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The Governor's Proclamation

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The iollowiug prpolamatton has jvisi Leen proiuulguted by tlie Governo : The President of the United St;ite., iu puTguanco of ;i Uw öf Coügrcss, had issiKtci liig cali for üvc bundrá ihiH88ti(l (500. 0C0) volateers tor lbo military service, aid lias directed tliat i;!iuvodi:i(o-. ly i fter the 5ih day of September, 1864, u draft for troops, to sive for oco year sbal! bn hefd n every totvn or sMi-distiict, to ñil tb.' quota saii:u Bhali te tü it, whicb sjii.ll remaiu 'unfilled on the said 5th day ot' September, láo-t. I btüeve ibis oilll td Live been rmi ueijtiy proper ana neossgarj f ir the pub lic service, aud beiug sueh to díiuaud the patnotie, earnest, and henrty rtspotiso of' the people. That it wili be mut io the 6ame spuit that has put Micbigan thas far largely in fixcess of a!l proviou calis, there eau be do doubt. Th ïcbellioo, as it approacheg its final overthrow, g:0it8 steadüy moro desperate, wioked, i'iüd hatefu'. Covetcd with the blood of patnol, cursed with the dying bi-eath of Btarved prisouer?, aud abíjorred by a!l good meu for its barbarous buteheries of the unarmod who have ceasod to figiit, i: luust pcrish utterly. Tbe pcople of tbis State remembering thtir past sac rifices ol!j? as an adlitiouï! motive to groatcr esertios in tlie future, H, I know, enter upon tbis présent duty with the autivity aud enurgy whieh does not aduiit of failüre. The quota assigned to the State is eightcen thousaud two hnndred aud eightj-two, (18.282) of whieh only a Hule above twelve thousand 1 12,000) reraain to bo recruited, or diaited if tbe ingfails. For the purpose of the quota, ouly two resources are available, viz: lst, Keoruitiiig n the States de clared to bo in rebeüion, uinler the act of July 4th, except ihe States of Arkansas, Tcnnessee a_nd Louir-iana, and '2d, llecruiting aiuong our i)wn pcople. Tb first. of these, f bdieve, wül bc found of Do snbstaiitial rul 12 e to us at presont for obviouB reacons. ïhe pointa at which this recruiting is to bd orried on aro so remóte that the period of fifty days will not bo sutfieient to euable ogents to ao eomplish vory mueh during that timo, and they would meet the active compe tilion of the older S:aies, pajiog much lüiger bouDtics tLa-i our lans euable us to do. I shnll 1:0! tbereforo eppoinfc any su(th agcnts to be paid by A State, but wil! uuder proper regulations appoint such agente for the beuefit of any coun ties, towus [or sub-districts whioh nioy request it, payiub' the expenses of the agencies for themselves Tbey will, of eour3e, also be eotilled to oredits. Tlis ooarse is also justified by the fact tliat the State ha uo fmids appropriated by law for this purpoio. Substantially, theo, otir only resource w.ll bo that whiob liasalwavs heretofore bueo found süffieieuc, the patrio'.ism of oar own peopk'. llecruits wül be allowed to enlist for 0:10, twa, or three yearg, aa they tnay prefer, and as far as practicable each reoruit may select the retrimeiit in wliioh he wil; euliat. This wül always be allowed in tha regiuienta ia the fieid, so long as suob regiments are beiow the UjkXimao number. As an induociucnt id enüst, the Governinent of the Unitd Sutes will pay a bounty of bad Lundred dollars to reeruits eulisting for one year, two Lundred dollars for those enlisdng for two years, md three hur.dred for tboso ealisting for three years. Such local bounties will be paid as the peoplo of tho several towna, wards, and -sub dis tricts may authnrizo in pursuance of law. No State bouuty can be paid, for the reason that the appropriation made für that purpose is exhuusted. For the purposo of aidiag the recruiting service, and giving direction to the public eff rts, six new regiments wül be authorized. ono of them beiug located in eacli Congressional District, aud I wül reeeive all llie new companies tbat may be oflféred during the fif'y duyx of reeruitiug. All the reeruits offered for the new regirrtents and eompanies, howevcr, must be enlistad for three yearo or durjjig the war. - Thoau who enlist for a shorter term tban three years wül go iuto the regiments tow iu the field. I earnpstly recommend to all thoae who eulist uuder (his cali, whether iu the new orguuizitions or the old ooes, to do so for the w;ir. This State has thus far raised uo troops for a lt-ss term than throe years. Both for the Governmeut and the soldier, the longest term is the best. Let us continue to adhere to this poliey, wbich hasgiven us a most honorable po8iton in the service, and the reputation of tho Michigan soldiery, which is uuw unsurpassed, wül continue to grow. The work of fiiling up the quota of the State is for the penple. The close of the war visibly approuehcs, and the ure triumph of the Uuion cause grows manifest. Our tro ps are now led by tried and victorious Generáis, leavintf nothing to be desired in that direc:iou. Conqueriug Union artnies are in the very uiidst of the Confederacy, progressing steadily towards the final victor}. Let the peopie of' the country stand firinly by the lawful Goveiuuieut, and they eau safclv meet whatií tocóme. Giveu under my hand at the Capitol in Lansirg, the twenty-first day of July, cighteen hundral md sixty-four.


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