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Some Facts For The Consideration Of The People

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Tn view of approacliingelcctions whioh Ere to exérdsfe' a Jjrae hearing upon tho future prosperity of this couuiry, if uot altogether to dcterui'iue the fule of freo natitutiona 1or whïte n'en rn our land, jt is not prematura, to refivsh tlie public recóüectlon wíth' c'e'rlíííi ]n,-í rii'a'íacts. Without confining ouisclvcs to striot order tis to t.Lme, vvü may rliiiüuugo contrndiciion as to tlio fullinvin'.' iiHsertions : First, Tliat Mr. Tinoolu repeaied: declared at the outset of lliis war that lic lui'l 1:0 intention to incrfiTC with the insti'utions of States, and that in disregard of Jys pledges ho Las pprsisiently striven to niake' the States luth North and Routh, subservient to his will alono. Second, That Mr. Fáncolii deelared ho would not iSsüo an Kmanc-ipatmn Froófarastion', sald it wouUl be as inop'erative as ''the Pupc's Uull against tho cornet," and yet (lid isuo sucb a Proclamation. Third, 'Fhat Mr. l.incolu bcgan ttie policy of enlisting negro soldiers at a great eost to tbe tax payfYs 'Út tire country, solely as a jeans of making poüfical capital out of Abolitiouisni, aud iu dÍ8reíd of the scntiments of the AmoricDn people. Foiirth, That Mr. Lincoln has removed sonio of tho ablost Generáis from activo comniand iu tho army because thcy did not sauotion his atitislavcry policy. íifth, That Mr. Lincoln has disgraced subordínate ofticers becaiue they would not votu tbr his policy, and has elovated othcis to hii.'h military rank. as a reward for makiug stump speeches iu favor of it. Sixth. That Mr. Lincoln, has mado war upon tho public journalg which would not act as mere ngislers for hirn. Seventh, That Mr. Lincoln, declnred as a doctrine of military necessity that ntiii.cof wiir his will is the supremo law of the land. Eighth, Mr. Lincoln has ínter fered'with free thought in the army by prohibiting tho circulation therein of Anti Abolition journals. Niuth, That Mr. Lincoln hasattemped to destroy tbe iudependence of the Judiciary. Teuth, That Mr. Lincoln has pervered the ordinary chanuelii of commercial Dtercourse, the Telegraph, Post office, and Kaüroads, to subserve his personal schemes. Eleventh, That Mr. Lincoln bas attempted to destroy the iudependence of Coni;ress by usurping powers properly ncident to that body. Twelfth, That Mr. Lincoln has oomH'omised the honor of the nation re)eatedly with foreign uations. Tlnrteenth, That Mr. Lincoln has repuduited tho doctrine of tho "right of iflylum" in the United States. Füuvteenth, That Mr. Lincoln has Stood stuadily in the wuy ot' au honoraile adjustment of this war for the purjose of carrying out sehemes for hi personal aggrandizemt'ut. We defy a ref'utation of theso charges. Tliey do nol cover-all the grounds of objoction to tho man, but they form a record terrible cnough tv) soal forever ho f.tto ui' any politician or io seal the f ate of the 'j whiïh in spite of Ihem


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