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O z" - - - J 0 WATTS & BRO. Q WN. 22, New Block, Anu Arbor. C. BLISS. rvEALER in Ctock, Watchas, Jewrtrjr and Silver ) ffareNo.22, New Block, Ann Arbor. C.H. MILT.EÍÍ. rgLEB n Dry Gotvis, Groceries, Crockery, Sic. &c. L) WnSireet. Aun Albur. _ Z PHILIP BAOH. tií-LERS in l)rj Goods, Greeeries. Boot & Shoes, [} ie.. Main -r.. Aun Arl.or. GEORGË W. 8N0VEE, TlFAIFKin Miscpll:ineue anJ Srhool Books, Stutiun JJ erj', WH Paporaj ie. Furou Str(-Et, Ata Arbur. O. COLLIER. MiNL'F VCTURKK anrl dénier in Boots aud Shoe; one dur north of the Post Office. EISDON & HÊNDERriON" DBALER9 in Hardware, êtove, house furnishing goods, Tin Ware, kc , &c , New Block, Main ,,t. GEO PRAY, M. D. PflTSICI i ;iud Surgeon. Residcncc and ofBce on Detroit Btreet, nar ihe ■ epot. '%{'Q'. TAYLORf ftitER in HaU, t'api", Fur, Bobos, Gents' Furnish]) in? Goods, eto. Kast siJe Main Street, Ann Arbor, Micliigau. A.J. UTHEELAND, i QKSÍfoy the NVw i"orï: Life Insurance Cf.mpany, il UrRc-iOD Huron Aleo hae oa hand h stock f the ipoal approve : sering machines. S85tf GEÖRGE FISCIIER. fEAT MAÜKET- Huroa General dealer in IVl Fresh and Salí MênU, Beef, Mutton, l'ork. Ilams, Pnultry, Urd, ïallow, ka. kc. UÍRAM J. liliAKES TTfiSNEY un] c...n-. ;:..■■ ;. f J h . .nd gulicitor in CtUBCMj. OBice in Citj Hall Biock, over Webster'a Buok tore. WM. LEWITT, Llr 1)HVSICÍAN and Surg-n. Office at bis residence, north side of Hurr.n street. and second house weal of División KÍreet. M. GUITERMAN & CO. WTUOLESALKaad Re t Ut Dealers! and ilanafacturers Ir of K":trlv 1n ■ Ckithiap ïnöporters ' Ctutlis, (.'t.siiDereí, Doelcinsj fee, No. 5, FhoeDix Block, Main st. vm7vaqnër7 DEALER iu ReaOj Ma-'l Clutliing, Cloto, Cassiinerea, ■■.■ngs.IIat-, Taps TriiJ,k-, Carpf. lUsS'tc.. SLAWSOÑ & SON. ÖROCSRS, Provisión and Cumraission Mercbaots, ami Dealers iq Water Ijmo. l-ind l', and Piaster fef Paris, one door eaÉ of Cook's Hotel . J. M. ÖOOTT. AMBROTYPE and Ptotograph Artihi, in the rooms ClothiiJrfture, Phceoht Hlock. Per CwCt satisfíLvtiun gtven. ü; BÍ fokterT" SON m'NTIST. OniceCorner of Main and Hurón itrêéti, over Baci .V Pierson'8 Store. All calle prnmpllyatti-nd d to AprlS5'J MACK & ScTlMID. DEALERS in Foröigö and Domestic Dry Good, Gruceri„tijtth and Caps, Boots and rihoes, Crockery, te, Corner of Main & Liberty ity. pTffor1T& dodsley. jfAN'CFACTüRERtof all kinds of Coooper Work., 'l City Cooper Shop. ('nstom work done oo nhort uotice. Cor. Detroit and North Strcets, aud ter. Xorth ■ai Fifth Streets Ann Aibor. O. A. KELLEY, IJHOTOGRAPHEK- Corner Fourtli k Huron streets, 1 n i Ar'jor. eaca framea anH Ffaotograph Albumw "nsUEtkí oh hand, and at lower rates than can be frHiLgnW lyeai ANDREW BELL. D-41.K?. in Oroceries, Pr'ovisions. TroctuCBB; Stc, ííc, corner Mïiiu and Wasbioilaii Stpeei: Ann Arbor. The highest market prices nairS iorcou-ntry , ptiluce. Sb6 I. O. O. F. ■VASiirEVAV Lorfge, No 9, of the Independen Or' i'uir of O Id tVlhuvs meet at their Lodge Koom . WtJ Frlla Kvening, at7' o'clock. 8. 9)md!IM, N. tí. !'■ Rose, Secy KINGSLEY & MORGAN. Tro;;SEV"3, Counsellor, Solicitors. and NotarieR P .1 b I c , have B'!ks and Plata showing titk-s of all 'uWfa tbft CaQutv, anil attftaQ to eonveyanoing and !tl!iecting lemand-i.ttnd to paying taxeB aud school in'"sstia nj part of the state. Oliicc eaüt of the park. J). DsFOREST. WUOTESALE and rptai! fionler in Lamber, Lath, Shinjïles.Saah, Doorn, Blinds, Water Linie, Grand Lfitex.ïMaier Paris, and Nails pfallgizes A "'' ít3 :rf"t-issortmrit of tb above, and all othcr ''■i of SnürlinjT toatenals coDtantly oohani at the Hvilroal Depot. Also oyerating extensively in the - tent Cement Rrsoffng. GRANGER & FINLEY, ATTOREYS & COLNSELLORS AT Collecting and Land Agents WFICE OVER DOXELLT'S STORB, EOIEON STE.F.ET, F. Grasgbr, Ana Arbor, Mioh. ?■ H. Fisfuiy; J Jao. 28, líftÜ Ö41tf


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