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Follnwing suit ; a dandy fullowing the (ahion. Tiiü preUieat bood n the wurld : ubildhood. . Tht're nre'twn thjngs y'pji hould not borrow - trouble and a newspaper. The ruling passion stron in death : a shcemaker breathing bis last. What tbroat is best for singers to reaoh high notes with ? Soar throats. Flattery ís a bad coin which can be passed only upon fools. Overrunning the Eepublican gnrdon : T. Weed. The Whecling Register hs been snppvesaed and its editora arrested and imprisoned, by order of Gen. Kelloy. A Washington special to tho Commercial saya the President estimates the rebel invading force at 20,000. The Richmond Examiucr saya íhere have boen 97.000 prisoners reeeivei! at Libby since the Grst battle af J3ull Run, The Saginaw Valley Salt Works at Carrolton were burned on Thursday niiiht. Loss reportud to be some 20,000. The rebels of Bnltimnro county are to be asessed to pay the damages don to Union men's property durmg tb recent raid An official report to the Postoffioe Department shows that the mails for 28 different cities were burtied at Gunpowder Bridgo. Professor Loomis, of Yalo College, ?ays Sundav, June 20, was the hottest day in New Haven for 86 years. The mercury stood 102 in the shade. The Tribunes Washington special, says Gen. Lew Wallace has been relieved from bis coininand at Baltimore, Gen. Tyler will take his place. It is said that ex Secretary Chase will acoompnny his daughter, Mrs Spragne, to Europe, her physician baving ordered her abroad for hor health. Thuy have pollywogs in their milk in New Bedford, and so:ne have doubts whether the inilk ia watered or the water milked. The Chicngo Post predicts that, on or before thü first day of Junuary nes!, the aettal currency of the country, in all eomrreroial transactions, will be gijkl and silver. The Hundrath anniversary of the settlement of Ticonderogii, will be celebrated at the old French linef, on the fort gnuinds of the town, on Monday, Ju'y 25th. It is statdd that speculators in New York are buving up all tho onions they can obtaín, in nnticipation of an extraordir.ary deraand for the use of the soldiere. Accordinsí to a con'espondent of the Independente Beige, an iron-plated vessel left Bordeaux tivo days after iho defeat of the Alabama, to lake the place of the latter.


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