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The County Convention

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The Washtenaw County Democratie Convention, called lor tho purpose of electing twelve delegates to attend the State Convention, June 15, 1864, was held at the Court Hm-so, in ihe City of Ann Albor, June 9, and was called to order at 12 o'clock M., by A. C. Blodget, Chairman ol the County Cornmittee. On molion of E. Bognrdus, U. J. Beakes was chosen temporary Cl. airman, and Edwin F. Uhl, Secretary. A coimiiittee of five consitsting of A. C. Blodget, John N. Gott, Elias Haire, Elisha Congdon, and M. McDiiugiill, was appointed by the chair to examine credentiüls, report the names of ijelegates entitled to seats ïd iho Ccovention, recornmend permanent ütfioors, anti the order of business The Convention theu adjourned tili 1 oVIock P. M. AFTERNOON 8ESSI0N. At the adjourned hour the Convention reassembled, and first listened to the report of the committee on credential?, permanent organization, and order of business. The Committee reported the following delegates as' present and entitled to seüts. Ann Arbnr City- Philip Winegar, Jacob A. Polhemus, John N, Gott, H. J. Beakes, John S. Henderson, Lewis Fntz, Thomas J. Hostins, 0. Hawkiii8, Richard Beahan, L. R. Slavvson, Stephen Webster, Paschal Masón. Augutta - Aaron Ohilds, L. L. Forsyth, S. D. riardy, Bridgewater - M. McDougall, D. LeBaron, J Short. Sauford Kelsey. Dexter - E. Arnold, Henry Warner, L. H. Jones. Freedom- Elias Haire, Win. Hunke, Wm. Buís, J. Breinningf. Lima - Charles Whittaker, George S. Freer, S. Parker. Lodi - James H. Clough, Philip Blnm, Wm. Humphrey. Manchester - Philetus Coon, J. L, Clarkson, E G-. Craw, James Kelsey, Wm. M. Brown. Northfield- John Ryan, Joseph Pray, John Lynch, P. McKernan. PittsJield-Gro'VQ Saunders W. W. Wilson. Sahnc- E. Ha'l, A. H. Glover, A. H Risdoo, J. F. Seeley, Peter M. toa. Salem- P. C. Murray, D. B. Cook D. N. Smith. Scio- Peter Tuite, A. Souüer, N. J Alport, S. W. Holmes, John S. Pacey Sylvan - H. C. Alien, Anson Eeed W. M. Riggs, E. Congdon. Superior- T& M. Colé, 8. M. Vought W. II. Douglas. Tpnilanti City - E. Bogardus, A C. Blodget, John Carpenter, H. W Moore, Seth Sage, Charles Woodruff L. D. Norris, H. G. Sbeldon, C. F Ashley, Isaac Crane. Ypsilavti Toion - J. Starkwualher E. F. UM, J, D Piaree, Win. Wilson. York - James M. Kelsey, L. H. Ruy nolds, O. Gooaing, Henry Rearick. Sharon - J. J. Robison, D. G. Rose Henry Goodyear. , - Ann A-ihor Town - James Claneey J. J. Purshall, Jefft;rson Warner. The Cominittea further reported as permanent officers of the Convention, President - Hirain J. Beakes, Secreary - Edwin F. Uhl. Adopted. The report ae to the order of business, recommendud that the deletrates from fiuch Representative District present the narnes of three delegutes for tbe State Coovention. L. D. Non is oflered as an araend ment that the delegates from eaoh Representative district present the names of two delégate to the State Conveution, and tour delegates at large be eleuted by tbis Convention. Amendment lost and report adopted. The following were elected to represent tbe County in the State Convention : A. C. Blodget, John Starkweather, E. Bogardus, M. O'Brien, Alpheus Felch, Richard Beahan W. M. Brown, Newton Sheldon, James M. Kelsey Peter Tuite, Samson Parker, Oliver High. Un rnotion of J. N. Gott, it was resolved that the delegation be empowered to fill any vacancy occurring in its nuinbers. The following resolution wos introduced and adopted : Raohed, That it a the choice of this Convention that Alpheus Felch be one of the delegates froin this Representa tive District to the Chicago Convention. Tbe Convention then adjourned. H. J. BEAKES, Pres. E. F. Uhl, Sec'y. X3P II. K. Sangkr, Esq., United States Sub-Treasurer and Receiver of Pablic Moneys at Detroit, and late Cashier oí the Insurance Bank, died on Wednesdaj morning after a short illness. He was roputed one of ihe safest and best financiers in the State. 13P Tbe Democratie National Cora mittee has a propositiono postpoue tbe National Convbütion under consideration. We vote for poátpouing until tlie 6th of September. Th o munths oarnpaign in !'ng eno'jgh.


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