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TITwATTS & BRÖT CLitSSSM VU'S, V-,.,,1-., J--o!,T and SüVer D wíeNo 22. K, AnnArbor. ' "cT BLISS. lrFAIFR. ia Clocks. atclies, .Tevelrv and SUver ""Uil. WILLEN. ■■.ery.&c. &c. y 'jliin Strooi, Aun Albor. ""1UÍLIP BAOíL ntftlSHKS IVyC.oods.Groeeries Boots k Shoes, U fcc, Main st" Ann Arbor. "gEOÏÏgFw. 8N0VER, TvFAiEKreMi-ltanr-ous '.ml P..ho..l Books. Station o. collierT , J-Axül'" .'T('1!F.R ana íoalcrin Boots ana Shoes, onc jVl door QÓrtb of th Office. RISDOxN &1ÏËNDËRaON. TFUFR3 in Hardware, Stoves, house furnishlng D 8ods, Tin Ware. ice , &c , NewBlock, tU.n GEO PRAY, M. D. HSSICI V.N and Surscon. Kvsidence inl office on 1 Detroit ütreet, nek'r tlfe i epot. " S. G. TAYLOB, E'ALER in Hats, C, Fo, Robes, Gent-' Furnishui- Goods, etc? East side JUin Street, Ann Arbor, hièan. aTj. öutherland, AGRNT for the Xew Yc.rk lilulWH Company, . Ofice on Uur a atreet Atao M on naod a stock d clie most approve I sewing raacliines. 885tf J3EORGE FISCH EK. MEAT MARKET- üuroii Strt- fiecral dealer in Freah and Sak Mits, Hef, Mutton, l'ork. Ham, foultry, Urd, ïallo.v. kc, w. H1RAM J. BEAKKS A TTORNEY anJ Counsellor at I.T.v. ..n.'; Solicitor in . Chmeery. Office in City IliiU liiuck, over Webster's Book S'ore. ;■■■ wmTlewitt, m. d. PHrgJCf.ilf -and Eureeon. Office at his sBletK, norlh side of Hurnu Street, and second house wept of División strn-t. M. GUITERMAN & CO. WHOLESALE and Dealers and Manjfaeturers of Ready-Undj (Jlotiiiiift Impnrters of Clotlis. Cbs limeres, Dosskin, ka., tfo. 5, Phccnix Block) Main st. WM. WAGNER. TEALER in Ready Made Cli-thiou, Cioths, Cassimeres, l) and Ve-tings, Hat-, f'ais, Trunke, Cart;t fiags, &c, Phwnix Biock, Main etreet. SÍ.AW60N, & SON. püOCERP. Provisión and Cornmi=sion Merchn'its, and U Dealers in Water Urne, Land Piaster, and Piaster óf Piria, onedoor east of Cook's Hotel. J. M. SOOTT. IKBROTYPEand Photorraph Artist, in the rooms A overCampion's Clothing store, Pliojuix Block. Perfect satisfaetion iven. c. b. porterT SDRGEON DKUTÍST. Offlc(.'orner of Main and Hurón streets, over Bach & Píersori7é Store. All calis jromptly attendd to AprlS59 MACK & SCHMID. DEALKR3 íq Foreign and Donwstic Dry Oood, Grncer i..-., llatsauil C.-ir.i, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, Ac, Córner of Mmíh .' Liberty Bt's. " SPAFFÖRB &IK)DSLEY. UT AN'UFAOTTREHSof all kinds of Coooper Work, 11 City Cooner shop. CuStom -ork fone on ït ootice. Cor. Betrbfe n' N'..rtl, 8trdeW,M ccr.NortB nd Fifth Streetfi Acn A-.tor. ' O. A. KELLEY, PHOTOÍ5RAPHKK- Corner Fourth & Huron streets, Ann Arbor. Cases friimes wl iJhotutc-ii,lL Aiburní wnstaiitly. on hand, and at lower rates than can be lound elsewhere. Iy8l ANDREW BELL. OKALBR in Grocorius, FrovisioiiH. Flour, I'roduces, &c., Ac, corner Main and Washington Slreets, Ana Arbor. Tlie hiirheHt market pricespaid lorcuuntry fTOluee " 8P I. O. O. F. TITASHTENAW LíhIko, No. 9, of the Inderpn'l"1 Or"' ilor of Old Fellows must at tlieir I.oJge Boom. fïery Friday KvoninR, at íY% o'clock. S. 8oNDnKiM, M. ;. P. B. Eosk, Secy M. C. KTANLEY IPliotograpliio .A-rtisít. Comer Main anj Harón Stroots, Ann Arbor, Mich, PHOTOGRAI'IIS, AMBtiOIVrES, ice. &c, ntha latest tyles.and everyeffort maile togive atisfietion. 966tf D. DbFOREST. WrtOLESALK an.l nitaii hialcr iu Luuiber, LMh, Slunv-les.Sasli, Uours, Blind, Watw Lime. (íranfl wier Piaster, Piaster París, ana N':tils oí;i!l.szes A latí aad perfpct i-uhnnt of tlii above, fl nd al' other kials of imii.liri.' mitiM-tals constantly on hant1 at the li.rí,t j-nsi!)l(.' FateB, on Detroit st..a fipw roiïfroin the ñiiiroal Sepot. Also ouerating extensivelj in the "aent Cemeul Rool (ÏRANGER & FÏNLEY, 1TTÖRSBYS & GOüNSELLORS AT Collecting and Land Agents owtoe oterdonelly's stoeb, bübok steeet, F. ösasher, Ï Ann Arbor, Mich. H. H. Finmï, I Jan. 28, 184 941tf


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