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We take it for granted that the dailieg hare given most of our readers the mass of contradictor}' telegraics, and so we do not lumber up our cnlumns with them, but content uurself witli a brief summary- " All s quiet" on the James. Gkant has got Lee in a tight spot, or Lee has got Guant. No "official bulletin," of Stanton, or "any other niau," has told the country vhich, so wo may hope for the best. " Baldy" Sïiitu has been reliered, ar.d his corps given to Gen. Martndale. No reasons for the changa have been given the public. Gen. Butler has taken the field at Bermuda Hundred. These two changes indicate more interference at Washington. Gen. Shekman had severo engagements before Atlanta on Thursday and Friday of last week, but did not hold the town at the latest dates. Our loss in killed and wounded is reported at 3,120, including Gen McPhebson and many othcr brave officers. The rebel loss, in killed, wounded, and prisoners, is estimated at 12,000 Our troops have buried 3,221 rebel dead, and hold 2,110 prisoners, including 1,100 wounded. The rebel Gen. Hood, suecessor to Gen. reported killed. Needs confirmation. Gen. Rousseau has made an extended and successful raid around the rebel rear, penctrating uearly to Montgotnery, destroyiiig railroads and stores, aud inaking large captures of prisoners, contrabands, aid stock. Another rebel raid is in progress down the Shenandoah valley. Wartinsburg haf been captured, and probably Harper's Ferry. Gen. Averill and Col. Mülligan are reported killed. The rebel force was put on Wednesday at 25,000, under Gen. Early, and yesterdny ïnorning was reported reinforced by Gen. Hill vrith 20,000. No doubt ex aggerated. Great esaitement at Washington, but the adminptration procounceB the raid a bumbug. And [so it did the last until tbc capital was besieged. We shall see. Guerrillas are very active in Missouri and Kentucky, and beth Ohio and Indiana have been invadcd. Wf eau rct p-rcli,-? wh3) . {'Ay Ky bvkjt i-b.


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