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The liepublican State Convention held at Detroit, on Wednesduy of last wiek, noiniuated the followiug oundidutes for State officers : For Governor - Henry H. Crapo, of Genesee. ■for Lieut. Governor - Ebunezer O. Grosveiior, of Hillsdale. I'or Srcrelary of State - Jumes B. Potter, of Allegan. For State Treasurer - John O wen, of Wayne. For Auditor General - Emil Anneke, of Ingham. For Commissioner of the State Land OJJhe - Cyrus Hewitt, of Cnlhoun. For Attorney General - Albeit Williuinp, of Ioiiiu. For Superintendent of Public In strur.lion - O Hosford, of Eaton. For Membcr of Board (f Education - Witter J. Baxter, of Hillsdale. The ticket is intiinsically and of itself a wenk one, and would not have been noniinated had the eouvention not relied in part upon a largo mnjority to "put it through," and in part acted under compulsión. The spirits of the ''patiiotie" body were anytliing but harmonious, and the spirit of the ty is far from exultunt over its doings. ' Crapo was nominated for Governor bceause he dies not live in Detroit, and Baldwin, acknowledged to be Crapo's superior in ability and fitness, as well as ih his long residence in and intímate knowledga of the wants of the State, was rejecled because he does live Detroit. Baldwin has spent a life time in the State and has an establshed rep utation as a man of business while Chapo has a residenc.e of about eight years, and until he was sent to the Senate of 18G2 was searcely küown outside of Flint. Ho was noiuinated beoause of his loculity alone, and to make Jake Howakd's ree)ection to the U. S. Senate more certain. If he is elected we sbould advise any other aspiriug man now resident ia Cape Cod, New Bedford or some other out of the way " down cast" place to remove to the State in time to accept the Republican nomination for Governor in 1866. Michigan has no old residents fitted lor Governor and must look abroad - after Crapo. A nice, little personal fight took place over the nomination for Lieut. Governor, and Hon. C. 8. May, who n few weeks ago imngined that he was sure to be the next Governor, was Iaid out in the house of friends. He bad unfortunately "been to the war," and as the Republicans are natnrally averse to military rille they shelved Mat for Governor's Aid - only a peace soldier. Personally we like the Dominee Mr. Grosvexok, and think him one of the most competent men on the ticket. - He was a member of the Senate in 1859, and again of the present Senate. Fouter is now the Secretary of State, and we presume has made a good officer. Joiiv Owen every body acknowledges is a number one Treasurer, and our only objection to him is his unfortúnate political assoeiatior.s Anneke was nominated for re-election as Auditor Genera!, despite his generally acknowledged unfitness for the place, and in face of open charges of more than ineotnpetency. It was a severe struggle for tha conventioc to swallow him, bul the Germán " preísure" compeled it to do eo. We have heard it stated that John Owen hag threntened to decline, rathorthan serve another term as a colleague of Anneke. Hkwitt is said by those who know know him to be a very stnall pattern out of which to manufacture a coinniiasioner of the Land Office, but as this ia peculiarly the day for the advancement of small men, bis nomination is in keeping with the times. Albert Williams was re nominated for Attorney General. Those '' in the ring " know that he has almost euiirely discbarged his duties by proxy during his present term, and it is only to b6 hoped that f re-elected he will secure as competent a proxy for the coming term as he has for the present. Mr. Hosfoiïd, the nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction, is a teacher of considerable reputatioD, and it s to be hopei has the executive ability and industry to till the place if electod. Mr. Baxter is now a member of the Board of Educutinn, and ia conceded to be a competent officer. Such is the Ropublicau State ticket - " no great scratch." jL3T Our friend Omak D. Conqek, who con6dent!y expeeted the Republican nomination for Congress in the fifth district, and who it is said was promisod the nomination two 3'ears ago, has been eompelled to take a back seat. Trowbridoe gets the nomination, and CoNGEit must rest content with the " empty honor " of being a delégate to the Baltimore convtntion, and a Lincoln Elector, with such claims as that miy give him to a Presidential appointment in the unfortunate evéht of' the re-election of Lincolx. Ho may congratúlate himself, however, that his chancea for an election as Elector are muc.h bettcr than are TnownuiDQB's for again getting a eeat in Congress. JJ.-jST' An nmnsins; incident occnrrod at the recent Iiepublican State Conveotion. Ckapo had been notninated for Governor; a coinmittee had been ?ent to iuvite his presence; and he had pre ' seuted hiaiself in responso to the nvitation. rio commencod to make a speech, thanking the convention lor the " unexpected honor " couferred upon him, etc., but after a few eenteuces lost birnself iu the iinmensity of his subject, carne to a dead stand, Iiemined and hawed.and then pulled a roll of manuscript frotn his pocket and proceeded to " rond his piece." It has not vet been detenuiiiud whelhor the nianuseript had boen prepared by Onu'o, in anticipation of the "unuxpected honor," or whether he had borrowed it for the occas:on of JBaldwin, Lacky, May, or one oí the other expectantp, and had not had time to comrnit it to mernory. It may havo been a partnership "piece." Who can satisfy the curiosity of the public ? C31 The Democratie State Conventioi) has been culled to convene in Detroit, on Thursday, Septainber lst, for the nomination of candidates for State officers. We hope that it wül givo us n ticket composed of the best men in the State, men of principie, busiaess capacity, and integrity. - We think the State Coramittee has callcd the Convention a week too early. Many of tho prominent Demócrata of the State will desire to be present in Chicago, during the National C'oDvention, aud it is extremely doubtful whether that convention will complete its labora in time to permit those who maj be delegates to reach Detroit in time for the State Convention. Can not the Committee change the cali from the lst to the 7th of September.


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