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The New Conscription Act

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First- The Fresidont of the Uniföd Stiltes may,nt nia diseféiton, atany time hereaíter, culi for iny number of men as volunteers, for tbo respéctrvfi tcraia of one, tvvo, and threeyoars, for miliis'rjr service; and uv.y snoh volunteor, or, in cast; oí n flriiff, :s höifiitmlter providtd, uny subíliMite ehaü be credited Ui the town, township, ware!, or city precinct, or eleotion di.s'.rict rif tbo cnuuty, towflrda tito quota of which he may havo volunteered or (jngagecl aa a Kubstimtc: umi evcry voluntesir who is aocepted iind niustiired into tho servioo fui' a torm of ono year, unless dischargüd, shall receive and be paid Dy the ünitoij State?, a bounty of sílOO; and if for a term of tuo years, udIchs soooer discharged, a bouijiy of 200 ; an.q it lor a U-rm öt thrte ye-.r.i, úniesS sooner disebarml. a bounty of 8'iOO : one-tbird ol which bonrity sliall bc p;iid to the soldier at the time of his beíiy mustered into the service, onc-third at the expirniion of huif hit! term of service, and one-third al the expiraron of his term of service ; and in cao of his deatb whilo in the service1, then the rfeéjdba of the bounty mipnid sh:ill bo jaid to b vvidow, if lio shall have left a widow, if not, to his children, oi', if there be none, to his mother, in caseshe be a widow. Sccond - In thé quota or nnv part thereoi, of iny town, township, ward of a city, precinet or eloction distrist, or of any cmnty not so sub-divided, sball not be filled wuhin the spaco of fifty diiys nftor such culi, thun the President sball irarnediately order a dn; ft for one year to fill such quota or any part thereof vvhich may be untilled; and in easu of any suoh draft, no p:iymont oi money shall be acèepted or raceivcd by the govurument as eominutiition to reluase any enroiled or drafted man trom pereonal obligation to perfunu personal serrice. Third- It shail be iawful for the Etecutivc of any of lbo States to sond recruitiiii nsents into any of the Scatcs declared to bu in rebeüion, escept tho States oí Arkansay, Tünnessee, and Louisina, and io recruit volunteers under any cali under the provisionsof thisact, who shall be credited to the Statu and to the respectivo subdivisions' thereof vvhioh may procure the enüstrnent. Fourth - Draftod men, substitutos and volunteers, when tnustereci in, shall be orgauized in or assiijned to reginients, batteries, or other organizat;osí of their own States, and, as far as praoticable, shall, hen assigned, be perrr.itted to seclect their owu regitnents, baltories or other organizations frOfR amonsi thoso of their respective Statef, which, at the timu of their assigninent, may not ba filled to their maximum nurabsr. Fifih - Tho twentieth section oí tba act entitled " An act to atr.end an act, entilled an act for enrolling and calling out the national forces," approved February 24th, 1864, shaJILe consirued to mean tbat the Secretarv of War shall discharge minors under the ni) of eightfaen, unduf th circumstances and on the conditions prescribed in suid sectinu ; and, hereafter, f any offiüer of the United Slales shall cnüst or inuster into tho military service aiy person uu-der the aue of sixteon vears, with or without the eoiitíent of his parent or guardián, such perr-on shall .bo imineiliately and unconditinnally dischfirged iipon the re-payment of all iiouuty received ; and such reciuiiing or niüstcringofficer who knowingly enlisted a' person undtíi' visteen vtsais of üge shall bu dismissed the service, with tho forfeiture of all pay and allowanoes, and shall be subject to further puiiishmjut as a court niartial may decide. Sixtt, - Secti'in thrce of an í:c: entitled " an act to amend uu act ir onrolling and c:;lling out the. natioual for-. ces and for other p-.irposes," ippi'oved Febrcary 24lh, 1804, bo aud tho s.mio is hereby ameoded a.i ns to nuthorize and direct P.ovo-t Marshal-, under the direetion oí' the Pro vost Mar.-hal General, to maku a draft fol' i;iiu iiutidrud per contum n udilitioa to tlio nuiüber required to fill the quota of uny district ijs irovidcu by MiiJ seution. Sevcnlii - i'liiit, instad of t:Éavuling niiy, all ralTod pivoiis rcportuiLf at a il u:.o of riMidL-zvim.s shuii bo uliowud traiisportatiüü inmi tin.Li' Axte of residfüco, unl pern disuhargeii at tlio place (rf raixlezviHis, .--liuil Uo aiiowed truiiiortaiinn to their placea ol' re-icTence. Eighh-A persons in the navol servil-e ol tlw Uñi'.d Staten, who havo én'tered said servicq durin tlia present n.'liiilli n ; wlio have not ben crécllted to the quota oí iiny town, dis: riet, wurd, or State, bv rea.yij of thuir being in snid service, nul m t Giimlioil prior to Fobruury 3k!, í, há'í, un sati-factory pru'of n' tíiúír iüsidonce, miid'a to tHó'SiieroiaW'iif War, be enrolíod nnj crepite i t.t!i.; rjutíí cf t!:o t.nvii,' vvnrd, dis r:rt, or Stat', i whioh thuy reS'peotíveiy regido. ]finti-'iï :Miy [Ú'l'sríti, didy Jrafled, A-n) B'ê :il,.:,-!it fr'fthi horrié in the [irosocution Of hia 'i-'ial b'iisjfie tho Pro vost M;irs!::l Üfifiri dVistriöS liJI óaüsö tiim fo ho Jttíy g i! ;s fíifty lü, ,;■:,, ho shall ii'ot !'-" ííuied a dc--r tefj nor ü;.r!o :is sncU, unti! lnêmfe hacheen ' rpn'on.'ib!'.! tim lowcftor hi'ii to rotiirn and report tn the Provost Marihs.J oi hls .!]- but ii-':í absence sliall not oihtrwino tiff'ct bis liabi'itv uiidnr itiis het ÜPbnA fa( EUwith- IStothina u-n. t-.iinad h) Ibis iet is tl) be ooostmed to alter or in any wbv b'R) ■: tlie luw rli. tiva to tiv.ise cout n;o:j;-!v opposuel tiv ban;jg arms, or to udact tKerighte ofpersons tf procure stibstitutoí1


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