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tf A' INTEKKSTINU LeTJER, - IftUTS Post & Bruff, Agenta N. Y.SanïUry Society, Rocbester.- Gents . I deern it due to yon state the roagical effect of that one bottle of People's Cure which I obtained from you in November last. Seeing tbe advertisenient oí yotir So. ciety offering to give your nieJicine to clerprymen for the poor of their parishes, I ootaíned a bottle fora poor jirl of my congregation, who had long been nearly help less from Rheumatism , and strange to say, that on bnttle cured her entirely. I write thiB hoping it may aid the Society in itf effurts to introduce the medicine, and bless those who may need such a remrdy ; and I usestrong I believe its meritswül fully justify the most superlative forma of speech. Yours, Respectfully , C. R. WILKINS, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. 922yl Pitt?ford, Monroe Co N. Y. O" TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO-XO Mb. 0. C. BaiSTOL a diatinguíshed Chemist and Druggist of the ci-y of Buffalo, N, Y., invented andmanufactured a compound known as BHISTOL'S BALSAM OF HOARHOUND, which is a perfect svkcifio for COUGHS, C0U18, or aoy BEONCHIALOr ÜIFFICULTIE8 arising from damp, cold, or sudden change of the weather. Every person %ho has ever taken BRISTOL'SBAÏ-SAM OF HOARHOUND, pronounces it the best arlicle ever invented ; and so justly celebrated has it become, tbat the roarHet is already full of ïmitations, counterfeits, and njust dangerouB compounds, under the name of Balsam oí Iloarhound, Therefore, alway be careful to cali for Bristol's Balsano, and see that his WRITTEN signature is on the outüide label of the bottle. Makk. - Thiö invaluable Medicine has been now some twenty-one years before the public, and without any elïort on the part of the proprietor, ita sale has become very extensive, and is daily iocreasing. The low price at which Ihe Medicine ie eold (25 CENTS) enables ALL to partake oF its healing qualities. C. CROSBY,BUFFALO, N.Y. Sole manufacturer, to whom all orders should be addressed. For sale by all refipectabl druggfcts. Iyeow92ü Mathews Chocolate Woim Drcps ? NKVER fail todestroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are perfectly reliable n all cases and far superior to any and all uf the Fancy Worm onfections, nd nauseous Vermifoges in use. They may be taken at all times with perfect they containNO MEROURY,or otlwr deletenous Drug.- Hothcrs should always purcliaso thera and give their childrenno other. (Vb Catkartic wbatever, is necêssary to be given.) Each box contains 24 Drops or Lozenges. Price 2ö ets. For Sale by all PruggiBts aod Dealers ia Medicino '. C. WALKER, General Agtnii,


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