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Another Victim To The Hate Of Mcclellan

Another Victim To The Hate Of Mcclellan image
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Cliiz, of the fith Unitod States Infantry. stationed at West Point, tuis heen removed frorn that position, and ivduued to the rank of majó? in the 12th United States Infantiy by the Socretary ot War. Lieuteuant Colonel Clitz süstaiiJa the highest military chuructcr. Hb f'ought throngh the Mexican war, winning the especial commendaüon ot Gen. iSoott. Ilo was woundcd during the present war at thebuttle of (iaino's MrJle and carried a prisouer to lliuljtfioiid. He liad receivcd his lieutenant colonelship bv due promotion. Ttio soio reason for his reduotioii in rank- outweighing !ii.boporikblo record, his thorouh liiijiUiJ ability, and his patriotio sacrifioes for liis country - was the fact thut Ie was one of the exeeutivo coniinittee on the ]!at tle Monumeiit at West Poiut, wnó invi ted General MeCidlan ty delier the oratioc on t'fiá't occiision, .and adijerfti to thcii' choice in the face of the threai: (ruin Washington. Tlicse tti'reá-ts br now being carnea out, fii st in tl e remo val of Colonel BoWiüSifi; and ihiv,v by fin rcduction'in rank of Colonel Clitz. - N Y. World. For wlmt brisi'iVésk is Trendwelí', th escapee"! defaulter, bebt TiUed ? A hio ker. of ooursé. ti mm ., Nearly 3,000 nf our brave wuunrlec bav feëfl in Washington stnee thebnt Ui, of tb MikJérnB, ■


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