcucorrhma of long standing, by two bottles of your' Hheumatism, Qout. Liver Complaint, Dyspapsia. Heart Disease, Neuralgia, when caus'd by Scrofnla in tbe system, are rapidly ewul by tbis Ext. Saebapabilla. ayTrs cathart1c pills possess so many advöntages over the other purgatives 11 the market, and thoir superior virtucs are so univcrsally known, t!iat wc ïieed not do moro than to agsure the public their quality iá maintained cqual to the best it ever has heen, inii that they may be depended on to do a!l that they have ever done. Piepared by J. C. AYER, BI. D., & Co, Lowell, Mass., aud sold by BTEBBINS .v VII,S(), Aun Arobr, E SAMSON iTpsilanti, A EWING, ÖMter. WHEJlDON & HATCH Wholeaatobj KAUl'.A.NUSIlI.l.IiY & Co C, E. CpEDRN, ïrvejling Agent. A Farm for sale. QITUAÏKI! Bis miies X,,,th 8l Aun Arbcr. BMd fsvni l consiste of 122 acres. Ou Uie pri'iuises aro good building, a fice orchaíí and a living stream. It is f;)Kiwn as tliu (li).cftin.s larm. It wül bo solfï cheap. .nd teuuá i"l payipout made oaav. Ktiquire oí L.C. KI.ON. Aq Arhor, Jan. 56, 1SU'4. 1IUWARD ASSOCIATION, PHILADKLI'IHA.I'A. Dlsensisof lis Veivous, S, ,n,,nl. prljia-y nuil Stiual Systi-ms- now aad rcliablc trpntnent- ip Reportí of tlie UOWAIil) ASSOQTATiON- Sunt by mail in -walc! letíar eívelope, free of Miar"o. Ad.lress, Dr..T. SKH.L1 V IKIUCIITO.M, Qoward asocia. tiou. ,,. 2S,i,lh NTinlli ítivpt. Pliila.. Ta. ' 16yl Ayer's Sarsaparilla. ■ Sberiffs Sale. ! CTATÉ OP MICHIGAN-, Í'OINTY OF W.18I1TKVJ t. IJ By v!rlue,of writ of furi facies ssatd out ñf " leal of the Circuit Court for tbo Crm '' ttasl.tenaw, in the State of Michigan, and t„ ï, J atv,) clehvere.l, [.lid on the Twi-nlv third ?' i). , Kul. ,.;., and ïow upon il thf iirttV, Buud. Inandtoall tlrose certain pie s or mIÍÜi hm'lMtuaied in Ihe towns ofLodiand Saline Cou'. asl,l,.n:uv, md State of iliehigaii, Inown' Q am).l.scnl,l;,f„ _lfg the ouh ' charter of section twentv Bye iu town_ta tv,".' soutL of range flve eat; corraining oue )'un",S( "I land, inoM-or lera, also all that'lr. ." . parecí I landrttuaM in the villaof Salino ' f WMhtenaw,aute-of M,,l,;i:an -kn Ín "ï nuinher one and t, „, aoton fuur acordin toth. corde.lplatof-9t.ui villaje, begiaóing on lne ' toMtwiw het est fron. the uortb .t oBrti munbir oac thence ouiherlji sixtr feet parall!1' tbj at line' t. the Ch.cago roa.l, thence wSl? rhesáidCWcago fod twenty fret to u,e place on ■■ Alsoallthjt rertaintract or parcel of "Ld8" iiatod.nthp vfflage of Saline, Cunly of W f , ";,1 ■ Michigan, ,Wcri..edakcllUw„y: 1„ L" ""' " wmcirnei ol lot „iv.,,,1 by AndrwcSS ly alongpaidX-rai ine t., the place of hlinL '"■ WininKiboutJlftrebBMh „f !„„,,', wllk., , tm'?'""' ouib door of the Oburt Hoase, In the cu „,',"" Jonr,x ,-„8I!,s „üpul, SS WIXEGAR' Ualed, May 24th, Idnl. ,.„ WS8J Mortgage Safe. f-)KFAUr.T lisTin? been made in .hs perfora., ie,ö whereb, the power to sell thWortg. "d l'Jmt beiog uow claimed lo be due Ihereon (bès des th! ?' tód pwm Of the ,I(,c,.cding5 no,v bej d fo t fonatorfmwol MM moHgage including reasonlb?. ' toruejsfeei.) Notice is therefore hfreby Ëw0E tl aiO morage wil! bê foreelced by a lé oiïL pged IJUmistsüiscriledap followp Ti? The WMt fou%th of Ihe b'orth-WBt quarter o'f Vctïon T l? eigkt, also thenortheast oni-eijrhih of the northJ; one. half qiiarter ofaaW seclion tv.-ntr eiirbt 11.,., rods in widlnfrom theside occupied asa lañe) , i ' in tovviwhip number four south and ranK(. nu'mi,erj,f i-a,t, m Cuuniy of Waslitenaw, and Pute o' Ml l Igan, contamina in all forty-nine acre of land mor, lesa, or seme part thereof, at public vendueat l'h,0,u of !,„.■„„„ House, in the City of Ann Arbor ï Baiacourity,(t.latbeinglhe pla-.e of liol.ling thr'i cuit Cou.t tlin safd County.) on Frlday, the t Z sixHl d.iv .,[ August next at noon '' Beüíksí Ckamik, DAVID BR0WN Esrate of Charles Hyland CTATiCOF MICHIGAN, County ol Washtenaw „ O At aiPSMonol the Probate Cuurt lor the Cou'nt.Ti WwMiAihr, holden atthj Probate Office, iu thSï n ftrb , on libaday the twenty thiid ay ofM,, 1 the year one thuneand eight huudred and tixt, t' P.e,cnt. Thomas Ninde..Iudge of Probate ' ' in the matter ot the Estaie of Charlis Hylani hu of the C:ty ot Ann Arbor, in aid County, deeeu-d i -N eiaen B. Nye, praying for the probate of an n. ment nmv on file in this -ourt . purporting to be Ihffi uillandte-tamentoi said deeeased. and letters t„ü roeutary gr.nted thc-reoa to ike executer named hm Tnereopon"it5s Ordored, that Mnnt'ov.the twnti.ll day o. . teü oclock in Ihe folLoc b, ï signed for the hearing of said petition, and that He te visees leattes and h,irs at )aw of aid deease I S al lothcr persons lntere.-ti-d in aid estáte, are reqoW oappoaratasea.sioac.fsaiJCourt.thentobeholto.l he Irob.te ofccej in the City of Ann Arbor ü iLonnty.and show eause, ifany therebe, by tixittm of thepetitloner should not be granted: P J And it s furtuor ordered, that said petiliow 6ive notice to the persons interested in said ntiU l me pendcucy of said peiiiion, and tlie hearing therioi by cansmga copy otthitOfdil to be published in tkj maagfin 4rgus, a ,ie8paper printed and circiuatin insaid tmiulyof Wnslitenanr, three successire weski previous io said day of bêarlng, (A true Copy.) THOMAS N1NDE, 9"8 Judge of Ptobite Estáte of Joseph Kelsey. OTATE OK MICHIGAN', County „f Wa,ht.B.w, ,.- ..? " rf the Probate Court for theCountroi apitona-, holden at the Probate Office in the citj f ■"" Arbor, ou Momlay, the thirtieth day of Míj in "■'■; ronethousandeighthuiidred and sixty-four. I reaent, Thomas Ninae Judge uf Probate. In the matter of the Esfate of Josepli Kelsey UU "f said oounty, dcceased. lUr.ry Rfarick, aitaini-tretg o said .'state, cune ;llt0 Co„rt and repre!Ma thut ke is n.,,v preparea to render his final account .1 .sui'h aiiministraior ïhirruponit is Oniercd. f hal Vednesday. the traltmnth .lar of Juno n xt, at ten o Iock in the fnrenooi, beassisned foi the li.rinK i,f aaid petition.and tb.t tti he.rsatia.v of ai,] deeuwd, and al.' other pertoDi intefesied rn sOd e.t.,t,., are required to appStli ' -;-""" "" ld (i.urt, then to be holden Bttbl Probate Mire, In the Citv of Acn Albor, in tl (ouuty, Bnd.xtov fiinse, f any thoic lie wby tbl the raid aceojiiit si,, ...ld n,.t be alloied. Aid ! w fMilher ordéred, that said Henrv Rearick gin nit:ce lo tLe perenes ïnterested in said etlf, "f thi! pfndency of said account and the uermt thareof, by causini a copy of thls Order to b IJliblishe.l.n the Michigan Arrus, a nt-wsnaper printen nnrl circulatiiiirin Baid Cotmty uf Washlenaw, thrti b-.u-i ■,-.-.■ ive vceks previoili to said ,1a y of heariii! (A truecopy) lliOMAS M.VDK, "■'-'"' Jude of Probate. Attachment Notiee. JOTICa 18 BEREBY G1VEX that on tlé trenttl ' sixth da.v of A-rü, A. J. 1 S64 , Jüsepli W, I-)lirop anu Kri',ieric U'uratiT. l'lainliffs. sut-ri out of ttie Circuit f'ourt for the Countv of Washtínaw a nrrt o( at'iicliinenl lor tecovf rv Bi the ri of one hun'lre.1 an.l twi nt; fivp dolíais and nj.vaidr. afnictt U fboñfi, cliji ui, fi lar.rts. ï( 1 iikhv, 11 mys ai "1 '(ffecls ol Lucj'ua F. .Muil, ilclVndant ■ hich said urit i rt. uvnabli. ,n ïul,liv; the third tfay „fMay.A.D,, l'-l ; and that il appcars frrm the return to said writ that property „f said ,I,-!,i;dnt has been ntich;d thereo, ai ,1 thal said .1 f.n.l.-i n) t-„„M not be fonnd. Hated, Anu Arbur Uf filh. 1804. JOSR H W. t ALOJ, KKKDER1C WUEbTER, BE.4KEP i: f'EAM'R, l'laintiffi. Atlvs. f,,r Plaintiffs. 955wn Comruissioners' Notiee. OTATE OF MlCHIC.AV.Coi.Dty of Washten.w m.1 rhe uixiersigned btuinx been apjisined bj tht I róbate Curt for said County, Commissioners to rt-. ci-ivc. (xamin.'!iml a.l.iustaH o aiws and demDdB of all peraop (rainit the estáte ef Joshua puwner.UH of the townahip of Lima, in said County, deceasn.lierfbv giw notffe that si.x uumtlis from date, are, byoiAtt ofsatd Probate Codrt, allo wed furcreditors topmnt their claims araiust said ileceascd, and that they will meet at tho ofh'ce of A. J. Sairyer, in the Villlgtol Chelse, lu said Cnunty, on Saturday the tliirtMoH nayuf Uiust , and Tuesdny the flfteenth day of Sí vcmber nest, at one o'clóíjk P. 5!. of each d'ay, ton ceive, examine and ailiusl saidofaimfi EIJgHA ( JN(.JMIN'. ) „ OYKCS BEfKWlTH, f tommiMiomn. Dated, May lülh, 18S4. 9574 CITY COOFEB SHOP, o ,SPAFF()RÜ & DODSLEY, O. C. SPAFFORD & D. HENNING, WiiiUlrospectfuIIy annonnce to the citizens ol A Arbor and vicinity, thal they are uow ttanufacturi! and keep coustautly on hend a Large Assortment of COOPER WORK! Such as Pork arwlCider Barrels, Kegs, Inrkins, Chnrps, Woll Cwckcts, Flour and Apples Barrels, têc. Merclinnts and ISreivc-rs are invitad to examine Ibeil Firkins ;iuiï Beer Kegs. CTJSTOM WOEK, done to ORDER on SHÜKT NOTICE and warranted. G Cash paid for Staves, HeadBL and IIoops. Slitips corner of l)3trnit & Norlh t'treets, andeoro" oí Nortii & Fiíth Sírtets. &PAFFOED & DODSLET. Aan Arbor, Teh. illi, ]gM. ' ?;'-''


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