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Girls Should Learn To Keep House

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"No young lady cnn lio too well irtstrueted in anything whicli will afiVct the comfort of a family. Whatever position in so:icty slie oocupies, she coods a practical knowledge of household duties. Slie may bo placed in.such circumstances that it will not bo necesgary for her to perfona much domestic labor; but on tliis accouut she ueec's no less knowledge than if she was oËliifed to preside personally over tho cookiug store and pantry. Indeed, I have ofien thonght that it is more difficult to direct otliers, and requires more experience, th:m to do the same work with.oiir own hands. Mothers are "frequeutly so nice and particular that th'ey do not like to give up any part their care to their children. Tbis. isa great njidtake in their mauagement, for tl.ey areoiten burdened with labor, and need relief. Cliildren should bé early taught to make thomselvea uspful - to assist their pamits everv way in iheir power, aud to consider it a privilege to do so. Youug peuple can uot rcalize the iinportauco of a thoinugh knowledge of housewifery,' but those who have suffered the inconvtíiiiences and niortifications of gnoranoe can well apprccmte it. Childrcn should ba early indulged in their disposition to bako aud experiment iu ooüking in varioua ways. It is oftrn but a troublesome help tlmt they afford, still it is a great advautage to tliem. I kuow a Hule girl who, at niuo years old, made a loaf of bread every week during tbe winter, lier inother taught her how much yeast and salt and flour to use, and she beuanie quite an export baker. Whenever she is disposed to try her skill in makiug simple eake.-i or pies she is permitted to do so. She is thus, while amusing herself, learniug an important lesson. Her mother calis her her little housekeeper, and often permita her to get what is necessary for the table. She hangs the keys by her side, and very nmsic! the jingling is to her ears. I think, before she is out of her teens, upon which biie has not yet ontered, that ghe will have some idea how to cook. Some mothers give their daughters the care of houskeeping, each a week by tunis. It seems to me a good arrange ment, and a most useful part of their education. Domestic labor is by no moans incom patible with the highest degree of refiuement and menttil culture. Many of the most elegant, accomplished women I havo known, have looked yell to their houBehold duties, and have honored tnemselvèa aud their husbands by so doing." Thua far from Anna Hope; and who Anna Hope is know not, but one thing we are sure of, she is uot wiso above what is written. Solomon. speaks the praise and proprieties of a good wife, in Pi'ovcrbs, ehapter xxxi. Girls will y ou read it ? Begin at f erse lÜtb. Ecououiy, taste, skill n cooking, and neatnes in the kitchén, have a great deal to do in making life bappy and pros perous. The eharm of good bousekeep ing s the order, eennomy aud taste diaplayed in attention to littlü things, and these little things have a wonderful influenee. A dirty kitchen and l)ad cookinc have driven many a ouo from home to sook comfort ;uji1 bapbim'se sotueyjero else'. None nf our excoliuiit gi'rljs uro fit to ba married until thoy aro ttioroughl) educated in tlio dacp aud profouud mysteries uf the kitohen.


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