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How To Fill A Quota

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Ward of tbe City of Detroit has adopted a plan of filling its quota, of wbich the foüowing paragraph is a synopsis : Each man wbo is liable to draft pays $20, whioh is aspcssed to bim. If bo cliooses to pay $300 additioual it ensures bim a substitute, wbich is to be proou'ed for him by the committec. If be paya only S20 this goes iuto a fund which is suffieient to pay every voluuteer who is creditod to the ward a bounty of $200. If all these means fail to fill the quota, and the man is drufted, his $20 is refunded to hiui. Il strikes ns as being a good plan, and that with sucb a committee as Mcesrs. W. A. Butler, Geo. B. Dickinon, E. O. Walker, E. Kanter, and Cleveland Hunt, it must succeed. SF We are glnd lo learn that the prospectiva Republiean candidates adopted the suggestion we raada last week, that is, put their hands in their pockets, and disgorged in fracitional greenbacks for the benefit of tbe State News. We conolnde, at least, tbat they have done so, from the fuct that a full column of "üalls" appears in Tuesday's is. euc, and, ns the editor has of coursenoí oaten his words and belped the candi, dates witbont pay, be mnst bave boen paid (or tbcir infertton. Glad of his GP Wbep Gor. Sztmoük of i York decüned to send State agentj to ; reeruit in the robe] States, bul c.fifred j to reoognize loc:il agents, the adtnini,. tratiou organs net up a terrible hovtl , He was refusing to aid enlistments, &c' &c , &o. B;:t dow that Gov. BLAiROf our own State, has taken the exact posj. tion of Gov. Seymour- pee proclamatie in another column- we hear not a li8p against b?ro. What was wnmg in Gnv, Seymoub is right in Gov. Blir. Ver. ily, circujistnnces alter case?. BF" Tbu State News quoíea H. J, Beakks, Eq , of tbis city as ati eüdors. er of the emhent fitness of ita gubernaticinal candidute, Hknbt H. Crapo and thu Tribune quote the State Nevt and doublus the doso. Perhaps Mr. 'Beakes has ondorsed (or Crapo, but that the public may know to just what cxtcnt, wül the News give its reader the whole of the privato conversatioo which t has so garblod to nako out t case Í E3C" Tliia ia tho time to subscribí for the Akgcs, Scnd along lbo Cash.


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