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Drifting aw.iy. Like a moat on the stream, To-day's disappointment, Yesterday's dream; Ever revolving - Ne ver to meml- Such is our proyress; Where is the end 1 Whirlina'.vay, Like i leaf in the wind, Points pf attacliment Lolt iliiily behind ; Eixed to noprin. iple, Fast to ri" f'riend - Buch is oi.r fidelity ; Where is the eud 1 Floating away, Like a cloud on the hill, Peiirtiilniis, tremulous, MioTtüJny still ; Wherp t0 repose ourselvesi VPhitlier to tendí Such is consistenoy ; Where is the eud 1 Crystal the parement, Seen through the stream FiT'iïi tne reaüty Unfier Ihe dieam. We raay not feel it, Still we may niend - How we have conquered, Kot knowa till the end. Biiuht leaves inay scatter, Sports of the wind ; Bnt Stands to the winter The great tree behind ; trost shall not wither it Storms cannot bend; Roots firmly clasning Xhe Eocks at the ead. Calm is the firmament Over the floud ; Clear shine the stars through The rilts of . tlie shrn-ad. There our response shall be Thïther we tend - Spite of our waiiderings, Approved at the end.


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