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Wool Grower Festival

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Site fptógmi %mi$. From the Jacks&n Citizen. Pursuaul to a cali issued by several j of the farmers of 8harou and Grass ' Lake, a wool grower.s' festival was held oo llie 31st uit,, at tbo resideuca of David G. Rose, Esq., iij tho town of Sharou, Washteuaw county. Farmers and others from tlie towns of Sharon, Grass Lake, Manchester, Brooklyn, Napoleon, Sylvan and Lodi, convéned lo tho number of two hundred or rrfor.e ; and souie twenty-fivo or thirty sheep, selocted from the flocks of the farmers, ware brought in to be eheared. The öperations of the day wer-e com■menced by the choice of Messrs. G C. Lord and Wru. Iiopkius, of Grass Lake, aud A. Robison, of Sharon, as cornmittee to superititend the weighiua of the sheep and fleeees, and decide tho rclative nierits of each. Sbeep frora the flocks of Messra. Rose, Dean, Oafts and Quick, of Sharon; Spalding, Crafts, Elliolt, Cady, G. W. Watkins, J. L. Walkins, Keyes and Van Houten, of Grass Lake; J. P. Sniith and C. C. Sniith, of Napoleon ; Hall, of Brooklyn, and Van Giesnn, of Lodi, were shoared, aud, after a careful examinatiou, the couiniittee reported the following decisioos, based upou the quality of wool and proportiou of the weight of the fleece to the weight of the sheep before shearing : Wt. of Wt. oí sbeep, fleece, lbs. lbB. Bat 6yr. oH buck, J. VanGieson.Loai, 114 10L do i do do J. W. KIliott.Gr.Lake, 164 15X do 2 do do J. L. W.itkins, do 114 17L 2od best, D. (. Roho, Sharou, 112 17 3rd do J. V. Smith, NapoleOD, 82 15 Best ytarücg, W. S. Cral'ts, aliaron, -H KH do 2 yr. old ewe, V. S. Crafts, do 78 13 2ad bet, Jas. Quick, do 70 10 Bost yearliug ewc , D, (i. Rose, do 6fi 11 2nd best, W. B. Dean, do SO 9% Iu the courso of tho day, the attentiun of those interested was called by Andrew Eobison, Esq., to a proposition to organiie a Wool Growevs' A.ssociation. A temporary organization waseffected by the ehoice of S. W. Palmer, Esq., of Brooklyn, as Chairman, aud L, B, Danforth, Esq , of Grass Dake, as Sec"y. After reraarks by Messrs. A. Robison, 6. C. Lord, J. VV. Elliott and others, relativo to the merits of such associations, and thir öperations elsowhere, the foüowing resolütion was offered by A. Robison, Esq., and adopted : Resolved, ïhat t is the firm belief of those present on this occasion that tho best iuterests of the wool growers of the towns of Grass Lake, Sharou, Manches ter, Brtoklyn, Napoleon, andother towus in this vicinity, require the organization of a Wool Growors' Association. On motioo of J. VV. Elliott, Esq., the Chairuitn was requesiod to appoiut a committee (f five to uouiinate permanent officers for such organizatiou. l'he committee wis a)poiuted as tollows : John J Robison and D. G. Roso, of Sharon; Harvey Squires, of Manchester; J. W Elliott, ot Grass Lake, and Wm. P. Hall, of Brooklyn. The committee reported as follows : President - Andrew Robison, Sharon. Vice " - J. W. Elliott, Grass Lake. Ree Sec y - Morgan Case, Brooklyn. Cor. Secy - J. D. Corey, Manchester. Trcasurer - Wm. Hopkius, Grass Lake. On raotion of John J. Ilobison, Esq., thu meeting adjourned to meet at the village óf Norveil, on Saturday, the 18th day of June next, at one o'clock, p. m., for the purpose of perfecting this organization, and the trausaction of other appropriate business. A delightful day, prevaïling unanimity of feehr.g, a bountiful repast, provided for the guetsts at the respective residences'of Messrs Rose, Crafts, Koyes, Nichols and Anuabel, and abundunce of good cheer, combined to render the most heartfelt gratitication to all in attendanco'. A vote of thanks to the committee and to the families who had so bountifully provided for the necessities of the inner man, elosed the proeeedings of tïae day. Mr. Williarn B. Dean, of Sharon, Washtenaw county, had a 3 year old Spanish merino buck at the Festival which weig'hed 100 tbs, and its fleece weighed 17 lbs. Tho wool was only 11 1-2 months growth. Oing to a mis take in reporting the age of the animal ït was not entered in the list by the Comrcittee. L33T Thero are many people to-day in Boston who recollect the part. they bore in the spontaneous triumph which overwholmed General Banks ou hia last visit. Ou that very day that favorite of the people was ooogratutated by a friead on the liold he had upon the public favor. "Yes, madam," said he, " and tbe Krat' nustuke I make they will forget it all." His prophecy provea true. L3T " Wbat did you come here after ? " inquired Miss Susan Draper, of a bachelor friend, wbo made her a cali when tbe rest of the people were gone out. " I carne to borrow gome matches," he meekly replied. '' Matches ! that's a likely story. Why don 't you make a match ? I know wliat you came for," exclaimed tbc deligiüied Miss, as sho crowdd the old bachelor into a corner, "you came to kiss aijd buig me aknost to death ; but you shan't - without yo-ia ar the strongest, and the Lord hwm yo are ! " fcgr " Bob," now ealled Belmon Bob, is the body servant of Gen. Mc Clertiand, and at the battlo of Belmon it ia siid f him that vvhen the retrea eommenced he started for tho boats. - the banks, he dismounted, anc slid rapidiy down, wheu an offieer, seeiü the action, ealled out, " Stop, you ras cal, and brinfi; aloog tiie uorse." Morel looking up, ris he waded to tbe plan through tho mud, tho darkev repliee "Can't 'bey, colonel ; major tilt! iue t Bave the most valnable property, au4 ü uigger'a worf more'u a horse." in - in . SL" The decisión of the Solicitólo: the War Department in rebitiou to cred to States far tfce oue hundred day mei is tlnit no credit can be given Tbes mea are not exempt from draft, nor ar they re -eived iuto tiae service under an' tot oL Congress enwliiig them to bounr ör privilege to proenre substitutos. ' ! ■■-- -' ' í draffed ind is already i tlle h:; ' '-'■ ie . wijl ba ereditec p2rj.,aily v.üii tiiu íi-ívu reudurej.


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