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núww fKmtom J. C WATTS & URO. rvEAI.KKH in Clocks, Watohes, Jjuelry and SLlvor 1) Ware No. 22, New Block, Aau Arbor. cTIsliss. TvEAl.Klt in Cloi-ks, WatcUea, Jewdry aaJ Silvi-r jj 'nircNo.22, New ülocl!, Ann Arbor. C. H. MILLBN. f"EAI.ER n Dry Goorts, Grocerie, Crockciy. &c. &c. 1J M.iiu Strcct. Aun Albor. PHILIP BACH. TEAI.ERS ia Dry Goods.Grocerics . Hoots fc SUoes, i) Se, Main st., Ann Arbur. GEORGE W. SNOVEE, DFAI.EK íd MiiCflIaneous aml School liooks, Station m, Wull l'aiicrs, &c. Bunm Street, Ann Arlior. "O. COLLIER. MASl'K.U'Tl'RKi: hikI dealer in Boots and Shoes, one ilour north of the iost Office. "rísdon & hYkder d o n. rvSAI#SS in Strdme, Stovea, house furnihing J jobds, Tin Vnru, &c, &c, Now lilock, Maint. GEO. PllAY, M. D. PHYSICI IN and Shifgèon. Residenca and office on Detroit street, near the Tepot. sü. "taylör, TVEAI.KR in Hats. Caps, fan, Robes, Geste' V ing uoods, etc. East side Main Street, Auli Arbor. Hicliigau. " AVj. SUTHEilL AN I , ifiliUTfor the N'ow York Ufe InsuraTice (impany, OIHceoa Hu ron street. hus on hanil a stock cf the most a pp ro ve ! se wing machines. 885(f GEORGE FISCHEK, MEAT MARKEÏ- Ifuron Street- General ilealer íd fresh aal lt Sleats, lieef, Mutton, Fork, Hatns, Pa'nrv, Ijird, Talluw, &c, &c. HHÍ AM J713E AKES" A TTOUNEY an.l Counsellor at, .ml Solicitorin Cutncery. OMcü ia City Hall Uiock, over Webster' Pl.ok SluVC. " _ WM. LEWITÏ'Tm. D. PHYS1CIAN éái Surgoon. Offleo at his resWe&ca, norlli siiloof llunm strivt. nd second house west oí' Dmsj'ou street. jTgüiterjían & co. Wa(}LF5.iLEail Rctail Dealers aml Manufactureii f BeSy-Iai8Ci8tuing, Importen of Clolhs, CasBereis Bllilll. fee..., o.. Í , rhoenix Block, Main st. wmTyagner. DEALER in Rraly KMe C'.c.tliini;, Cloths, CaKsimores, mil MülM, ílatí, Caps, Tmuks, GtXféSt t'lüs, Sc, f boinix Block, Main street. SLAWSÖN ITSÖN. 1RÜCKR.-S, Provisión and Conimission Merchants, auri U lleifcrsin Water Limo, Land Planter, an.l P!astcr of Pari, one door east of Cock's Hotel. jTrl soott. MÜROTYI'E aml Plmtograph Artisl , in the rooms A over Gainpion'ï OlotbJng store, Plicenix Block. Per fict J. B. PORTER. QURGEON DKNT1ST. OfflceOorne-r of Main and Ilurtm , 0 itreetSj.ovor Bach b l'icrson's Store. All calis promptlyattended to Aprli MACK r& SGHMID. DEALERS in Foreigu and Domca-tic Dry Goud, Gtoce nes. natu and Caps, Boots aurl Shoes, Crockory, te., Corner of Main & Liberty sts. "SPAFFOIID & DODSLEY. MIKUFACTURERS oí all kinds of Coopjer Work, City Coopor Shop. Custo work done on hort notice. Cor. Detroit and Nortï Streets, and ccr. North mJ Kiftb Strects Ann Altor. 0. A. KELLEY, DHOTOGRAPHEK- Corner Fouiih & Hur.m strceis, 1 A m Arbur. Cases frames and l'botograph Albums constantly on hand, and at lower ntts tban can be found elsewhere. ______ ANDREW BELL. ♦wALER in Grooeries, Provisión, Flonr, rrodiicei., LI Ha., &c . porrjer Main and Washington Streett,, (inn Arbor. TÜenïgiLetlniarket pricesp;iid lor country produce. r ; 866.. I. 0. Ö. F. WASHTKNAW Ixidge.No. 'J, of the Independent Oider of OddFellows meet at their Lodge lloom. rerv Fridav EveninK, at 7i o'clock. ' S. SO.VDHEI, N. ff. P. B. R%jSecy .-Jt.Ö. ÖTAHtEY, PlLOtograpliio Artist. Corner Main ,and Hirou Streets, Anu Arbor, Midi. 1'HOTOfjfrAt'HS, AMBROTYTES, kc. . Sc. , in the latest stylsi and every effort made Satisfaction. 'J6''tr WHOLESALE and retail deal,er ip Luolbef, I.atb Shm;les,, Doors.Blinds, Water I.imc, Rtii Rivor Piaster, Piajiteraris, and Naits ofallsizes. A i illand perfect rvssortme'nt of theabove, and aüother kinls of baildinginaterialscoDstantly on hand at the I !.i [oïsibla rateF,o'nöeiroitst.,a few cfldsfro! the Riilroal Depot. 4so operating extensively in the ?atent Cernen tüoofing. GRANQER & FINLEY, ATTÖRSBW & COUNSELLORS AT Collj}4ing and Land Agents j 6mOE OVi DO.NELLï'b STOEÍ, HURÓN STEKLT, B. F. Gkanger, ) Ann Arbor, Micb. H. H. Fisr,Ey, Jan. '28, 11!


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