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.by rf' "tirmng.m thetMrd story of J Sblnck, corner ot Main and Huron hts. ANN RBo'.l, [Lcli. Ëntranceon Huron Street, opposittthe ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Terins, S2,OO a ïcar In Advance. .,]_cr,,l„s-Oiiesq"ür7(12 Unes or les), on ' ",c"ntv'..rce weeks $1.50; and 25 cents fur '" 'inMrtiontUeM fter. Was. than three munth. ".me q s n i4- 11 'rtl'r coL l ■' ;?„ nZ ,,,ua6mOK 6.00 f Half column fi mos 20 f?, ',r, 1 v,,r 9 00 lUlfcolumn 1 ve.r 35 „,'s'mo. 8 00 .me column 6 mos. 36 Tc l'"' ' 'ear 12-00 " One coh"n" y6ar Curda in Directo ty, not txceed four line, $4.00 AÏrert.ser to the extSnt of a quart' r colnmn, rtgu ,throu.rh the ytar. will be entitlo.1 to h&ve thur jtrdiin Directory -without extra charpe. .m vdvertisements unacconipanied by written or Torbal ,lirt?ctiuns will be publíshed until ordered out, nn.l i'harïred accordinuly. 1M1 a.lfrtiements. tirst insertion, 50 cents per Slio 25 cents por folio tor each subsoquent irser tion f ,Bn po.tpcnement i9a.l.h-.1 to ai. a,!vert,Sement the kol. wiU le chaiged the.iame as fol OrstUsertioD. 1 Vtlèüe .flM:amandFanoyJobVrintmg,execn:yTtb prompt uess.amlu.tnp be.t style r.rJi- We have a RiixrIcs Rotary C'ard Press, and f jffaTiety of the latet tyles of Card type whfcï ifeVua i Piinl arda of all kinds in the neatest ""ÏÏ.vUndcheapcr Itan any other hon-ein the Pf, B,Wm- crd (or men of al! avoctionS and proSons. Buil, Weddina and ViSülog CardB, printed on ,l,ort noticio. Cali and seo samples. BOOK B11VDTIVG- Conneoted with the Office Is a R.k Bindmv ineharse of two competent r"-l"n - ?;a„ty Record, I.edeers. Jo.irnals. and all Blank Rook „„to order, and of the best stock. Pamphlets nml rtll,dicals botmn in a Beat nnd durabli manner, at IV,r,itprice. Entrance to Bindery through the Argus 0______


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