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The Removal Of Colonel Bowman

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Jt is a luct oí genera! uotonely tUt Colonel Bowman, the superintendent of the Military Academy at Wet Point, was removed fi-om that póailiqo bj President Lineolu, Lecanse, having j vited Geni rul McÖlellun to deliverthe ocation at the conseeratiou ol the soldiers' eemetery, he declined to recall ttie invitution. Coldijel Bowinan s a veteruu ia 0)6 service of tbe United States; (luring the nullificution era in South Carolina, he was in cornmand of the forts in Charleston barbor, aud 80 approved himseli to Gen. Jackson ihat the latter lutdressed him n warm letter of appreciation and thanks. And now this faithful und trloá ve eran i.i removed by President Jackson's rnost d-igenei ate successor, beeause lie declineii to lend himself as a tooi to the peovisk and pitiful spite of General MoClellan's tradneers. The shabby rnalignitj of this transuction reveáis, in a ver)1 clear light, tbe eharacter of the President. A miüd that cao desceod to j step, in this marnier, between the ; tor mnjor-general and a eourtèsy, and j remove a faithful officcr from an importa 1 1 1 poilion because having ofiered tha courtesy he would not deuradu himself by withdrawing it ; a mint} ea pable of rnalico sopetty andso spilelol.isaswanting in (lecüiit elf lespeet as in generiwit y oí sentiment. Nuiiher the ce.iieterj Dor it8 dedication was any affair uf Mr. Lincoln's; it was got up by the Weet Point officers at tbeir own expense, 8' a means of doing justice to the n ory of their fallen associates. But even the grave is not exempt from tbs unhallowcd touch of presidential ma1 lignity ; even tbe reverent assooiations connected with death canrjot snbdue . his heart into.nn observance of tbe i selfrespeoting decencies due from higfe . position to the aotors in so solenin 8 cereiBo.ny. General McClellan's eloquent and affecting oration breatbed nothing but the most ardent and ? nanimous patriotisui ; and all whoreod t it and then roflact that Col. Bowinan ' wüb removed only for affording him 9H ■ opportunity to utter such sentimenWi { will feel their admiration and their contempt equully hüightened by the contrast betweeu tho occasion and tb act.


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