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An Inducement To Promptness

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There are soma eaangea in regard te the colleclion of Interna! Kevehüe Taxas of ffreut 'mprrtiin(;e to tnx-puyers. The iirniral list is to he advertised in one paper itl eaoh eounty. Alter thu (lay named in siusli publumtinn bas expir.e'd, ten per cent i-i ! ha ijdfiiecl to all mii:iiil taxos Io c.i.-ni öl neigié'ftt foT IJS d:iys aOov t!)i cxüii-iiti.n of tlie timo named in si'ch publica! ion, nolicius uro lo bc issHeci to ihe tV.'linqmM)ti lor vvhiêh twonty. cents feos and f v cents per rnilo aro chareubjo. Trio rexl emninary flistr.r.tft Ánd Mk, wiiil a.UÜ.ional CO; in rospec.l to uil ether l=. .-...' th:r i , montiily taxtjs, eacti )iT-:! ;.;-sü.-'til i-i f(i bo noíínea porsiTiyi v 01 by nptiil, and in oase of non viymoiit, f!f ten days un acldilional len por ce'nt'ntbst ,'.■ aiitled liy tho (!i-lit;v;t')r, hu will theq urucced lo coüoot by distraiuL atid Eáttí , The parpóse of tho law is clèarfy to Pfonre the prompt payment of taices. Tile acided ten per cent in all cases oea to the governmenlf, and it is imperativo j upon collecljOje to make tbe adüition in j se oT negleot,


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