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Make Home Beautiful

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More tlian building sliowy mansions, More tha dress and fine array, llore ihan di mes and lofty steeples, Mote thau atalion, power and swar, Mak.' your lióme botjl neat and tastei'ul, Brig'ht and pleasant, ahvays fair, ( Wlieie each heau sliall re t contonteii, ' Orateí'ul lor each beauty there. More tlian lofty. swelling tilles, tlian fasliion's lnring gl.ire, More tlian mammon's gilded lionors, More tlian thought can well conipari', See that home is made áttraetiVe By surronndiiüís june , .mi bri;lit - Trees ananed witli taste an.l order ; Flowers witli all tlieir Sweét Qenglit. Seek to make your lióme most lovely ; Let il be a SiBiliiig spot-, Wlier in sweet eontentment resting, Care and sovrow are fors;(it. Wliere (lie flovvers and trees aro waving, Birds will n"!í tlieir sweetest songs ; Wïiere the purest thouglits will linger, Confidence and love belongs. Make your lióme a little Eden ; Imítate her smiliug bowers ; Let a neat and simple cottago Stand among bright trees and fiowers ; There wliat fragrance and what brightness Will each blooming rose (lis))lay ; Ilere a simple vine-clad arbor Brieitens througli each summer duy. There eacb lieut will rest contoníed. Seldom ishitig lar to roara ; Or, if roaining, still will cberitji Memories Sr that pleasaDt homo. Such a homo malees man t lio better, Ture and lasiing its control ; Home, with pure and bright snrrounilings, Leaves its inipiess on tho soul.


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