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A Mystery Explained

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ta publishes tho fo'lowing among iis Heuloeted items : 1 1 is a vvell luiowti fait tho renson assiguad, by inany, for the panio whlefa cauièjd our troops te break ut tho battle of. Mission Ridge, vvaa that the enemy shoived thernselves in such overwhelining numbers that the boys thought the whole world was marehing to attack them. We, tn show the opiuioi) prevailing arnong our boy?, will relato the tollowing unecdote, which we do not lernembor ti have Been in print: As lino íifter line and muss after muss of Yankeus appearcd, Cfijéiog tlu; plain and ascending the bill-nide, rnarehiuu; onwucd with seeniing resistless force, our troops began to waver, iind raany of them, to their shame; fled without tiriiifí a gun. Sotno oí thein, hovvever, ataid iinti! the last, and aniong1 these one fello'w WLo, to use Bis own langtiuge, "staid there till they got so close thnt they huard the Yankee üenoral give the eonunari'! : 'Attention World I Bv natious, right, vvheel!! 15y States fire ! ! ! ' and ' then I thought it was timo for this cfitrned üttle Souihern Conf(;deraey to be gittiu' out o' the wiy !'' Don't blame him for it was titne to "get out o' the way.M California Í8 iiiaking a 4.Ü0O pound eheeüe for the 'óanitury Puir. John B, Gough is preparing a new leoture tor nex' -sensoh, vith tije title oí Pací ai,.! Eieiioji".


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