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Notice To Our Subscribers

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Puring the last two weeks we , rded to our suliscribers in arrcars a large ( „amber of bilis, and are sorry to say that the responsos are not as prompt as we anticipited. These are times that try Tubliahers' ,oUU-and purses, too- but if our f rienda j will all obey the Scriptural injunction, " Pay wliatthcuowest," or "owe nomananything," ve shall weather the storm, and go oti with j tfttr work in good spirits. Therefore, if you have teceived a message from us please j 4Wet immediaUlf. enclosing "greenbacks" or . OUxar current funda. jpy Messrs Wines, Dot;ulass snd UiiLOüX, have bought a lot on the old Presfcyterian Church property, of Mr. Peters. Jt joins that oo which Dr. Havek is building, tcd we believe the purchasers propose to bnild a store thereon this year. Oood. _Jíeatr8. Clancy aud Dktany some timo ajo purchased the Goodri h corner They do not bsilfl this season, but nest season vill put up two fiue stores, -The flrat story walls of the new hotel are tp except the front. The stono is now arrivjig for the front, and next week we hope to ws the flrst story ünished and the secund in progres. ,„ - ,.. L3g Messrs. Tomunson, of Geaeseo, Hl, Bkxt, of Boston, and Storms, o." this city, luie purchased the Wooleu Factory in the Jth Ward of this city, receutly leased and opsrated by Mr. Stoehs, and will immediatelrenlarge its capacily by the addition of two Dfwsets of machinery. We are glad to note hisinveatment. .Our county is the largest wool-growii.j county in the State, and there is no reason why a large proportion of this Wool ahoul i not be maimfactured at home. An investment in faetones will gire :i new imietus to the growth of our city, as woil aa Vneflt the surrouading country. We hope to chronicle similar iuvestments 0:1 a mucli Urjer scale 5" The quota of this city uuder th recent cali is 128. Tliiswill be reduced by the excesa to our credit over prior calis oí 49, leaving at the date of the last cali 78 mea to be furnished. This quota has been reduced some four or five by substitutes fursished by our citizens liable to draft, and todiy we ara short probably 74 men. These men are to be recruited and musterel in bofore September öth, on whK'li day the draft is to take place. To hat date, including Sundays, there are 37 days, so that our city must f urnish, to escape the draft, two kek FE DAT. Subsiitutes rani;e at from $500 to $700.- Calling it $6U0, and $45,000 must be paid by ome body, if substitutes are relied upon. - For Tolunteers there is now no established tnarket price,- it has bei n considered a great crime (o buy and se:l negroes, but now all talk giïbly about buying and selling white men, - but at least cnough bounty must be pid them to increase the bounty ihey get ironi Goveniment to the 8600 substitutes get, This will require a bounty of $31)0 per manThe city can vote but $100, i.nd the other 200 mn.-t of necessity be raised by subscription. Can it be done 1 and wheu raised, can the volunteers be got 1 These are thefactt and Jijure, and unless sorne hard, persistent, con-tinued work and paying is done, the draft will hit a large number of our citiüens.


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