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Township And County Organizations

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From the Detroit Free Press. Chilla aro frequently made for a dralt of a coustiiution for tpwnshtp and county organizador), and in order to placo onu in tl e hands of every demoerat we republisb iho following, which will answer íor general purposea. Let tho ronder ent them out and preserve them for future use. TOWNSHIP 0KGANIZATI0NS. CON8T1TUTION. Articlk I. Tliis aesociation shall be cnllëd the Dunocratie Clubof Ihe town of Art. II The ofiïcers oí the club shall be a President, a Viee President for each school district in the town, a Sccretui'V and Treasurer, lio sha'l be elected as the club hall direct, and whose term ol office shall be six monÜiF. Art. III. The Pre.-iileut, Secrctary and Treasurer of the club slinll constitutè tho ejecutiva lommittee thereof. Abt. IV. Any legal voter (f the (ownflñp itiay beconio a meniber ol the clu!) by pigñing the cons'itiition. Art. V. Meetings eholl be called ns the club or the executive committee shall difpot. AitT. VI. The oflïre:s of the club (■baH be active and vigüiiöt in procuring rnembers and in promoting the object of the club. Art. VII. The Secretnry shall keep a record of the proceedings of the club, and report its organiztition and all proceedings nf general interest to the Democratie Association of the county. Akt. VIII. Tlie general objectsol the iisfociation are to club out the brains of abrtlitionisrti, to bring the democratie party back into power, and to restore the country to unioti, peace, and prospciity. COUNTY ÜEGANIZATIONS. In order to initiate the oryanizalioii it would bt) well for the democratie committee of the county to appoint etorne stiltliblti person, whose chity it liall be to iininediiitely upen a coitos pondence wilt) the democratie asatieiatuina now f'uimed in the county, and to labor faitbfully and constantly to pro mote tlie fonua'.ioi) of the democratie associalious il) the wards and tuwos in wbicli none are novv formedj and that he be directed, as stimi is associations are loruicd und delegates appointed tliereby, to cali the tirst meeting of the ' County Democratie Assoeitttion of Delegates," uaming the timo and place ol' meeti[ig. C0N3TITUTI0N. Akt. 1. This Association shall be called the County Democratie As sociation of Delégate, '2. The Association shall consist o three delegates, to be appointed by cach of tho wurd and township clubs uow forrned or hereaiter lo bo lonned n the county. Akt 3. The Aseociaiion bhall, at its ii'ét meeting, appoint a President, Sccetary, Treusurer and Executive Cornnittee oí five niember, ana shall otherwise complete ila orijanization in all respecta as shall by the delegates be thought wise and best. Aut. 4. Meütings of the Associatinn ihall be held as llie Association or the Executive Cmnmittee shall direct. Art. 5. The object of the" County Democratie As ciation of Delégales," is to piomotegreater harniony, union, and concert of action, and mor activity and energy among the demo crats and conservativa men of the coun tv, to maintain the Constitution anc Union of our fathers ; to support pur democratie principies; to defend truth justice and liberty,and to combat error, oppresrion and tyranny; to aid, to th'i extent of our ability, in putting out of power our present lanatieal, weak, ma lignar.t and corrupt rulers, and putting into power democratie principies and men, by whiuh alone (we tinnly believe) our goverument can be saved írom entire subversión and our suftering country rescued from total ruin.


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