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IMlilishodevcry Friday thethird story of tl, brickMock, corner of Main and Hurón Sts.. ANN AttliOK, Mich. Kntranceon Huroa Street, oppositcthe ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Tcrms, $a,OO a Year In . Aelvance. dvertUIng-Oae square (12 linos ov U), ene .-elk 75oent; U,ree weeks $1.50 ; and 25 con ior „ry'inaortion thcro rter,lestlian threc mónths. One square 3 moa $4.00 I Quarter col. 1 yeat $20 One sonare 0 mos 6.00 Half column 6 mos 20 Oue are 1 year 9.00 Halfcoliuim 1 year 35 T08?reS 6 mos 8 00 One column f, mos. 36 ío sq'res 1 year 12.00 [ One colnmn 1 year CO Cards in Directory, not to exceedfour linfs, $4.00 Adwiwer to the extent of a quartrr column , regubfythrouglitheytar, will 1)0 entliled to liave tb, .r cards in Directory without extra ebuge. rlS' Advertiaements unaceompanied by wiitten or „rbaldirections willbe pubhshed until ordered it, folio 25 cent per folio fór eacli Bubsequent irsertmn. W lien a postpenement isaoded to an advert.sement the Xlc u "o cliarged theatürtis for Hrstmsert.ou. ,d with P ro-nPtne.,, and in tbe be.t yle. Cardi-We have a Ruggles Rotary Card Prejs, and rTvrieivuf thelateststyles of Carrt type wlneb fat. iiiint Cards of all kinds in the ... ■!.■.■ t than any other house in the f "ini Bal!, Wedding and Visiting Cards, printe.1 on hor no'tico. Callandsoe MlflM. . BOOK B1NDISG- Ponnected with the OHice ia a d t Rin.lvrv'inchnrce of two competent workmen.Co nty Re ï " IedRor, . Journal , ná aH BKffit Boota Stoorde', and f the be.t stock. I' :,.,d ! Sodical bound ináneat aii.l durable manner, at D,"it prices. Entrañe to Bindery tbrough tbe ArO''s Office. ____.,


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