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Capt. Winslow--official Recognition Of His Services

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Washington, July 8. Secretary Welles has sent to Capt. Winwlow, oi the Kearsarge, the folio, ing recognition of his services in the destrucción of ihe pirale Alabama; Navy Department, July 6. Sir - Your very brief disputches of tho 19th and 20th ule, infonning the depurtinunt tliat the piratical cralt Al, biima, ot "290," had heen suuk ou the 19th of June, near meridian, by the, under your coimnand, wer this day received. I congratúlate you on your good fortune in meeting this vesnel, whioh liad so lonjí uvoided tlie lüstest ships and somo of the inwit vi. ilant and intelligent ofiieers of the service ; and lor the abiilty displayed in this combat you have tho thanks of the departtnent You will please expres to the officei'H and crew of the Keursurge tlus salirfaulioQ of the goveraintnt at the vietiiry over a vussel superior in tunnage, nup rior in number of gum and superior in the number of her crew. The battle was so brief', the victory to deeisive, and the comparative resulta so striking, that the country will be reminded of the brüliant actiond oi our inlant navy, which have been repeated and illustratjd iu this engagement. The Alabiirua represented the best miiiitime eöort of the must skilied Englinh workshops. Her battery a composed of the well-tried 32-poundera of filty-seven cwt.; cf the famous 6& pounder of tbe JBritir.ii navy, nud o{ the only successful rifled 100 pounder yet produced in Englaud. The ere were generally recruited in Gieat Brilain, and many of tliein receivtd superior training on board Her Majejtyk gunuerv ship the Excullent. The Keaisage is one of the firstgunboats built at our navy yards at lha comsnencement ol the rebellion, and lacks tbe improvementti of vessels düw under construction. The principal guns oomposing her battery had never been previously tried in an exclasWely aaval engagement ; yet in one l;our you sw ceeded in ninking your aotugonist, thm killiug man)' of lier crew nsitbout injury to the Kearsarge or the loss of single life on your ïesse!. Our coun. trymen have reasfn to be satisfied tbut in this, as in every action of this ü& happy war, neither, llie ships, theguiw, nor the crews have been deteiioruled, but that they tnaiutain the ability and' continue the renown which ever adorted our navaj annafs. 'j ie President )ias gignificd hisintentiou to recoi.irnend tliat you reueive t vote of thanks in order that von may be íiuvnneed t the grade of commodore. Lieutenant Commander Jumes S. Thorntoii, the executive oflker o) the Keaif-age, wil) be recommended U the Señalo lor idvnneeruent ten nambers in iiis grade, and you ill report to the departinent the nnines út any otlit-rs of the officers or crew whoM good conduct on the occasion entitles thern to especia) menlion. Very respectfullv., (Signed) GIDEON WELLES, Secretary of the SaTj. Capt. John A. Winslow, U. S. Navy, Cummauding U. S. steamer Kearsage, Clierbouig, France.


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